The Hunted

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Normal. That was all that could describe Haruno Sakura, a girl in her second year of high school…at least…until they came along. Vamp fic.

Pairings-Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto, Shino/Hinata/Kiba, Neji/Tenten, Shikamaru/Ino

Genre- Romance, Drama, angst, humor, horror, mystery, action/adventure, suspense

Rating- M for thematic elements, language, sexual situations.

Anime- Naruto

Disclaimer- I do not own Naruto®, so please, do not rub it in.

A/N- Sorry about the late update, but this chapter was a pain to write. Writers block lasted forever and I couldn't remember what I wanted Deidara and Neji to do. This chapter was mainly a filler-type one, and the next one will be more action packed but anyways, enjoy the very much delayed Chapter Five of the Hunted.

Chapter Five

Silence in the Halls

"What are you doing here Deidara?" Neji's voice was quick and precise, his pale eyes narrowed with lightly hidden aggression at the smiling blonde before him- his cousin and Gaara all but forgotten at the moment.

"Ahh!" the blonde gave a squeal of delight and clapped his hands together with a resounding smack before smirking down at the scowling Neji. "You remembered my name, Neji-tan, un!"

"Neji-tan?" Gaara blinked and then gave a smirk that revealed pearly white teeth- and though no fanged canines were apparent, the smile was still fearsome with the shear malevolence entailed.

Ignoring the redhead and Hinata's faltering step back as she caught sight of Gaara's mad smile, Neji took a step forward and let a hiss release itself from his lips.

"Just answer the question Deidara," the long brunette's voice was tense and tight with agitation, his pale gaze glancing behind him before he moved slightly to cover his cousin with a small step back before continuing once more. "I am in no mood for games!" An annoyed growl ended his sentence.

"Just answer the question, un?," Deidara's gave an amused snicker, "No mood for games, un?," Once again the blonde gave a snicker before it burst into a full blown laugh as he watched Neji's features tighten. "Come now Neji-tan, is that anyway to speak to your superior, un?"

Neji's eyes widened imperceptibly before he took a step back in the slightest beginnings of fear- his hands trembling at his waist.

Deidara merely arched a brow and brushed at the long set of bangs that hid his left eye- a smile appearing on his face as he watched Neji's already tense features tighten all the more. This was getting fun- a laugh far to low and sinister for the almost kidding presence he gave snaked itself out of the blonde's slightly full lips. "What, are you scared Neji-tan…your hands are shaking, un!"

Neji's gave a start and tightened his fists- his nails biting in the skin of his palms, just enough to pierce the flesh. Hinata's eyes widened in fear as she eyed the dark burgundy blood slipping down her cousin's fingertips while Gaara merely arched a nonexistent brow as the dark substance splattered against the floor. Vampire matters had no meaning to him.

A frown passed upon his face though; usually a vampire's blood was of the deepest black. He'd have to think about this later.

"Oohh…you are scared, un!" Gaara was shocked back into thinking as Deidara gave an amused laugh. "Well, that's good, un." All cheer suddenly seemed to evaporate from the blonde's voice and face- suddenly replaced by a sadistic kind of seriousness that looked so out of place on his seemingly innocent features.

All timed seemed to stop for Neji as Deidara looked him strait in the eye, his cousin and the red-haired hunter behind him all but forgotten.

"Hewants you to keep an eye on Sasuke…" the blonde's voice came out as a sibilant hiss, his haunted blue eye boring into the younger vampire's pale eyes. "And I don't mean Itachi-san."

Taking a step back, as the elder had moved toward Neji to give the brunette his hissed message, Deidara gave a mock salute, the cheerful mask once again in place. "Later Neji-tan, Hina-chan…Gaa-rin, un!"

With a wave back and a meaningful glance in Neji's direction, Deidara leaped through the large window in the hallway, hardly caring as the glass shattered upon impact and bounced off his skin.

"H…he's gone!" Hinata let out a sigh of relief and fell to her knees, hands clutching tightly at the thick coat draped across her shoulders. Turning a fearful gaze towards Neji, Hinata gulped and looked up, "Neji-niisama…what did he say? I…I couldn't…hear anything until he said g…goodbye…ano…" the trembling girl paused as she eyed the hand in front of her face.

"It's nothing to concern you Hinata-sama," Neji's eyes were cold as he held his hand out to his cousin, gripping her forearm and hauling her into an upright position. "You should forget about it…" Neji turned his eyes toward Gaara as well, his pale eyes narrowed before he continued, "It would be well advised if you would as well…I am sure that you heard most of the conversation between Deidara-sama and I."

