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Love is... understanding.

"He was staring at you," Sasuke said with an almost-pout.

Naruto was starting to get a headache. "Sasuke-teme, lots of people stare at me."

"W-what?" Sasuke sounded halfway between disbelief and murderous.

O-oh. It seemed that it was the wrong thing to say, then. "O-oi, I'm just kidding, you know! Just kidding!"

"I'm going to kill Gaara," The Uchiha said resolutely, before marching towards the Hokage's quarters, where a certain Kazekage was welcomed at.

Naruto definitely didn't like the dark cloud that hovered over the Uchiha's moody figure. "O-oi! We're just friends! Friends!"

Love is... content.

Naruto wished for a dream person.

Okay, so he preferred guys to girls, so his dream person would have to be a guy. Naruto wanted somebody kind, unlike Sasuke who always threw insults at him. Naruto wanted somebody sweet, unlike the bastard-Uchiha who loathed displays of affection and was as sweet as a rock. Naruto wanted somebody caring, unlike Sasuke who preferred stalking him than asking him how was his day.

He wanted somebody normal, unlike Sasuke who was extremely famous, a once-traitor, and definitely possessed abnormal characteristics and traits.

A lot of people asked him out, to romantic dates and to innocent walks during patrols.

He all turned them down.

He was content with the Uchiha-freakin'-Sasuke, after all.

Love is... peaceful.

"I told you to leave it to me!"

"I had to butt in and save your pathetic ass!"

"Because you are the team leader doesn't mean that you have to control all our actions, Uchiha!"

"You're right. But it also doesn't stop me from hauling you out of there!"

"I didn't need your help!"

"Heh, it surely didn't look that way."

"Are you saying that I'm a loser?"

"Think what you will."

"Argh, I hate you!"

"I hate you too."

"I never want to see your smirky face again!"



Love is... forgiving.

"I haven't forgiven you yet, you know," Naruto pointed out, even after he pressed his face to Sasuke's bare neck, limbs tangled deliciously after a bout of make-up sex.

"I wasn't asking for forgiveness," Sasuke remarked coolly, dark eyes closed. Naruto almost sighed; his lover was really stubborn. Sasuke was also very cute, but it didn't mean that Naruto would forgive him, just like that.

"You still owe me five bowls of ramen," The blond muttered instead, breathing in his lover's scent.

"Sure, sure," Sasuke offhandedly said, already drifting into sleep.

Love is... humble.

Love is humble, really.

Even if Sasuke wouldn't admit that he liked showing off.

Even if Naruto's favorite words to his secret-lover was, "I'm so much better than you, teme!"

Love is... encouraging.

It was before Sasuke's match in his Jounin Exams. Naruto has finished his fight earlier, and he tapped the Uchiha's shoulder, just before Sasuke came out to the field.

The Uchiha turned slightly, and was surprised when the blond aggressively attacked his lips. The kiss ended too soon, and the mildly-dazed Sasuke quirked a questioning eyebrow at the blond's seme-ish actions.

"Good luck, bastard, hope you lose," Naruto said with a vulpine grin, disappearing in a puff of smoke before Sasuke could be late for his match.

Of course Sasuke won the match. But an extra encouragement next time wouldn't hurt.

Love is... to cherish.

Naruto didn't give Sasuke a birthday gift. He didn't need to.

After all, the amount of chocolates and sweets Sasuke received would be enough to give the two of them food for the rest of the year.

Naruto didn't need to add more expensive material things to Sasuke's gift boxes.

Cheesily enough, he himself was his gift to the prissy Uchiha.

After all, Naruto's priceless.

Love is... acceptance.

"Dobe," Sasuke said tightly, and the sound of gritting teeth reached Naruto's ears. The blond's eye twitched at the word 'dobe', but he has long accepted that it was part of Sasuke's weird acts of showing connection.

"What is it, bastard?" The blond questioned, feeling a bit queasy as the famous Uchiha started to kneel before him.

"Will you marry me?" Sasuke asked, eyes showing seriousness and one hand producing an elegant silver band. Naruto narrowed his eyes. They have been over this already; they both knew that Naruto couldn't allow marriage, especially before he became the Rokudaime. The village people tended to dig out any form of dirt they could find, and Naruto wouldn't allow it.

The answer was very simple then.


Love is... sacrifice.

"If you move, I'm going to cut off this blondie's head!" A missing-nin crowed triumphantly, placing the blade near Naruto's neck. The Konoha team that pursued him halted, eyes shifting between their strategist and their team leader.

Shikamaru furiously thought of a way to attack the Class A missing-nin, without bringing harm to the snugly-tied Naruto.

"Go ahead and kill him," Sasuke said, with a dark smirk, easily ignoring his team's gasps and Naruto's enraged squawks, "He's just a small sacrifice, anyway."

And then, Sasuke made a step forward, and the missing-nin drew blood from Naruto's neck. Before anybody could blink, though, Sasuke's hand was already holding the missing-nin's hand, and the sparks of electricity were heard throughout the forest.

Soon enough, the electricuted missing-nin fell to the ground with a sickening thud, and the ropes that bound Naruto were severed.

To everybody's surprise, Sasuke gently embraced the enraged-and-shocked-and-embarassed blond.

"I'm sorry I had to sacrifice you, there," Sasuke said with an emotionless voice, but Naruto knew him too well.

"...It's okay."

Love is... devotion.

Tsunade assigned jounin and ANBU members to guard Naruto's apartment when the blond fell sick. After all, the Godaime didn't want to take chances; some of the Akatsuki members -here, Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame came into mind- might take advantage of the opportunity to kidnap the Kyuubi vessel.

The Godaime's first choice was Sasuke, but Sakura warned her that the two might blow each other into pieces if they were cramped in a room for too long. Plus, Sasuke solidly refused to be Naruto's caretaker.

Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru and Sai ended up switching shifts to guard Naruto. Strangely enough, Sasuke postponed his missions for the week.

They weren't sure why Sasuke did it, but Sakura could swear that she saw a blur of black watching Naruto from the tree outside.


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