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Your Wish is My Command

Chapter 1: Atoning Solution

Sasuke didn't want this to happen. Not that he meant it or anything. It just happened. He recalled the scene in his mind. The scene where he beaten him senseless. The cause: abuse of insults in training.

There are some cases when one can tolerate insults. Especially someone as calm and cool as Sasuke. Still. He got carried away. His reason: he didn't want him to get badly injured.

Yeah. I know. It contradicts the whole happening. After all, It's up to you to believe me or not. Since that time, a huge pang of guilt would fill the very being of Sasuke whenever he would see him or whenever people would ask about what the cause is. To Sasuke's relief, his teammate devised a lame lie that seemed to get the approval of the interrogator.

His teammate never even mentions it when they are together. But when the subject began to surface, he would say that it's his fault anyway and it did give him a valuable lesson for crossing a prodigy like him. Yes. Another hard blow from the guilt department.

There are times when he would see him suffer from his injuries and would often cough out quarts of blood after a strenuous activity. What more could the Uchiha endure?

He can't stop pondering about it either. Many sleepless nights have passed and days of self-reproach came crashing down on him. It seemed like yesterday when that day happened.

A few days ago…

Naruto dodged Sasuke's attacks for a millionth time. Not to mention that he evaded it easily. Easily, I tell you. He hadn't yet inserted charka on his dodges. Yet alone, his speed and agility was the same as normal. Obviously, the Uchiha is going easy on him. Worse, maybe he was underestimating him.

"Oi, Sasuke!" Sasuke straighten up as he heard Naruto's exasperated call. A questioning look was pasted on his face. The kind of look that you get when you call somebody who doesn't wants to be disturbed.

"What now, usuratonkachi?"

Naruto's temper flares up at the Uchiha. Clearly, he wants to smack that look out of his face and shut his trap before he could utter his favorite nickname for him.

"Teme! What kind of attack was that! Don't tell me it's just a coincidence that you missed because it keeps on happening, baka!"

The blond boy did not notice that he was already shouting right into the Uchiha's ear. So, the Uchiha was perceptibly protecting his precious eardrum from shattering.

"Are you finished? Seriously, do you even know what kind of training this is?" the Uchiha replied, calmly.

As Sasuke anticipated, Naruto was dumbfounded by it. Was this a normal training like they always did? Of course, it was. Always the same ol' sparring training.

Naruto snorted. "Of course, I know what training it is. It's a sparring training. Like we always do, teme. Look who's the genius now."

Before Naruto knew what's going to happen, the Uchiha had already planted him with a huge lump on his head.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Dobe, it's a dodging training. Kakashi told us that a few minutes ago, baka."

"I know that! I know that! Geez, what was that for? Bopping someone when they are caught off guard." The boy rubbed his throbbing bump, hoping to lessen the pain.

Sasuke sighed. "Apparently, you missed the whole point of the training. And that is to dodge attacks, dobe."

"Okay! Alright! I get it! Save me from all you lectures," He looked away, "it's just that your attacks were so… weak." Naruto replied, still fuming over his ignorance. Of course, the Uchiha was capable of showing Naruto his mistakes. And he doesn't want that.

Sasuke didn't reply. He has a reason for this. And he intended not to let the boy know. It will take a lot of his pride and dignity to be able to tell Naruto. Especially when the boy gets wrong ideas.

"Oh! I get it." It seems the boy figured it out. Maybe by Sasuke's distant look. It gave Naruto the thought that Sasuke may be contemplating on something. Naruto grinned widely. He liked it when he got an opportunity to strike.

Please, of all the Kami-samas up there. Let his ignorant self take over.

Sasuke silently pleaded. Promising to offer them anything they want. Now is the time for massive desperation.

"Sasuke," a nudge on his arm, "you're getting tense." A sly grin played on the boy's lips.

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, having absolutely no idea what the boy has said.

Naruto chuckled at Sasuke's reaction. "Don't worry, Sasuke. I'll give you what you asked for."

Give what I asked for. Wait! Did I ask for something! Sasuke sweatdropped. He got a feeling this was not going to be good. Could this be Sasuke's fate? His destiny? His…


A puff of smoke covered Naruto and a sexy being soon emerged from the smoke. A being that would make a perverted Sannin go crazy.

