Chapter 10

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Harry didn't know whether he had dreamt the gentle touch of fingers on his cheek, but as he slowly fought his way to wakefulness he realized he was alone in the large bed he had shared with Draco only a few hours prior. As he crawled to the edge of the bed and set his feet down upon the first steps, he fleetingly wondered whether last evening experience had also been a dream; had he truly heard his arrogantly sadistic husband apologize and truly mean it? Or had he also dreamt up that scenario? Harry would've honestly chalked it up to his overactive imagination had it not been for fleeting scent of Draco's cologne permeating from the pores of Harry's nude flesh. As he arose, Harry sighed with the thought that it was far too early to be thinking about the enigma that was his husband. He raised his arms in a stretch as he silently stepped off the last step and scooped up his robe from the floor and shrugged his body into it. The golden tub from the night before was no longer there and Harry was about to go into the adjoining bathroom to begin his morning when he saw something from the corner of his eye and turned his body around fully to take in what his eyes saw but his mind could not believe. Only a few steps away, positioned just across one of the large ornately crafted windows was a small table festooned with an array of mouth watering eats meant for a king.

Harry took a hesitant step forward and stopped; fruits, all of his favorite kind, from ripened mangos, to lush, beautifully red strawberries adorned one side of the table. On the other side, Harry saw a plate of sumptuous scrambled eggs, two pieces of French toast lightly dusted with confessionary sugar and smothered with a great amount of what he hoped was honey. The feast was a sight to behold, but what finally drew Harry to the table and caused his heart to stutter was the bouquet set on top of the table of magnificently bright yellow roses. Reaching out, with timid fingers for fear of having them disappear, Harry admired each rose in silent awe; almost reluctantly he peeled his eyes away from each bloom and took the small white piece of paper set next to the clear glass vase.

'Enjoy your breakfast' it read, in perfect quick scrawls and to Harry it was enough to make him smile.

It hadn't been a dream and Harry realized as he took a seat and once again looked at the roses, that perhaps this was Draco's olive branch…a second chance to start anew….and god help him, Harry was silently hoping that it was.

But then again, his mind quickly attacked; what if this was another ploy? What if this was a way for Draco to once again hurt him? Was he unintentionally walking into a trap crafted by beautiful roses, sweet notes, and whispered apologies? That he would later regret? The questions where boundless and to Harry they where far to daunting to contemplate. Suddenly Albus's warning to Harry to be wary of his husband and his father-in-law rang in his mind like blaring sirens and he quickly stood from the table. And as if bitten by a poisonous snake he threw the small note onto the table and stepped away. The familiar chime of his cellular phone gave him a slight reprieve as he quickly went to retrieve it from the pocket of his pants.


"Are you okay? You sound a little funny?" Cedric's voice filtered through Harry's mind and he wearily smiled.

"I'm perfectly fine…hey, do you want to grab some breakfast with me?" As much as it pained him; Harry was resolved on not eating the feast he was sure Draco had ordered made for him. He needed to think…or maybe a little distraction was all he needed; but he knew that he had to get away from Draco's sudden change.

"Of course; I'll come get you---"

"Actually I'll come get you; I'll be there in thirty minutes." After saying a quick goodbye, Cedric hung up the phone and Harry made his way to the bathroom; putting the thought of his husband in the back of his mind.

Harry took a sip from his blue mug and settled it on the coaster in front of him; with a halfhearted smile tossed at Cedric he signaled for a waitress.

"Okay, spill it out."

Harry blinked and focused his gaze on Cedric's determined face. "Spill what?"

"We've been here for about forty five minutes; we've discussed everything from the weather to my health and not once have you spoken of the reason why you have that wounded puppy look on your face. Not that I don't blame you, with a husband like yours---"

Harry sighed and folded his hands in his lap. "Its weird----" He began, but then stopped as a question popped into his head. "Do you know of an Albus Dumbledore?"

"Dumbledore….Dumbledore….sounds vaguely familiar, why?"

"How about Weasley?"

"Yes, I have heard of the Weaseleys; a horde of red haired children who happen to be very skilled in the craft of fire, inherited from the Weasley Patriarch; very nice family from what I've heard…. And again I am prompted to ask why?"

"How much do you remember of the day you were injured?" Harry watched as Cedric's brows creased in concentration.

"Only the part of blacking out after your husband slammed me against the wall and just bits of pieces after that. Harry, tell me what's going on."

"Cedric---you're my best friend, yes?" Harry saw the slight wince as he said 'friend' but decided to ignore it for now.

Cedric reached out as Harry settled his hands on the table and captured them in his own. "The very best." He squeezed Harry's chilled hands and did not break eye contact as he prompted Harry to continue.

"Just yesterday morning, an elderly man by the name of Albus Dumbledore accompanied by a Ronald Weasley and Hermione Weasley came to my home and they told me some very disturbing things. The day you were injured was the day I believe I was awakened."


