The Journey Ahead

Summary: Princess Tutu, Princess of the Swans, has engaged, by their families, to Myuto, the Prince of a far away land. To wed her love, Prince Myuto's knight, Fakir, is asked to go to her kingdom and accompany her on the journey to Myuto's kingdom. Will Tutu fall for the knight of her perhaps beloved? Will the knight leave all duty, all loyalties, to be with his beloved? As love is tested, Princess Kraehe, Princess of the Ravens, schemes to rule the kingdoms and the Prince's heart. How will our heroine possibly defeat this foe?

Author's note: Hi, this is my second fanfic on Princess Tutu! Why, Princess Tutu, you ask? It's because it's such an awesome anime, that's why! It's both cute and dark, and that's why I think this anime rocks so much!


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To the Princess of the Swans, Princess Tutu,

Your engagement to Prince Myuto, due to the decision of the King and Queens of your and Prince Myuto's kingdoms, is to an end as your marriage is in weeks from now. Tomorrow, the Prince's most trusted knight, Fakir, should arrive to accompany you to the Prince's kingdom for your wedding. The Prince awaits you at his castle.

Princess Tutu read the letter as she looked over at letters from Myuto, himself. She had been friends with him ever since she had been little, and Tutu was aware of the marriage for a long time. To tell you the truth, she hadn't minded much. She knew Myuto. She knew he was kind and a good person. His last letter read:

To my dearest Tutu,

I am deeply sorry for not writing for a week or so; my knights and townspeople have been worried of an attack from the kingdom to the south, where the Princess of the Ravens, Kraehe, is said to reside. But not to worry, I assure your arrive will be safe and well kept. As you probably already know, Fakir will be taking you to the kingdom, for protection. You remember him, don't you? The three of us used to play together as kids. I hope your journey here is peaceful and calm. Rest assured, I am marrying you because I wish to, not for my Father and Mother, but for you, Tutu. Remember that.


Tutu smiled, blushing, as she looked over at the letter she was writing to her fiancée. She did, in fact, remember Fakir. She had an annoyed face as Tutu remembered the memories of them as children. He used to tease her, saying he'd protect Myuto from "icky" girls like her. She read over her letter carefully:


I am glad we are to wed. And not to worry, I am marrying you for my reasons alone. But out of all the knights… why Fakir?! We don't… exactly have the best relationship! Well… you must have your reasons too. I do, indeed, remember my times with you and Fakir. I remember one time he tried splashed a bucket of water on me… saying that I'll turn into a duck that I am someday! I also remember he used to call me Duck, that jerk…! He can be mean sometimes… but maybe… he's changed? Nah. He's probably the same. I hope to see you soon, Myuto.

The Princess of the Swans finished the letter with a signature as she called in a maid to deliver it to one of the guards. Afterwards, she looked at the picture beside her bed.It was a photo of the three as children. Myuto stood beside her with a smile as Duck glared at Fakir, who was trying to put bunny ears behind her head. "I don't know why… but I'm glad to get to see him again… Fakir…," she whispered.


The day passed as Princess Tutu was ready and prepared to depart to see Myuto, her soon to be husband. Tutu was excited, both to see Myuto quickly, and to see if Fakir had changed while she was gone. She quickly rushed down the many flight of stairs as her butlers trailed behind, carrying the luggage as they desperately tried to stop the Princess from running down the stairs, for she might slip, but they were too preoccupied with her luggage.

They had hoped she wouldn't trip… but their fears became true. As Tutu ran downstairs to see the "older, perhaps, more mature" Fakir, she tripped. Princess Tutu gasped as she closed her eyes, expecting to hit the hard floor, or the bumbling stairs.

And yet she felt something else. It was warm, and it didn't feel like the flat floor nor the crooked flight of stairs. "You're still this clumsy? I knew you'd still be an idiot. Don't you know you could get hurt by running down the stairs? Fool…," the person who had caught her spat.

Tutu had an irritated face as she automatically assumed who had saved her. She instantly recognized the voice and opened her eyes. The Princess blinked as Fakir looked different than the last time she saw him. His personality wasn't different, but he was now much taller than her and was more, well, handsome. But, of course, Tutu wouldn't say that.

Fakir observed the girl he held in his arms. Tutu was older, yes, but he did notice she still had those big, blue eyes and one strand of hair that always seems to stick up in a little curve. Even if she looked different, Fakir thought she'd still be a pain.

"You can let go now…," Tutu said in an annoyed voice.



As he said that, he let go, and the Princess fell on the floor. She looked up at him with a glare as he looked away. "We should get going," Fakir noticed the butlers carrying the many bags, "And are you that lazy? Can't you carry your own things yourself? You're so pathetic… Duck."

Tutu then stood up quickly, her hands now fists. "You…! You…!" she grumbled, pointing at him.

But Fakir shrugged her off. "The carriage is outside. Hurry up or I'll just make you walk the way to the kingdom," he stated as he went outside, leaving an annoyed Tutu, about to explode in anger.

After the butlers had finished putting all the luggage in the trunk of the carriage, Tutu observed the carriage. It was a simple one. There were four horses in front and an old man sat there with a whip in hand. She looked over back at four guards who would also been accompanying her. They stared at her with perverted looks as Princess Tutu looked disgusted as she stuck out her tongue. Tutu then looked at Fakir who was walking over to her.

"Well? Get in."

"Hey, aren't you going to open the door, and let me in?"

