The Hunted

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Normal. That was all that could describe Haruno Sakura, a girl in her second year of high school…at least…until they came along. Vamp fic.

Pairings-Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto, Shino/Hinata/Kiba, Neji/Tenten, Shikamaru/Ino

Genre- Romance, Drama, angst, humor, horror, mystery, action/adventure, suspense

Rating-M for thematic elements, language, sexual situations.

Anime- Naruto

Disclaimer- I do not own Naruto®, so please, do not rub it in.

A/N- Yes, once again this is a Naruto fic, and like 'Predator and Prey' it is a vamp fic, which I have been craving lately…just like cookies and soda. Well, Anywho, enjoy Chapter 1 of 'The Hunted' and don't forget to review!

Chapter 1

Flower in the Woods

"Sasuke-teme?" a soft rumble pierced the simple silence of the glade as cerulean eyes scanned the area.

"Hn." A grunt was the only reply as onyx eyes flashed on a figure, sitting upon the blood stained grass.

"Have you spotted her?" cerulean eyes flashed, the speaker being uncharacteristically serious.

"Hai." A smirk rose on a pale face.

"Don't get carried away, okay teme? We can't risk those damned hunters coming after us again! Got it teme?" Cerulean eyes narrowed, the speaker gaining some of his boisterous attitude back.

"I know that dobe," onyx eyes faded into crimson, a glow of moonlight highlighting the figure as he faded into the shadows, stalking the form sitting upon blood stained grass, bleeding lifeblood onto the green carpet.

"Hello…little flower…" a silky voice whispered into her ear, the girl lying down in the green plush stared with dull eyes, hardly caring as she felt a body move towards her.

"You're hurt…" the silky voice became mocking, as the speaker eyed the cuts covering the girl's form, a smirk appearing on his thin lips. The girl didn't seem to care.

"What's your name little flower?" the speaker continued, staring with false sincerity into the girl's sea foam eyes.

"Sakura...Haruno Sakura…" the girl whispered for the first time, entrapped in the crimson gaze, not noticing when ivory fangs peaked from within the thin lips.

"Forehead-chan! Forehead-chan wake up!" a loud obnoxious voice screeched, causing the figure lying on the bed to shoot up.

Haruno Sakura, a sophomore in high school, glared at her friend, sea foam eyes bleary from sleep and her petal-pink hair tangled and knotted.

"What is it Ino-pig?"Sakura glared, eyeing her blonde roommate with a stare of utmost loathing, as she was the one who had decided it would be fun to wake up the girl.

"It's time for school!" the blonde shouted, sky blue eyes narrowed as she tried to tug her friend from bed.

The petal haired girl glanced at the clock, red letters flashing repeatedly and let out a screech. The clock read 7:57. The bus would come at 8:05. Pulling herself out of bed, grabbing her clothes, and swiftly putting them on as she struggled to brush both her teeth and her hair at the same time. In other words, not a successful endeavor.

"Dammit forehead-chan! Hurry up!" Ino's loud voice echoed through the walls, while Sakura continued to dress herself in a hurried frenzy.

"Whatever Ino-pig! I'm almost done!" Sakura sighed, gazing at her slightly mussed up, but presentable, wardrobe. Thank god the school they went to had a uniform policy; it took an extra ten minutes off the clothing search.

"Dammit!" Ino's cursing became louder, as the blonde eyed the bus coming towards them, "C'mon forehead-chan, the damned bus is here!"

Sakura nodded frantically in reply, not caring that her friend would not see the furious head bobbing, and grabbed her purse, stuffing in a spare brush to help with the pink mess that she called hair.

Pausing for a brief second, the petal haired girl looked over her appearance, before quickly giving an approving nod at herself before speeding out the door, and onto the bus where Ino was anxiously waiting.

"About time forehead-chan!" Ino groused, glaring at her best friend as the two sat down I a vacant seat.

"Well, sorry Ino-pig!" Sakura mumbled, glaring with annoyance out the window, watching as the street passed by, along with everything else, giving a sigh, the petal haired girl tilted her head back, moving her sea-foam gaze to the sloped roof of the bus, "I've just been having nightmares is all."

"Nightmares?" Ino raised an elegant blonde eyebrow, sky blue eyes questioning.

"Yeah…nightmares…" Sakura crinkled her brow, pursing her lips in thought, "I can't really remember them actually, I just know I have them, as I sometimes wake up sweating in the night…in fact, the only thing that I can usually remember are some mysterious black eyes that slowly fade into a bloody crimson…" she gave a wry smile, "It's kind of creepy actually."

"Black eyes? That turn crimson?" Ino's eyes soon became wide, as imaginary sparkles began to shine around her, "It sounds so romantic!" the blonde squealed, hardly caring as her pink haired friend scowled at her.

"it's not romantic Ino-pig! It's creepy!" she shuddered, "I mean, what if you suddenly got weird dreams about things that never happened? How would you feel?"

Ino, being the popular blonde she was, gave a smirk, "Easy, I'd find out who those eyes belong to…" she gave a sigh before giggling and squealing insanely, "And then jump the man!"

Sakura raised an eyebrow, "Well then, that guy better hope for the life of him, that you never get those dreams..."

Ino glared at her friend huffily, "Well, thanks at lot forehead-chan!"

Sakura gave a bright smile, "Your welcome!"

"You do realize that I wasn't thanking you…" the blonde raised an eyebrow, glancing at her friend sardonically.

"Of course Ino-pig! I'm not stupid!" Sakura gave a mock offended glare before bursting into a fit of giggles with her friend.


"Dammit, teme, why do we have to go here?" a blonde glared, cerulean eyes smoldering as he eyed the large building with disdain. "There are so many…" he gulped, "Humans here…"

A dark haired male gave a sardonic smirk, glancing at his blonde friend, "Think of it as a way to test your control dobe."

"I'm not a dobe!" the blonde snarled, glaring at his comrade before mumbling under his breath contemptuously, "And I have great self control…"

"Really?" The dark haired male gave a mocking smirk, "Because if I remember dobe, at the ramen stand, you were literally shoving that poison down your throat…"

The blue eyed blonde glared defensively, "Well…Ramen's different! You don't need no self control with ramen!" he growled out, crossing his arms as he sulked.

The dark haired male glared, "I fail to see the difference."

"Well-" the blonde was cut off as the dark haired male glared.

"Shut it Naruto." A smirk crossed across the dark haired man's features, as his onyx eyes flashed crimson for a brief second, "She's here…"

"Here?" Naruto blinked, before a wide grin passed his face, "Ohh!" he said in realization, before giving a smug grin, "You mean her!" the blonde chortled, "The one that got away, don't you Sasuke-teme!"

Sasuke glared in his direction, his onyx eyes smoldering before grudgingly mumbling, "Yeah…I mean her…" the glare soon faded as a possessive grin came across his pale face, "But trust me, dobe, it won't happen again…"

His eyes fell onto a petal haired girl chatting amiably with her blonde friend before murmuring, "I'll make sure of it."

End Chapter 1- Flower in the Woods

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Teme- Bastard

Dobe- Dead last (At least…I think)

Hai- Yes

-chan, -kun, -san, -senpai, -kohai, -sama – honorifics that go at the ends of names, although 'senpai' and 'kohai' can be used as regular words, as senpai is some one like an upperclassman, kohai is like an underclass man. If there is no honorific, it means that the person has either gotten permission to be call the other person with out an honorific or is being extremely rude.