Harry pulled his hands away and leaned back against his chair. "Yes, awakened. According to them I am a child of yin; me and another are suppose to bring about a new era of magic. I tell you this because I am so confused and scared…Cedric they tell me that I am to face an entity that lives for the sole purpose of snuffing out the very thing that makes us able to protect ourselves." His confession was whispered and hurried and afterwards Harry took in a great amount of air and released it slowly.

"I always knew you were special…but this----" Cedric was at lost for words as he wondrously stared at the dark haired man seated across from him silently worrying his bottom lip in what Cedric guessed as bubbling anxiety. He shouldn't have been surprised, Cedric mildly thought as he continued to watch Harry, his mouth temporarily unable to form any coherent words. It was true what he had said only seconds earlier, there had been something unfathomably curious about Harry that Cedric couldn't really put a finger on, but he knew…in the back of his mind he had always known that Harry was meant for greater things and maybe that was part of reason why he was so drawn to him…the reason why Harry was constant in his life. It all made sense now…and Cedric fleetingly wondered whether Lucius and his son were aware; Cedric was guessing yes, which would explain the reason why they had so willingly snatched up Harry before anyone else could.

"Cedric…say something…"

Cedric ruefully grinned and put hand in the back of his neck. "You have no idea how much it means to me that you would share that part---" he stopped as a waitress came by their table to refill their drinks; Cedric gave her a smile and Harry rolled his eyes skyward as he noticed the flush creeping from her neck to her cheek as she walked away.

"That part of your life with me; no matter was happens Harry know that I will always be there for you." And that was all Harry needed to hear, Cedric figured as Harry reached out his hands and Cedric settled his own within them and together they squeezed comfortingly and shared a secret smile.

So engrossed in each other they failed to notice the strange man, hidden behind a bush, snapping pictures of them from the focused lens of his camera.

The morose melody was hauntingly beautiful and it reverberated throughout the quiet halls of the mansion as Harry closed the glass door behind him. It came from the yellow room (used solely for the entertainment of guests) and as Harry made his way towards the sound he was mindlessly curious as to who was the master pianist in their midst. The door was slightly left ajar as he poked his head through the space wide enough to get a glimpse of who was playing; Harry had to hold in his gasp as he saw the all too familiar silver blond head of his husband rhythmically following the hypnotizing flow of the symphony he was playing.

Eyes closed, blond hair tousled, Draco seemed as if in a trance and Harry watched, enraptured as his husband unknowingly played for him…calling him…seducing him to come closer. Harry went through the doors and as silently as he could he walked over to where his Stradivarius rested and with the feeling of just wanting to play…wanting to join in the melodic trance that teased him…Harry positioned the violin beneath his chin, bow in hand he closed his eyes and allowed his fingers to follow the melody.

If someone where to ask Harry, twenty years from now what was one of his fondest and deeply heartfelt memories, this one would not be far from mind.

This was a connection…no matter how vile Draco had treated Harry before; it did not matter in this very moment and time. As Draco caressed his keys and Harry tickled the stings of his violin nothing else mattered except for this connection they where now sharing and when it sadly came to an end Harry mourned it with great loss until Draco's gaze zeroed in on him and the connection returned with enough force that it caused Harry to suck in a breath of air from both the feeling and the raw emotions he saw in those steel grey eyes. Draco looked bare…nude…stripped of his cool exterior and all Harry was left with was the unthinkable image of a man who resemble more a vulnerable child. Harry's perception of Draco shattered in that moment…no one could possibly fake that much angst and loneliness now permeating of off Draco in overwhelming waves.

Harry took a hesitant step forward. "Draco---"

"No." it was enough to stop Harry. "---just…don't…." Draco stood and began to leave but was immediately stopped by the body standing in front of him…preventing him from moving.

"Draco---I—I--" What could he say? How do you comfort your tormentor?

It just came to mind and Harry did not allow himself to rethink the idea as he sprang to action and wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and rested his chin on Draco's shoulder. Harry felt the body against his tense and the fear of being pushed away and reprimanded was a very real one as minutes flew by and Draco remained stagnant…fist clenched at his sides. But Harry held on, something told him that this was a moment that needed to happen in order for their lives to begin to fall in a semblance of order.

"I forgive you." Harry softly whispered beside Draco's ear…the scent of French spice permeating from Draco was an odd comfort to Harry as he held on for dear life.

Draco was his husband…they had taken vows…for better or for worst…they had seen their share of worst and now Harry wanted the better…he needed the better.

"Let us be friends Draco if noting else." Friendship he would take…friendship was a start….

He felt rather then heard the inevitable sigh and very slowly Harry was being hugged back…again…like the evening before it was awkward…odd…and foreign… but unlike last evening Harry was assured of the glimmer of hope he had not allowed himself to feel until this very second.

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