Authors Note:

Hi. I know this says complete but I had to do this while I was thinking about it.

Yah know how every movie usually has a soundtrack? Well, I think that books/stories/fanfics should also because don't lie and say that during certain scenes of the story you don't hear music. So, here is a little playlist that I've put together for my story! I recommend reading the chapter that goes along with the song and see if you think it matches!!!!!

1. Never Too Late-Three Days Grace

2. It's Not Over-Daughtry

3. Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace

4. Love Hurts- Incubus

5. What's Left of Me- Nick Lachey

6. Tired of You- The Exies

7. Stand My Ground- Within Temptation

8. How To Save A Life- The Fray

9. You and Me-Lifehouse

10. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls