Magical Secrets, Codes and Treasure

Author's note: This is a crossover between Da Vinci Code, National treasure and Harry Potter. Need I say more? If you haven't heard of DVC yet, then you must have been living under a rock for at least 3 years. There will also most likely be spoilers for Da Vinci Code and National treasure. If you are offended by my references to the Sangreal, I rather you review about the quality of this story. Bad Title I know, but I think it might be less offensive than "A Holy Secret" and more appealing than "The Sacred Treasure".

In the past

The Knights were gathered at the decided meeting place. Some were fingering the hilt of their swords, while others just stared at one another. They were gathered here for one purpose and that was to whether or not to take the final action. The eerie silence continued as some continued to stare at the item in the middle of them, an item which they had recovered and they were surrounding and now it was time to decide that item's fate…. "It must be done" one of the Knights murmured.

Giving nods back to that very Knight, a group of reluctant comrades gave stiff nods to his decisions. Moving to the centre of the circle, they gave their final stares at that object. They longed to pick it up and mutiny against the one who had spoken. They longed to use it for their own desires. Yet they still resisted temptation, for they knew this was the right decision. Concealing the item that rested in a wooden box with a lid of wood, they climbed on board the ramp to that ship.

"Are you sure about your decision Sir?" "Yes I am, this item must be sent away, it must never be seen again. For some things, my dear friend, are best kept a secret and kept hidden forever…" With those words said, the One who had finalized the decision walked away to the abyss of darkness.

1832, America

Charles Carroll knew he was dying and he knew he had to pass on the secret. A secret that was pass on for many centuries through the generations. He called for his carriage boy to come before him, telling him of all he knew (at least the information he had been told). He used his dying moment to tell him about the Freemasons, his role and the breathtakingly vast treasure, which was hidden. Feeling his grip on life loosening, he took his final breath to murmur his last words as he gave the clue away.

"The Secret Lies with Charlotte"

Having done his final deed, he died in front of his Carriage Boy Gates. As he stood in that heavy rain, he stared at the now dead body. The very man he had served for so long. As he prepared to take Carroll (or at least his body) home, he wondered about the treasure and what it would be like staring at it, knowing that your hard work and perseverance had led to the discovery. However, little did anyone else know, Carroll also had another clue and another secret…

Present Day, Florence

Mr Langdon took a step outside when he had opened the doors of his red Fiat Panda. He was slightly glad that the 4 wheel drive which he had rented from the company Europcar had yet to have any engine failure. Langdon was nonetheless borderline believer and non-believer of the popular idea about FIAT.

He still remembered the stories from his colleagues who had came back from Italy and told stories of how they were stuck mid-way in a journey to museum for a lecture or their holiday with their family had been cut short all because of a car that had decided to have a break down. FIAT failures seemed to be a popular talk (as Langdon had observed) with any car-loving Harvard student. Langdon had heard numerous jokes about the cars' severe unreliability and he wondered how many more he would hear in the Piazza San Lorenzo of Italy.

He continued to walk from his car as others continued to move right pass him, his eyes came face to face with someone familiar. A face with burgundy-red hair and chocolate-brown eyes. A person whom he had shared a wild goose chase of an adventure with…

Sophie Neveu, Langdon's second reason for this journey to Florence. Robert had met Sophie a few weeks ago, in one of the most interesting way really. Just recently Robert had been involved in an unexpected journey that Langdon and Neveu had managed to get themselves involved in. It was not so long ago that they had both been implicated by a quest, a quest that had ended in success, a quest for the Sangreal documents. Neveu and Langdon also learnt that she was an offspring of the Merovingian bloodline, meaning that she was the most direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

"The Blade and Chalice guarding o'er her gates" Langdon could still recall that line from Sauniere's final clue of the location. The clue that led to the tomb of forsaken Mary Magdalene and the long forgotten Sangreal documents, though he was sworn to secrecy Langdon did however tell Neveu this treasured knowledge. A knowledge that was often sought for by numerous Grail enthusiasts whom choose rather to be downtrodden for their failed quests then forget what had been labeled "The sacred feminine which the Church feared".

"Remember Mr Langdon, no symbology for our first date" She said with a smile Langdon taking Sophie's hand to hold began to walk off to their first real romantic encounter through the streets of Florence. He wondered if he should begin with visiting the shops of Ponte Vecchio or perhaps the famous Fountain of Neptune. What Langdon did know was that this wasn't going to be like the recent quest (that had led to him meeting Sophie) or his escapade 3 years ago in Vatican City with Vittoria. This time there would be no symbology, no secrets, and no dangers from a killer and definitely no adventure.

It would just be a normal romantic vacation in Florence Langdon thought

Langdon would soon discover that his thoughts and optimism about the day were soon to be proven wrong….

Gates' family house, Present Day

It was another busy day for Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Gates. Ever since the incident with Ian Howe, they had been the talk of the century and had to go to numerous talk shows and interviews. To sum it all up, the 3 had became instant celebrities the moment they had found the Freemasons' treasure. Although there was never a dull moment when it came to fame, sure the numerous press conferences were exhausting and unexciting. But the numerous other benefits were just a bonus for the money received from that treasure hunt.

Benjamin Franklin Gates rested his legs on the table as he examined a piece of parchment. A parchment that he had recently found in his new house there was nothing interesting about it, except there wasn't even a evidence of a touch nor smudge of a ink mark. Having observed it over a million times one would normally get bored, but for Gates any amount of history is unforgettable. "Don't you get tired of seeing that Mr. Brown?" A sweet female voice teased using the pseudonymous name that he used last year (coincidentally Gates often read stories by that author Brown). Gates placed the magnifying glass and piece of paper on the small coffee table, standing up he kissed his newly-wedded wife Abigail on the cheek.

Moments after Gates and Abigail walked away, a gust of wind blew that very small paper into the fireplace. It was as if it was destined to happen, as though someone wanted it forgotten. That very piece of paper began to burn…

As Riley walked in he saw that paper burning in the fire, almost immediately he took a pair of tongs out and smothered the flame with his foot. Squashing upon the paper with his feet and shoe relentlessly until the flames were no more. Picking the paper up Riley Poole noticed something new, something that wasn't there before. Something very curious indeed, it was something that Riley had yet to understand.

"Ben I think you should look at this"

1 4 7 6 14 8 5 16 1 12 3 10 4 6 3 8 17 10

1.Leonardo Da Vinci 12. Hughes de Payens

4.Mona Lisa 3.Chinon

7.Pierre Plantard 10.Temple Mount

6.Rosslyn Chapel 4. The Virgin of the Rocks

14.Knights Templar 6. Sangreal

8.George Washington 3.Seraphic Love

5.Freemasons 8. The Last Supper

16.Horatio Herbert Kitchener 17.Declaration Of Independence

1. Dome of the Rock 10.All seeing eye

Forgotten Path to what you seek begins at the Rival of the Green Line

The artifact of which we hid drew Rosy blood on the divine

Play the number game well, for it hides the truth which you will soon find

Let the sacred eye guide you on this quest that should be assigned.

Author's note: Seriously got any tips for my poorly-written poetry? I think I made it a bit long on the lines. Criticism accepted I expect enough to help me for my poetry. I have yet to figure out the rest of the story, so might take some time before I update if I get a writer's block. Hopefully I won't get one. If you are wondering what Harry Potter has to do with this bear with me, I'm trying to keep it evenly paced so I decided that the HP crew won't appear in this chapter. Also I do wonder who will crack the above code, before I update. A cyber cookie to the first one who does and please remember to review this story.