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Paris, France.

"Do you honestly believe that book?" Hermione asked gesturing towards Luna's latest possession a Bible earring she was wearing. "But Jesus does exist and for Heaven's sake Hermione, open your eyes! Don't you realize how important it is to accept him into our lives?" Luna bellowed back.

"What possible proof is there of what it says? Luna, people can live with a conscience and make right decisions without the help of this God you speak of!

"Are you completely forgetting the Marian apparitions or the Modern miracles?

"They are nothing but coincidental occurrences yet to be explained!"

"Would you two just shut up while I try to read this map?" Harry yelled in a fit of rage and annoyance. Ever since Luna Lovegood decided to convert to Christianity Hermione decided that she was once again being illogical and gullible, it was now a ritual for both of them to begin arguments about the existence of God. It was well-known that they had been polar opposites in their beliefs since the day they met on the train. Faith and Fact… the two sides that often worked against one another.

"For once I agree with you Granger or better yet why not label it a pathetic excuse for magic?" Draco added with a sneer. It had been 6 years since that day. 6 years since the final battle of the Wizard World War, it had been a slow and gradual process but like all humans the wizarding community began to move on. Few had witnessed the final moments of Harry's and Voldemort's fight first hand and even fewer had been able to survive the war.

Pansy Parkinson, Peter Pettigrew, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Rubeus Hagrid were just a few of the names given to the bodies that once had a life but were now rotting in their graves. Ironically the war originally started by the blood purist (Death Eaters) with one of the malicious intents being the complete elimination of the "impurities of the wizarding society" had ended with the near-extinction of the Purebloods.

Malfoy eventually decided to join the Order of The Phoenix for protection due to fear for his family's' lives and his inability to commit great acts of evil. He along with a very small group of others was now the minority known as the last purebloods. Some had decided to give up their supremacist belief and marry Muggle men/women for survival of their lineage; others choose to continue practicing their ways despite fully knowing the situation.

Standing in the streets of Paris among Muggles was definitely a change, the streets were quieter and less boisterous than bustling London and less crowded than Diagon Alley. Harry, Luna, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Draco stood there still waiting. In fact they had been standing there for so long (they were waiting for Harry to finish finding the given address) one would wonder why no-one stare at them conspicuously. Harry had begun to wonder if this trip should become a holiday instead with each of them going their separate ways for the remaining duration of what they had lied to others about as being a "vacation"

He shook these thoughts off mentally and remembered why he was here, this very trip was caused by one note. Dumbledore's note, in fact this very note seem to be of great significance to him as he kept it in a enchanted chest that could only be open by him. Taking a glance at the note, he concentrated once more on finding that location given by Dumbledore's note.

Florence, Italy

Langdon stood steadily with his date Sophie. He and Neveu had just been sightseeing through Florence. He gazed at the famous Fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria, (the bronze fountain with a chiseled figure of Neptune surrounded by mythological figures), visited the famous Uffizi gallery of Florence (the oldest and most famous art museum with a great number of works from numerous well-known artist) and now he was standing in the Accademia dell'Arte del Disegno.

Robert and Sophie now stood before Michelangelo's David. He stared at the life-like appearance of the marble sculpture and admired how Micheangelo portrayed the masculine features of this biblical figure. 'The statue was the very symbol of the Florentine Republic as Florence was an independent city-state threatened by powerful rival states on all sides' Langdon thought. "Robert where's our next destination?" Sophie inquired after giving Robert a kiss on the cheek. "How about the Ponte Vecchio and at that location we will forever be bonded for the rest of our lives"

Sophie smiled at the Professor's strange romantic quote, hardly understanding it yet enjoying the implied romance. 'It's obviously some sort of symbology' Neveu thought as Robert stroked her long red hair. Then her mobile began ringing. Picking it up she heard a familiar voice.

