Destiny (Has A Really Sick Sense Of Humor)

During the war, Katara had always given the impression of being a strong, independent person with her own sense of self. Those qualities had been what had attracted Zuko to her in the first place. So when Katara approached him about visiting some aunt of hers on nothing more than what seemed like a whim, Zuko had more or less conceded without fuss. He was sure that he'd heard the name before, though.

Unfortunately, he realized just moment before Aunt Wu introduced herself, he was right. The aging fortuneteller regarded him seriously, paying close attention to the scar on his face and scrutinizing his "soul" with an expression she probably thought resembled divine knowledge. Behind her, Katara beamed in anticipation.

"You," Aunt Wu said solemnly to Zuko, "have a very tragic past."

This had to be a joke.

"What gave it away?" Zuko droned.

Aunt Wu turned to Katara and asked, somewhat incredulously. "This is your husband?"

Zuko frowned. He had the vague impression that he should have been offended by that.

"We're engaged," Katara corrected, casting a dangerous glare at her fiance, who was contemplating whether or not frying this fortuneteller's ass would seem too conspicuous.

"I see," the old woman said, and was that relief in her voice? Aunt Wu put an arm around the waterbender and led her into a back room. Zuko trailed after them, a wave of dread washing over him and wondering if how much trouble he would be in if he crawled out a window.