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And if ever fate should choose to smite you,

Stand your ground, never walk away

Christina Finn had only completely let her guard with one guy and it'd had been a complete mistake. She'd finally managed to tell him to get out of her life and stay out four years ago, but yet somehow he'd managed to track her down and was standing in her office.

"What do you want?" She demanded, she hated that he was here, back in her life, but more she hated the fact that the old feelings were beginning to come back. The ones that she thought for sure were gone, she'd hung up on him back at Yale.

"Another chance," He begged and gave her look that always made her melt. She couldn't. She wouldn't. What had her mother taught her?

"I can't," She told her putting on all of the fierceness she could muster. She needed to get him out again.

"I've changed," She told her with syrupy sweet sincerity, "It'll be different now. I promise,"

She looked into his brown eyes and noticed the slight redness around the whites. He hadn't changed one bit. He was still the same. The same drugged out creep who had let her down time after time and only returned her love when he felt it was necessary. The realization gave her new resolve. She was NOT going to fall for his charade again.

"No, you haven't changed, but I have," She told him, a little shaky at first, pulling on her all extra strength, the part of her she normally reserved for the courtroom, "I'm not the naïve little girl next door I once was. I'm not your pawn anymore, Robbie. I will get a restraining order against you and if I see you one more time I will make sure you rot in jail,"

She took pleasure in the fact that he looked taken aback by her outburst, but then that look faded and one of hurt and betrayal took it's place and she knew was in for an uphill battle, but she could win.

"You wouldn't?" He accused, once again shifting his pain back to her.

"I would and I will," She returned hoping that he wouldn't detect the slight waver in her voice, but her resolve was still strong.

He walked closer to her, closing the distance between them and ran his hand down the side of her face, his finger slightly grazing a stray strand of hair, "I thought you loved me," His voice was soft, but she had to stay strong. She couldn't cry.

"I did," She kept her voice as strong and steady as she could, "But I don't anymore," He reached for something behind his back and seconds later she felt something cold, round and metallic pressed against.

She heard the door to her office being flung open and Brian's voice, "Put the gun down," Robbie ignored him, but Christina felt stronger. She couldn't break down now, not with Brian there. She couldn't let him down.

"I don't want to do this, but you're making me," Robbie told her and she could feel the sadness in his voice, but she wouldn't give in. She couldn't.

"You're doing this yourself," She told him with everything she could muster.

"Just put the gun down," Brian repeated more forcibly this time and got Robbie's attention. The gun left Christina's temple and was followed quickly by a loud bang. This wasn't happening.

She turned around slightly and saw Brian on the ground. There was blood on him, but he was still alive. Thank God. She didn't know what she'd do-

A second shot pierced the air and Christina fell.