"Mademoiselle Neveu, disent Monsieur Langdon 'exigent ses services immédiatement pour notre cas courant et j'exige également vos qualifications aussi bien pour le travail"

"M. Langdon et moi sont une date, également j'a été donné une coupure de 4 semaines après le cas précédent. Ne pouvez-vous pas demander à quelqu'un d'autre de faire le travail qui n'a pas lieu des vacances ?" she replied

"Aucune Mlle Neveu de buts, je m'attends à ce que vous et Monsieur Langdon soyez de retour bientôt" the voice demanded

"Je suis désolé, mais nous ne pouvons pas voyager de nouveau à la France jusqu'à une autre semaine due à ce vol et je vous ai dit que je suis des vacances"

"Je peux arranger quelques sièges sur le vol le plus tôt de nouveau à la France, c'est des affaires pressantes et je m'attends à ce que vous soyez de retour par demain"

"Je ne reviens pas jusqu'à ce que ma coupure plus de, je ne m'inquiète pas à quel point vous désespéré êtes obtenez quelqu'un d'autre. Au revoir" Sophie bellowed back to the mobile and finally ended the conversation as the person at the other end listened to the dull tone meaning that the conversation was over.

"What was that about" Langdon asked in curiousity. "Nothing" Robert shrugged as he held her hand and led the way to Ponte Vecchio.

Somewhere in France

The voice that called earlier was breathing deeply and in anger threw his phone at the wall. Then his phone came to life and he heard the sound of his ringtone. "Dove sono diretti?" He spoked "Ponte Vecchio, Signore. Che cosa ora facciamo? È la vostra chiamata, sporgenza" "Faccia alright come dovete ed assicurarsi arrivi a dove attualmente sono situato. Assicurisi che arrivano come le sedi dell'ordine" he replied

Gates' family Home, America

Benjamin Gates stared at the parchment before him and spoke the words that he had repeated for what seemed like forever. "It's a code, It's a code, It's a code…" "Well I've tried Latitudes and longitudes, but that doesn't seem to be it" Abigail said.Staring at the writing and the strange list before him, he pondered the meaning constantly. Abigail, on the other hand wondered why this strange code never appeared in American history.

As the books from their library piled higher, books on American history, codes, solution to ciphers as well as biographys on famous Freemasons, time continued to slip by without notice. Riley stared at numerous maps believing it to be area or grid references yet none of them made sense. Eventually he came to a conclusion, it was a hoax planted in their house to get their hopes up.

Benjamin continued to stare, thinking and wasting time. "Ben, staring at a piece of paper, isn't going to help you" Riley told him. Gates reading the words once again began to understand it meaning. It's simple meaning. 'Could it really be that simple?' he thought. Taking out a pen from his pocket, he prepared to solve the confusing code. But before he can do so, he heard the sound of breaking glass. The sound of breaking glass as bullets from a machine gun was shot endlessly at him and Riley.

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Translations for foreign languages

French to English

"Mrs Neveu, tell Mr Langdon I require his services immediately for our current case and I also require your skills as well for the job"

"Mr. Langdon and I are a date, also I was given cut a 4 week old after the preceding case. Can't you ask somebody else to do the work who isn't taking a break?"

"No buts Miss Neveu, I expect you and Mr Langdon to be back soon"

"I'm sorry, but we can't travel back to France till another week due to this flight and I told you I'm on vacation"

"I can arrange a few seats on the earliest flight back to France, this is urgent business and I expect you to be back by tomorrow"

"I'm not coming back until my break is over, I don't care how desperate you are get some one else. Good bye".

Italian to English

Where are they headed? To Ponte Vecchio, Sir. What do we do now? It's your call, boss Alright do as you must and make sure they arrive at where I am currently situated. Make sure they arrive as the headquarters of the Order.

Facts and lies: Just a small list/disclaimer of facts telling you the truth about certain lies that needed to be told due to the Canon or otherwise and why they had to be told.

Priory Of Sion: Believed to be guardians of the Merovingian bloodline and led by a Grand Master, the Priory Of Sion is actually a 20th century hoax. However they exist in this story as well as the Da Vinci Code book due to the fact I need to keep it to the original Canon.

Treasure of the Freemasons/Knights Templars: A plot device in the movie National Treasure, there is no proof that the Freemasons were affiliated with any vast treasure that they guarded nor is there any proof that such treasure of the Knights Templar exist. However the idea of the Templars guarding treasure is a popular thought. It was mentioned in order to keep to the original Canon

Sacred Bloodline: While the Merovingians said that they were descended from Jesus, it was a hoax used so that Pierre Plantard St-Clair could remain in control of the throne.