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Your Wish is My Command

Chapter 2: The Persuasion/Grandpa's Request

"You're not serious, right?"

"I'm serious."

"Is this –"


"You can't be –"


"This is –"

"Believe it, dobe. Do you expect me to stand here all day trying to persuade you into this?"

Sasuke couldn't believe it. One minute, he was contemplating on how he would present his suggested apology to this overbearing blonde, which took him approximately a month of contemplation. And now, here he was, in front of a stupefied blond boy, rubbing his temples to calm himself.

"Oh?! And what would The Uchiha Sasuke, the ladies' man, men's man, man about town, benefit being my genie?"

Naruto asked - trying to be skeptical, that is. Those pride issues haven't escaped him just yet, but Sasuke being his temporary genie? That has to be something. Who would have thought that the plan might actually work? By now, the boy was drifting off towards roguish thoughts, gazing intensely at the said Uchiha.

For some reason, the Uchiha didn't know if the kitsune before him is the real one or not. It is clear that our beloved Uchiha Sasuke is a certified man candy, but who would expect that his teammate would act as one of his rabid fan girls. He shook his head. He must be dreaming. Though the idea somewhat brought his lips to form an amused smirk.

As if by inclination, Naruto paused, cleared his throat and averted his gaze elsewhere, embarrassed by his lack of self-control.

Nonetheless, the Uchiha took this opportunity to clarify his notion.

"First of all, I am not a genie. Genies are slaves that grant any of its master's three dumb wishes. And I am in no position to grant any of your own stupid ones. So there's nothing to be enthusiastic about. Secondly, let's just say, I'm a wealthy wish fulfiller who took pity on your petty existence and was driven by conscience to be charitable to your kind. Lastly, I don't intend on wasting my time trying to convince you to accept my humble offer. At least, my conscience is clear. It's a take it or leave it basis, dobe. So, do you accept or not?"

For a moment, Naruto didn't know if Sasuke's long speech was his way of desperate convincing or simply, insulting him. Since, one of Sasuke's superiority talks was putting intimidation on his every word, one might eventually be exasperated to the point of starting a comeback riposte. Be it in a sense of humiliation and embarrassment. Uchiha Sasuke HAS to pay!

"So, about my infinite wishes?"

Naruto countered mockingly. If he was going to have this opportunity to his advantage, he might as well enjoy it. Besides, who forced him to approve of this?

Sasuke was battling down an upcoming temper. Surely this is what the blonde wants: to lose his cool and use vicious means of physical force sponsored by killer outbursts.

Calm down, Sasuke. You don't want another load of bankruptcy and guilt. Especially to this ramen machine! Just get this over and done with.

"Don't you even think that I will sink to your level just to fulfill your senseless wishes?" Sasuke replied calmly, trying hard to compose himself.

Naruto grinned. "Well, we can make it possible. Besides, who said that he's not a genie who grants three of his master's wishes? Does that mean I got unlimited wishes?"

Sasuke glared at the kitsune's smug look. "Okay! I give up." He shrugged and pretends to walk away. He will let the blonde taste his own medicine.

One.. Two.. Three..


He smirked inwardly and faced the boy. His eyebrow arched.

"How about a hundred?" With an appealing, cerulean orbs that pleads in a cute –no, attractive manner.

Sasuke was taken aback. He suddenly got this urge to be lost on those alluring eyes. But that might actually lead to –

He mentally smacks himself. Would you get a grip, Sasuke?! No time for gawking at somebody's feature.

He shifted his gaze away from those orbs while suppressing a warm sensation that threatens to dominate his cheeks. "I think I'll –"

"How about fifty?"




"Ten?!" Naruto exclaimed desperately.

"I already told you that I –"

"Yosh! Five, it is then." He said as he thrust a sheet of paper to the Uchiha and then whoops around like a loose dog.

The stunned Uchiha was left with a quivering stare at the hyperactive youth. Naruto's abrupt change of attitude perplexed the genius. Statistics says that a genius devoid of emotions usually ends up mystified by the unfathomability of human emotions.

Sasuke shrugged the thought off. It's definitely normal to admire someone's appearance once in a while, right? He's still human, anyway. Dismissing the thought completely, he directed his attention unto the list the boy gave him.

It read:

'Sasuke's Wish Fulfilling Tasks'

1. Concluding Secret

2. Yummy Worms

3. Blossoming Cherry

4. Ultimate Prank

5. Grandpa's Request

He regarded the list thoroughly. Most of the items listed were utter nonsense and requires a lot of questioning to do. Surely there's something fishy about this.

"Wait. Yummy Worms? Don't tell me you're in the middle of a monetary crisis."

"What?!" Naruto glanced over his shoulder. "Oh! Disgusting as it sounds, it is my favorite! You'll see." The boy gave him a grin that brought shivers down his spine. He's got a bad feeling about this. Since when did the boy take interest on dubious, exotic cuisine instead of his cherished ramen?

"Five wishes… You really assume that I will approve of this?!"

Naruto pouted at him. "Well, you're quite predictable. And it also took me a night's sleep just to think of those titles."

