Angela: -dancing around the room and generally acting odd- Hello.

Bakura: ... I refuse to question your actions under the firm belief it will only cause my brain to explode from the sheer inexplicable randomness of the explanation.

Angela: Good choice 'Ku-'Kura.Anyway, here goes nothing. I'm bored, I've got a small idea running around, my friend requested a Marikxher fanfic and I agreed, so, I'm going to do it. Of course, it might not be what she expected...

Bakura: When is anything you do ever expected? Even by you?

Angela: I resent that. I always do what I expect to do!

Marik: Since when?

Angela: I always expect to do something unexpected. Therefore, I always do what I expected to do. Which, by the way, is perfectly logical. In a strange, twisted, illogical way. Bakura! Marik! Do the disclaimer!

Bakura: .. I hate you. She doesn't own YGO. Or Marik. Or any trademarked things that get mentioned that she doesn't own. ...But nothing gets mentioed, so we're all set.

Marik: She does, however, own Chrissy. Since she is better known as "Kelpy's Friend/KF" and even better known as her personal minion.

Angela: A good minion at that too. Onward!

Insanity is such an odd word, don't you think?

You don't think so? Well, I do.

What do you mean, 'why'? I just do. Insanity. It's a very odd word, I really do think so.

Well, then tell me what you think.

"Insanity is just a word to describe a state of mind." You're such a fool.

Did you know that? You're a complete fool, my lovely. So very foolish.

Can't you tell when insanity is in your presence? Haven't you learned yet? You're so foolish. It amuses me, truly.

This is why I stay with you. You make me laugh. Only you could be so naive, so utterly stupid to believe that 'insanity' was only a state of mind that didn't actually exist.

You try to please me, I know you do. You try to make me happy. You obey my every whim, just to see one of my demented smiles. You think I love you.

It isn't love, my dear. It's amusement. Cold, cruel amusement in the face of ignorance.

Did you know that you're ignorant?

No? Well, it's only natural. Ignorance is bliss and all, they say. I suppose that it is true, if you are to be an example. But I don't love you. I will never love you. I'm too cruel, too cold. Too evil.

As a matter of fact, I'm too insane to love you.

And you still don't believe that I am insane, do you?

No, of course you don't my beloved. You never do.

And that's why, my precious canary, you'll never escape your gilded cage.

Angela: -Blinks- Well... That was even better than I expected. And it went in a completely different direction that planned.

Marik: -staring strangely at her- ... They always do. What the hell was that?

Angela: .. You talking to Chrissy and proving you're insane at the same time?

Bakura: -mutters darkly- You're the insane one, you frickin' nutcase.

Angela: Why thank you! Anyway, peoples. R&R if you like, or don't. I'm fine with either. This was just a gift, so as long as she likes it, I'm happy. And on a random side note, since I'm stuck with writer's block on my ongoing fics, I'm currently taking requests for fics. One-shots requests preferred, but I will do on-going ones if you don't mind really long amounts of time between the updates.