Summary: A sort of sequel to Dear Jareth (which isn't quite finished yet). What happens when Dudley wishes, "I wish you had never come to us, Harry! I wished the goblins had taken you the night you arrived." ? What happens when the Goblin King re orders time to fulfill that wish? HP/Lab crossover

A/N: This story takes place about two years after the end of my story 'Dear Jareth.' That story is still a work in progress, so don't expect many spoilers from that story. And don't expect much of the Harry Potter spoilers either. It'll focus mostly outside of Hogwarts.

Special thanks to the Frau who's co writing this with me. --GF

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Chapter 1: Oh I wish

Jareth, the Goblin King, sat on his throne watching the goblins of his court as they scurried aimlessly about him. The whole castle was alive with excitement. Sarah, his queen and eternal love, had just given birth to their twin sons. His sons. The warmth of pride spread through him, at last there were true heirs to the Labyrinth.

Life was good. Then he felt it, the Labyrinth shifted. Someone was wishing a child away.

"I wish you had never come to us, Harry! I wish the goblins had taken you the night you arrived. Too bad, they can't do it right now. Better yet, since you bloody well believe in the freaks, make that I wish they do it right now!"

Jareth rubbed his forehead in frustration, growled softly. Just what he did not need right now!


Jareth appeared in a small closet-like room with all the cheer and warmth of a graveyard. a graveyard. In the room, two boys stood facing each other, anger straining their faces. The elder of the two, over weight and pasty-faced, had an ugly sneer plastered on his face. The second was a gaunt, dark-haired younger of the two that tore at Jareth's heart.

"Well, well," Jareth murmured, taking in the scene before him.

"BLOODY HELL! You're HIM! You're the Goblin King! You really do exist!"

"I could've told you that, Dudley," snorted the boy with messy black hair and piercing green eyes.

Jareth smiled coldly as he reached up to touch the green-eyed teen's cheek. Waves of loneliness, pain, sorrow and weariness engulfed him. It was almost too much to bear. "Enough. I have come to claim my prize."

Dudley smirked, folding his arms, in satisfaction as he watched the scene unfolding before of him. "Then claim the freak. See if I care."

The dark-haired boy flinched, jerking away from Jareth's touch. "Don't touch me!"

"Ah Harry. I can do as I please with you. You're mine now," Jareth replied calmly.

"How do you know my name?" Harry blinked in disbelief.

"Why Harry, everyone knows your name. You are quite famous as the Boy-Who-Lived," Jareth purred, one eyebrow arching. "My goblins keep me well informed on the happenings in the Wizarding World." He paused a moment, seemingly lost in thought, chin cupped in one elegant hand. "I will, of course, have to re-order time. I don't do that for many, but I think you will enjoy your time Underground as a toddler and you will be free of this place." He gestured scornfully at the dingy room around them.

Harry Porter, the Boy-Who-Lived, thought over what the Goblin King said. Jareth could practically see the wheels turning. He was impressed. The boy isn't fighting. He recognized the futility of his predicament and actually trying to figure a way around it.

"I will go willingly on one condition, sir," Harry said after a moment's thought. "Will you grant me a wish?"

"As long as it is within my power and," Jareth replied with a regal nod, "it's not to free yourself from me."

"When you take me as a toddler from the door step of my Uncle's house, I wish that you would save my god father Sirius Black from Azkaban. He was or will be sent there for a crime he didn't commit."

Surprise made Jareth's eyebrows arch even higher. "Interesting wish," hesaid, mulling over the possibilities. "Very well." Turning to Dudley, he tossed the boy a crystal. "You will not run the Labyrinth to win back your cousin?"

"Hell no! Why would I? We'll be better off with out the freak," Dudley sneered as he snatched the crystal. "This is my dreams?"

Jareth smirked as he waved his hand. Pixie dust floated around the room as Jareth and Harry slowly faded from sight. "You have thirteen hours to change your mind," came the faint echo of the Goblin King's voice. Dudley was alone holding a crystal.


A large white and grey owl watched as an old man and woman leave a blanket- wrapped bundle on a door step. When they left, Jareth stepped out, carefully picked up the bundle, then slipping into the shadows just as the door opened.

"Who's there?" Vernon Dursley snarled.

Jareth laughed silently as Vernon who cursed loudly from the shadows. The bundle Jareth carried made no sound. He looked down and into the face of a sleeping toddler no more than a year old. "And just how will Dumblebeak react to this?" He whispered to the sleeping babe, chuckling softly. The old wizard wasn't high on the Goblin King's list of important people. The old wizard means well but when it comes to children, the Fae have their own set of priorities.

Harry slept on, secure and contented in the warmth of his blankets and the strong arms that held him, innocently unaware that he had been wished away into a better life.


Sarah was quietly stepping out of the nursery when she saw her husband strolling towards her. His appearance sent a rush of emotions coursing through her slender frame, the first emotion being lust, then pride, then curiosity as she noticed the bundle he was carrying. "What have you been up to Jareth?"

"My dear Sarah. . . " he purred softly as he bent to give her a kiss.

"Don't 'My dear Sarah,' me! What have you been up to this time?" She snorted, her eyes narrowing as she tried to look into the bundle. "Who?"

"He was wished away, my Sarah," Jareth sighed, looking tired. "He was 16 and his name was Harry Potter." His eyes darkened as he continued. "Yes, that Harry Potter. And the creature that wished him away was his cousin." Sarah shivered at the cold fury laced in his voice. "The creature's wish was unusual. I had to re order time to fulfill it."

Sarah turned shocked eyes to stare into her beloved's face. "That's dangerous Jareth!"

The Goblin King shrugged as he handed the babe over to her. "Dangerous it may be, but I could not leave him there in such pain." Sarah heard the sorrow in his words, felt a brief sense of the pain and despair he'd felt from this child. She nodded her head as she clutched the babe to her. "He's been given something to sleep. Don't look at me. I didn't give it. He'll need a new name in thirteen hours. The name of Harry Potter must fade away until he's older. I have much to do before time has been snapped into place and the world forgets that Harry Potter was once 16."

Sarah cradled the sleeping child and nodded. "I will find a name for him. You go do whatever you must do to balance time, My Love. We'll be with the twins."


So what name should I give to Harry? Until next time --GF