Ya Don't Need Fur Ta Keep Warm When Ya's Gots A Fiery Redhead By FalconLobo

Rated M

I don't Foster's

How does a Rabbit keep warm on a cold night when his fur has not yet grown back yet? One Rabbit and Redhead could answer that question for ya if they wanted too.

Mr. Herriman was cold this eve very, very, cold thanks to his deal with Ed and the Fleas.

The rest of the friends except him were gone for the long weekend and Herriman did not wish to go in his state of furlessness. He said He'd rather freeze to death then go to a warm climate in a furless state.

What he did not know was that Frankie stayed behind from the trip and was in the Shower at this very moment. Frankie had just gotten out of the shower, had gotten dressed in a Red Sexy Nightie and went to Herriman's room to wait and surprise him..

Herriman had decided to warm himself in the comfort of his own bed not knowing what awaited him. When he got to his room and opened the door he was surprised yet aroused at who was in his bed.

Herriman said "err Frankie might I inquire why you are in my bed and wearing what might be making me more aroused then I've ever been before in my life?"

The RedHead replied "Weel I thought You might want some company tonight given your current position of no fur."

He Blushed reluctant at first and decided to take of his clothes to get changed to his night clothes but before he could, Frankie removed her nightie and threw it on the floor. Now Herriman was completly aroused and could not contain his arousal for much longer.

He said back "I kinda like your current position, mind if I join you?"

"I wouldn't mind at all" since she noticed he was having a bit trouble below deck and decided to help him with it.

She pulled him on the bed into a fierce kiss so he started kissing her back unaware what Frankie was going to do next.

She started rubbing his lower half to make His package emerge which made Herriman moan and when his package emerged in full she began to ride him for a while. After a while Herriman flipped Frankie with his legs so he was now on top instead of the latter.

So they continued with their love-making until they finally unleashed their essences upon each other. Then with each screaming out the others name they soon fell asleep in each others arms in a lovers embrace.

The others were surprised when they got back on Tuesday after Memorial Day to see that Herriman's Fur had completely grown back. When asked he said "mind over matter that's good advice as I always say." He thought to him-self "all those love-making sessions with Frankie helped a lot but they are better off not knowing and them not knowing is half the battle."

He also now knows he does not always need fur to keep warm when he has had a fiery redhead at his bedside to turn on the heat as well as him-self.