"Do it yourself."

"Some gentleman you are!"

Fakir glared at her as he opened the door, pushed her in, got inside himself, and then slammed the door. "We're going to depart any minute."

Tutu stared at him in dismay. "Wait… you're not gonna be outside like the other guards?!" she asked.

"Myuto told me to watch you 24/7. That means I'm stuck to you like glue. It's not like I'm not doing this because I want to."

Princess Tutu glared as Fakir glared back. The carriage soon departed. Tutu was facing the direction the carriage was going, and Fakir was facing the direction they were leaving.


After only one morning after they had left, Tutu was looking outside, and did that the whole time. She didn't feel like making any conversations with Fakir whatsoever. She'd glance a few times at him, and was irritated to find him staring straight at her each time.

"Didn't anybody ever tell you staring is rude?"

"I'm not staring; I'm just making sure you don't fall out the carriage through the window. It's just expected out of somebody as clumsy as you."

"The window isn't even open!"

"Well, somehow, you get hurt no matter what happens."

"So… how's Myuto?" Princess Tutu decided to change the subject. She thought talking about Myuto would make the talk a little more enjoyable, considering Fakir might be more talkative about the Prince.

"He's just happy that you're going to be at the kingdom soon."



Tutu glared at him. "That wasn't funny."

Fakir rolled his eyes. "He just keeps talking about you. Every conversation is about you. It's intoxicating…"

The Princess of the Swans ignored his last comment as she gasped in excitement. "Really? He talks about me that much?" she asked.

"Yeah…," the knight mumbled.

Tutu stared at him. Even though he was older, even though he was taller… he was still the same Fakir she had remembered. "Fakir… you haven't changed a bit. You want to know what's funny? I was actually glad that I'd be able to see you today…" she said.

Fakir flinched. "What…?" he asked, "Duck, you're such an idi---"

Before Fakir could finish his sentence, the carriage suddenly rattled. It shook as Fakir fell on Tutu. "What's… going on?" she wondered as she couldn't help but stare at the knight as she asked hesitantly, "Fakir… are you… okay?"

Fakir put his hand on his head as he stood up as Tutu did the same. She noticed his face seemed odd. "What's wrong?"

"The carriage… it stopped moving."

Princess Tutu waited as Fakir opened the door and got off to see what happened. Tutu followed as she gasped. All of the four guards and the old driver were killed, blood everywhere. "Qua---!" she whispered with a dry voice as she covered her mouth.

Suddenly the two were surrounded by slaves of the ravens, dressed as crows, with swords in hand. In the sky was crows flying above, circling them. Fakir took out his sword as he stood in front of Tutu. "Stay right here. If you move, you'll get killed," Fakir told her as she nodded.

Ravens… crows… they're of the south…, Tutu noticed.


In a dark, sinister castle in the south, the Princess of the Ravens stood. She, knowing what was happening to the Princess and the Knight, didn't care. After all, she was the one who sent her minions. "Princess Tutu… once I get rid of you… Myuto will give me his heart, and I will give it to my Father. My Father will again be strong and take over the other kingdoms as Myuto will be mine and mine alone…," Kraehe whispered.


As Fakir rushed off, killing the Raven minions one by one, Tutu quickly dodged the attacks that came at her. She could barely see Fakir in the midst of battle. He was too preoccupied to see her worried face.

Fakir killed off more raven minions as he looked back at Princess Tutu, who only looked at him in fear. "What are you doing? Run!" he snapped.

"Look out!" Tutu cried as she ran up to him and went behind him. One of the ravens was about to harm the unexpected Fakir.

"Stop! You idiot!"

Yet Tutu didn't listen. To stop him from getting hurt, she hugged him tightly. "Don't make a move, Fakir. You're already wounded… I'll take this attack… just… don't die, please…," she whispered. Fakir gasped as he hugged her tightly, hoping the minion would miss.

Luckily for the Princess and the Knight, the minions suddenly vanished as the Princess of the Ravens decided it'd be a bit too early to rid this story of Princess Tutu. Tutu looked around to find the minions were gone. All that was left was crow feathers and a few crows flying away in the sky. "It's… over…," the Princess whispered.

"You idiot! What were you thinking?!" Fakir snapped, "Putting yourself in danger like that! I wouldn't hear the end of it from Myuto if you got killed!"

Tutu looked away, annoyed. "Well, I didn't die, did I?" she spat, "You're so weird. Stop thinking about what could happen. Think about what needs to happen."


"Look, those guards are dead, and so is the driver. It looks like not all of the horses have been killed. At least they didn't run off; we can still use them to pull the carriage. The carriage wasn't damaged, thankfully. And since you're the only one here, you'll have to order the horses," Princess Tutu explained as she walked over to the carriage, "Well? Aren't you going to help me lift this up, Fakir?"

Fakir was hesitant to respond. "Right…" He was still thinking about what she had said before.

"Just… don't die, please…"

What did she mean by that? He wondered as they got the carriage up, returned the horses to their spots as it was ready to be of use. Fakir was about to sit up front when he looked back at Tutu, who was about to get in the carriage.

She curtsied with a bit of a bow. "Thank you… because of you… I'm a few more steps to see Myuto," the Princess of the swans told him with a smile, "I really did… miss both of you, Myuto… and you, Fakir."

Fakir watched her go inside the carriage. He went and sat up front as the carriage began to move. "Duck…"


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