"Sasuke-kun," Naruto said in his seductive, girly-girl voice. "Please, fight me seriously and I'll pop like this again, ok? Sa… su… ke-kun." He gave out an air kiss for final effects.

Sasuke's eye continuously twitched at the sight before him. True. A typical guy could have a nosebleed by Naruto's perverted jutsu. Even great shinobis could fall for this one.

Better make an exception for guys like Sasuke, since all they can do in this specific situation is for their eyes to twitch. Hey. They still got those hormones, anyway. Not everyone is perfect.

Wanting to solve his eye twitching problem and to show Naruto that his jutsu is not working, he planted yet another large bump on Naruto's head. The boy quickly shifted back to normal.

Naruto writhed over his throbbing head. Does Sasuke know what his head capacity is for enduring head injuries? Sometimes, Sasuke has no sense of humor.

"Sheesh! You didn't have to do that. I just thought I'd convince you with that jutsu. Maybe you're getting all mixed up with something. So I thought I'll give you some humor."

Wrong answer for Naruto though. Another bump was on his head before he even knew it. Sasuke, on the other hand, was inwardly thanking the gods for his request. But it seems he was not thoroughly grateful since the gods put a perverted side of Naruto in the situation. He also took back his genuine bargain.

Sasuke shrugged. "What makes you think I'll get some humor from that! And the things I oath not to tell you is none of your business. So are we going to train or are you gonna flash me again with your revolting jutsu?"

An offended Naruto began to fume again. "That goes for jerks who don't appreciate art. It's a creative jutsu that used up brain cells to invent, baka."

"A perverted jutsu is a perverted jutsu. Nothing can change that, dobe."


And they're off with their training.

For a few minutes, the two were lost in their training session, seriously wanting to defeat each other by dodges and counterattacks. That was until Naruto couldn't take the silence and his so-called feeble attacks from Sasuke.

"Teme! Are you underestimating me or something?"

Dodge. Counterattack punch.

"What are you talking about, dobe?"

Block. A kick from Sasuke.

"You know pretty damn well what I'm talking about!" Backflip. Then a defensive punch. "You're getting soft again."

Duck. Punch from the side. "That's because you're way too slow for me."

"Oh, really!" An annoyed Naruto tackles, "or maybe you just saw me in my jutsu." A sly grin on his face. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And insulting was Naruto's option. His objective: intimidate the Uchiha until he goes to his cocky fighting self.

"Thought that jutsu didn't work on you."

The answer he got was a forceful kick. Naruto grinned widely, pleased with himself to have constructed a nifty plan. A plan that might actually work.

A vein popped on Sasuke's temple. Did the blond boy just underestimate him for a stupid jutsu? Him. Fantasizing over perverted jutsus. I don't think so.

The Uchiha thought of a brilliant comeback. Surely, he didn't want to be a victim in this. His pride was on the line here. Witnessed by his teammate, his rival, his close friend, his… Wait. No need to get personal here. That goes for people who are expecting something. He is not going to reveal anything. Ever. Nothing. Nada. Wala. Iiya. Or in any language you want to translate nothing into.

Ok. Back to the brilliant comeback. This comeback will rock the very foundations of the world. It will dominate your every dream. A disastrous plague. A jawdropping response. And any exaggeration you want to place Uchiha Sasuke's reply. This is the moment all have been waiting for. And his reply is…

"Urusai, usuratonkachi."

Great. Sensational. You have just told him to shut up. Perfect. Just perfect. And you call yourself a genius.

It seems the Uchiha has gone astray in his chain of thoughts for a good comebackIt seems that Sasuke's thoughts clashed into each other and for lack of anything better, he got stuck with the two-word Japanese response.Sasuke's inner demons were no help either. They always have the right to be sarcastic and to point out what a fool you really are. Regardless to say, they didn't even contribute anything.

Naruto choked on his held back laugh, enjoying the two-worded Japanese response of the great Uchiha Sasuke. This would compose a grand proof that even guys like Sasuke could be brought down by a bunch of raging hormones. A triumphant blow from Naruto.

Naruto laughed hysterically. "Oh! It looks like Mr. In-Denial has nothing more to say."

Good. You really let the boy overwhelm you. Way to go, Uchiha.

Naruto mimicked his jutsu's voice. "Want me to massage you, Sasuke-kun?" And then he bursts into fits of laughter.

Another vein popped. Boss! Let's shave him.