Hinata's eyes widened slightly as Gaara raised a non-existent brow in confirmation, a sneer spreading itself onto his face. How had Gaara heard what she had not? Hinata gulped, and looked down…that must mean…but…that was impossible! She readied to open her mouth to speak before Gaara interrupted her.

"Who do you think you are to order me around vampire? My master?" Annoyance was evident in Gaara's tone before he spat on the ground.

Neji bit back a hiss and Hinata took a tremulous step back and tugged on his shoulder.

"Neji-niisama…p…please!" Frantic urgency was apparent in her voice before she stopped speaking altogether, her pale lavender eyes locked upon the door.

It banged open.

"Who are you guys?" Hinata's eyes met with a pair of started green eyes.

"Who are you guys?" Sakura blinked as she eyed the two unfamiliar faces, before looking up and seeing Gaara's defensive posture. "Gaara? I didn't know you were in my class…." Sakura blinked and opened her mouth, ready to stay more but was beat to the point as Naruto pushed her aside, his cerulean eyes cold.

"Oi, dobe…look behind him." Sasuke's deadpan voice seemed to echo eerily throughout the quiet hall.

Naruto blinked and a smile spread onto his face as Neji moved aside, revealing his cousin to view. "Oh…well…that still doesn't explain what you're doing here…You're supposed to be at the…" Naruto paused for a minute before slamming the palm of his hand against his head, "Oh yeah--- you are supposed to be here! You have information from Ita-" the tanned blonde stopped and coughed, as if remember where he was and whom he was surrounded by.

Neji narrowed his eyes at him before letting a smirk spread across his face, "We'll tell you later. When we aren't as…occupied." At the final word, an almost imperceptible twitch formed across his features.

"Information?" Sakura murmured before looking towards her cousin who merely shrugged. Scowling, the blossom-haired girl tightened her fists and directed her gaze towards Naruto and Sasuke. "What do you mean information? Why are they here…and…" her eyes glanced about in an almost trapped manner, "…and what exactly are you?" The last part of her rant was hissed as if in fear of being over heard.

"Ahh…Well…you see…that's what I kind of wanted to er…yeah…" Naruto coughed and turned towards her, Neji completely forgotten for the moment before Sasuke stepped forward.

Casting a disgusted glance toward Naruto, Sasuke gave a scowl, "What dobe means is that he was going to explain…which is…" the dark haired teenager's glare seemed to intensify, "very…very…stupid!" the final statement came out in a hiss, the vampire's slender fingers twitching as if resisting to wrap themselves around the blonde's neck.

"Explain?" Gaara gave a laugh, the smirk on his face widening as all heads turned towards him. It seemed he had been forgotten, "Vampires do not explain!" His voice was almost bitter as shouted out the last bit.

"Vampires?" Sakura's eyes widened to an almost impossible degree before narrowing once more, "You're vampires…what kind of sick joke is this?!" An enraged growl passed through her lips as she glared forward, "First Pretty-boy over here jumps me in my house and tries to fucking bite me—" Sakura ignored as Sasuke looked affronted "Then my cousin, who I haven't seen in years, mind you-" The girl's angry sea-foam eyes locked upon Gaara who merely snorted, "Decides to come in and shoot up both my floor and pretty-boy…and then you tell me they're vampires? What the fuck is up with that?!" The petal-haired girl's chest heaved up and down as she struggled to intake air, enraged pants being all she could accomplish.

Sasuke scowled and crossed his arms before looking down at the ground, "I am not a pretty-boy…" his mumble was only heard by Naruto, who merely leered in his direction.

"Of course you aren't, teme…that spot is reserved for Neji" Naruto gave a grin as he watched Hinata bite back a giggled at that comment while Neji's scowl only deepened.

Sakura rolled her eyes before crossing her arms tightly across her chest, "Tell me-what the hell is going on?" her sea-foam eyes seemed to smolder even as she turned the fuming gaze towards Neji and Hinata. "Who are they?"

"Ahh…them?" Naruto blinked before letting a smirk spread across his face as he draped his arm across Sakura's shoulders once again-the smirk widening into a full-blown leer as Sasuke let out a growl at the contact. "Why the cute one is Hyuuga Hinata-chan…and the other? Well, he might look like a girl but he's Hyuuga Neji. Her cousin. Don't be fooled by the way Hinata-chan calls him brother."

Sakura gave him a dubious look before nodding, "The dobe's telling the truth…those really are their names."

