Final Fantasy X-3: Rikku's Story


I woke up screaming, since I had just been having a nightmare. A pretty bad one too. About my Al Bhed past. And how I may not have much of a future to look forward to anymore. I opened her eyes and immediately wished I hadn't. Because I had just found out it wasn't just a nightmare. It was reality.

How did this happen? I thought. How could I let this happen? Spira is in danger.

No, that wasn't really true. Spira was in danger. Not anymore. It was about to be put out of its misery. And what could I do about it? My hands were bound…literally and metaphorically.

"NO!" I yelled. "This won't happen! I won't let it!"

Not much use. There was nobody in this dank, cold room.

Okay, Rikku. Calm down. Think. First things first. Gotta get out of these chains.

I mentally went through my bag of guardian magic skills and special abilities. There was a way. I just knew it.

A few minutes later I groaned. There was no way. You'd think Auron would teach me something this basic. But nooooooooo, he goes on and on about advanced "Vegnagun-killing" level magic.

I swore loudly and lay on my back. That's when I felt something beside me. I looked at it. A Garment Grid! Maybe, just maybe…

Yes! It was the Unerring Path Garment Grid! Ideal for Special Dresspheres. I picked up the grid and harnessed its power. I sphere-changed from Alchemist to Thief, my all-time favourite dressphere, since it matched my personality.

I had now used all he dresspheres on the grid. It was shining now. I harnessed my special dressphere and became… Machina Maw.

My massive machina came out of nowhere and all the chains exploded. I jumped on top of it wearing my new silver metal-suit.

Time for some serious butt-kicking. Time for me to save Spira. Not Yuna. Not Tidus. Me.

But first…

I thought back to the beginning…

Not just the beginning of this horrible situation.

My beginnings. My story.