No. That's why I'm not hitting him seriously. Remember?

But he's asking for it.

While Sasuke was undergoing a verbal argument with his demons, Naruto was aware that the Uchiha has popped yet another vein. Just one more insult and Sasuke will be in his aggressive, cocky self again. He will make this dodging training a sparring match. And all would be history.

"Or is Sasuke-chan chickening out on big, bad Naruto-nee-chan?" Naruto snickered at his statement. Then suddenly, he stopped. He sensed a dark aura emanating from somewhere. And it's a dangerous kind. A kind that might kill someone. Naruto turned reluctantly to Sasuke. At this point, Naruto wished that he got a better plan than this.

After what Naruto has said, the argument draws to a sudden close, passing off an inevitable verdict which sealed Naruto's fate. For yet another vein popped. Definitely, you'll know what will happen when three veins have popped. By now, the demons are celebrating their renounced victory.

Everything that followed was a blur. For Sasuke pounced on the helpless Naruto like a vicious tiger. I'm speaking metaphorically here. As if, I'll pass him as a savage beast. Nope. Never. Not in a million years. Anyway, Sasuke was on the verge of losing control. His anger took over his every sense.

He stopped when he realized the boy was already out cold. He poked his battered teammate, checking if he was still alive. After getting a positive result in his poking analysis, he panicked and dragged Naruto to the town's hospital.

Naruto spent a few days in the hospital. Tsunade told his team that he'll recover soon but his injuries will remain and there will be some signs of internal bleeding. That would explain the coughing. This news made the Uchiha worry most of the time and for the rest of the time, he dealt with his guilty conscience.

Right now, Sasuke was under the cozy shade of a tree, still reminiscing and pondering on his past actions. He glanced at Naruto who was talking animatedly with Sakura a few distances away. He can visibly see the boy's bandages. Another strike from the guilt department. He ought to do something, to atone his unforgivable sins. It will be his way of apologizing. And that is…

"Yo, Sasuke!" Sasuke nearly jumped out of his skin as Kakashi's face suddenly appeared in his line of sight. The Uchiha was practically out with his chain of thoughts for him not to notice Kakashi approaching.

"Ah! Sorry, Sasuke. I just came here to talk to you because you're really out of yourself lately since you had that rough training with Naruto." The jounin positioned himself beside Sasuke while reading Icha Icha Paradise.

Silence. Sasuke has no time for this.

"You know, you ought to do something rather than mope here all day."

Yup. Exactly the same thing Sasuke was thinking.

A few minutes of silence. Until Sasuke decided to break it. "Kakashi.." He didn't know where to start. He asked reservedly, "Ano.. What would you do if you were in my situation?"

"Hmm.. A simple apology would not be enough, regarding the agony he went through…"

Something faltered in Sasuke's spirit.

"Unless I do something for him. Something that will spark his interests."

A tinge of hope found its way to Sasuke's entire being. What would it be? Flowers? Chocolates? A candlelight dinner? Wait. We are talking about Naruto here. Not some fantasy from a hopelessly romantic girl. Sasuke hurriedly erased those options.

"And what would that be, Kakashi-sensei?"

Looks like he's in a major desperation. He even became respectful.

Kakashi chuckled at his remark. It seemed like Naruto had a good impact on the Uchiha.

"Well, I would let him, you know, ask for what he wants. Maybe something he dearly likes or maybe I'll do something special. Like a day off or something. But the most unique thing I'll do for him is to become his temporary genie. The one that grants wishes. Of course, I'm suggesting the possible ones. I can't offer him the moon or Mt. Fuji and all other impossible wishes."

Sasuke considered this for a moment. His options would be the temporary genie or he'll spend his days feeling guilty about himself. Finally. He chose the genie. I mean, how bad could it be? It could just be a dozen ramen or so. But who cares? He's rich, anyway.

"Fine. I'll do it."

The jounin couldn't believe his ears. "Really? Are you serious!"

"Shockingly, I couldn't believe I even considered it."

"I'm glad I helped you somehow. Now, off you go before you change your mind."

"I can't believe I'm also saying this but thanks, Kakashi." And with renewed spirit, Sasuke departed, hoping he was doing the right thing.

Kakashi looked at Sasuke's retreating figure.

I do believe that the plan has already been put into play.

A small smile sufficed underneath his mask and he continued to read from where he had left off.

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