Gaara, for his part narrowed his eyes as the Hyuuga's were introduced, his mind flashing back and forth as he mused upon all the record he had read before. The Hyuuga clan of Vampires was a powerful one, one of the eldest…although the clan had been weakened earlier by some clan or another. The Uchiwa…Uchida…? He passed it off…it wasn't like the name was of importance.

"Anyways, we'll continue talking after lunch…mm-kay?" Naruto grinned before closing his hand on the handle of the door, "Something tells me our sensei may be coming soon."

Sakura narrowed her eyes before nodding in acceptance; she'd wait until lunch but no later. Sasuke rolled his eyes and followed in after them, pausing as Sakura stopped and turned around.

"Hey, aren't you all coming in?" her voice lacked the hostility before as she turned to Gaara and the others.

Gaara glanced at her out of the corner of his eye before leaning against the wall, being mindful of the shattered window beside him. "New students must wait outside of the room." His tone was dull as before he turned his black-rimmed eyes towards the ceiling while Hinata glanced to the side.

"The same goes for us." Her voice was quiet and hardly seemed to penetrate halfway through the hall, Sakura had to strain to hear it.

"Hmm…alright." With that finished, the pink haired girl continued her way into the room, Sasuke following her, but not before turning his gaze to lock eyes with Neji.

"I'll be watching you Hyuuga."

Neji narrowed his eyes while Hinata meekly tapped her fingers. "What ever you say Uchiha."

Gaara blinked from his spot against the wall, glancing towards the vampires across from him before a slow smirk spread across his face. Uchiha…that's what it was. Well…this was sure to be interesting.

"Well, what was that about?" the look in Ino's eyes compelled Sakura to answer even as she moved forward to her normal spot in the room –far away from the two vampires at the front.

"That?" Sakura blinked and winced, sweating slightly as the look in Ino's eyes sharpened. "It was nothing."

Ino looked at the blossom haired girl dubiously before sighing, "Sakura, if that thing was nothing then vampires are real."

Sakura winced. If only Ino knew how true that was.

"Shh---quiet down!" Tenten hissed from her seat across from the two, her eyes locked upon the door, "I think Sarutobi-sensei is here now!"

The two immediately quieted before Sakura blinked, "Well, that's not Sarutobi sensei…"

"I should say not…" Ino murmured, her eyes locked upon the man who had just entered the room. "He's much better than Sarutobi-sensei!"

Sakura and Tenten had the decency to look disgusted at the blonde girl before Ino blinked and rolled her eyes.

"Well…it's true."

The girls were broken from their reverie as the man stepped closer to the board, his slender hands locking onto a piece of chalk and writing his name in smooth sweeping strokes.

"Hello class," A smile formed on the man's face, which looked far to young to be teaching, "I will be your substitute for the next month and a half…Sarutobi-san had an unexpected family engagement, and thus will not be able to teach."

The class looked about, while Sasuke and Naruto towards the front merely rolled their eyes.

Lazily raising his hand, Naruto gave a cheeky fanged grin, which only widened as the substitutes eyebrow twitched.

"You with the stupid grin, what's your question?"

"Just what are we supposed to call you…sensei?" The blonde spoke 'sensei' as if it was a huge inside joke, and to him it probably was. Sasuke merely scowled and glanced once more towards the ceiling as if asking for heavenly guidance.

The man rolled his eyes before giving a disarming smile. "You may call me either Iruka-sensei or Umino-sensei, I'm sure you know that by now Naruto."

The blonde merely grinned in reply.

Chapter Five: Silence in the Halls End

A/N- Well, there's chapter Five, hopefully the next one will be out sooner. Anyways, hope you liked it. As I said before, the next chapter will have more action. Anyways, thanks for reading, and please remember to review- constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, sorry once again about the late chapter- Writers block is evil and life comes at you fast.


-san, -chan, -kun, -sama, ect.:Suffixes that go after names and usually indicate respect. Suffixes such as –tan and –chan can be used to indicate cuteness but can also be used as a means to annoy a person (i.e. Neji or Sasuke). –kun is commonly used for boys, although it can also be used for girls (i.e. Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket). –sama is similar to lord and lady while –san is similar to Mr. and Mrs. Both indicate respect.

Ano: Umm

Un: Doesn't really translate but it's somewhere similar to 'yeah' or 'hmm'

Dobe: Dead last

Teme: Bastard, can also be used as a suffix on the end of names (i.e.: Sasuke-teme)

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