"And what if I don't?" Sasuke dared.

Now, it's Naruto's turn to be battling a rising temper. He will certainly convince Sasuke to take this. He will make this plan work. He will conquer all odds. He will –

"Ugh! Ah! Itai! Ow!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

Clutching his stomach, Naruto put on his acting skill as he yelled in pain. "Ahhhhh! The PAIN!"

He coughs and placed his hand over his head in a distressed manner. "The A-GO-NY!" He peeks over to the Uchiha to confirm if his acting was working.

Sasuke choked down a laugh. Clearly, you don't have to be so smart to figure out that this was an act. Take note, the kitsune is as good as new. Since a month has taken the Uchiha to atone himself, Naruto recovered from his rough assault. Still, the boy insists that he can still feel muscle pains and a stinging pain in his stomach. Another one of his feeble excuse, the Uchiha thought.

Sasuke sighed and smirked. "I guess it can't be helped. I accept."

"Really?! Yatta!" While putting his arm around the Uchiha's shoulder. "I know you can't resist me."

The Uchiha narrowed his eyes at the boy. "Obviously you're gonna wind up acting again. And I'll appreciate it if you stop touching me since I saved you from a melodramatic disorder called dramatics."

"Sheesh, Sasuke! You should get yourself checked up. And it's what they always say: a quick temper is a sign of nutrition deficiencies. No wonder you're so...radiant."

"And that leads us where?"

"Patience, Sasuke. We'll start with my wish list momentarily."

"How do we start with this list?"

"We'll start from the bottom to the top."

Sasuke looked at the list again and frowned. "'Grandpa's Request?' I thought you don't have relatives?"

"C'mon. It doesn't necessarily mean that he's related to me."

"Are you gonna fill me in, dobe?"

"Yup, after I teach you a jutsu that goes with it." Naruto said slyly.


"No way!"

Sasuke gaped as he took on his surroundings. Naruto's GOT to be kidding. I mean. How could an Uchiha like him go into this sort of place? Not that it's a taboo to be here since you'll need to come here once in a while. But it's wrong. It's not on his status to be here. Specifically no one on his right mind might actually go to THIS place.

With the exception of Jiraiya and any other perverted shinobis, nobody would even consider the thought of going here OFTEN. Before I stock you with sensual possibilities, the location I was referring to was no other than a shop for underclothing.

The prodigy was greatly aware that it's with great necessity that everyone SHOULD own any kind of undergarment. Unless you want to go out in public, having a feeling of… incompleteness. What the Uchiha couldn't perceive is to why there is a need for them to be here. Probably the blonde was broke and doesn't have the cash to buy himself a pair of boxers or something.

Whatever the reason is, he couldn't help but to turn to the kitsune for reassurance. And to his utter dismay, he received a stupid, huge grin of his that no other man can beat. When did browsing for undergarments make him uneasy?

"Yup, this is it," was Naruto's reply, as if reading the Uchiha's thoughts.

"Explain to me one thing. Did Jiraiya have you into this?"

Naruto tittered sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "I didn't know you're psychic."

Sasuke rolled his eye. "I knew it. Since you're gullible enough to fall for it."

The kitsune scowled at him. "It's not that I fell for it. Ero-sennin started to have this idea of putting up a shop to promote Icha Icha Paradise. And the shop he thought about was underwear because… I don't know… I guess he likes underwear – a lot. To advertise his shop, he's going to hold a fashion show for… you know… the garments. So, he asked everyone willing to be a model. Unfortunately, everyone turned it down. So.. well, since he's my shishou, he made a deal with me that I model his products in exchange for cool, new jutsus. I don't have much choice."

"And you purposely dragged me into this?!" Sasuke snapped indignantly.

The blonde shrugged smugly. "Not really. Your timing was good enough."

"Is that so?!" Simultaneous veins popped at the Uchiha's head. "And what the hell do you call that mob right outside the store?!"

Oh. I forgot to tell you. The store was surrounded with a variety of fans, known shinobis, ad agencies, hopeless wannabes, the media, spectators, villagers, old, young, men, women, boy, girl, gender-confused, mentally challenged and any collection of society you could think of. Chatters of unsuppressed excitement, squeals of anticipating fangirls, schmooze of the said event, persistent calls of peddlers, urgent reports from stern news reporters, continuous bicker of the mentally challenged considering the shop's tangibility: whether it's an ice cream shop or a candy store, groans and protests of the event's massive audience, and the thunderous roar of aircrafts in the distance filled the air of the whole vicinity. Something Sasuke found to his annoyance.

"Ha! Ha! Very funny, Sasuke," Naruto snorted, "they come to see the show, of course."

But the sight of an enraged, oblivious Uchiha was not to be crossed with – yet again, for this matter or he'll end up having another round of hospital bills and body pains. Not a good idea the second time around. Instead, he resorted to stack the prodigy with the event's proceedings.

"Don't tell me you haven't seen the show's poster around town." He pulled out a folded glossy paper in his pocket and with a smirk, handed it to the fuming Uchiha.

The next thing our prodigy saw was so traumatizing that he himself was lost for words. He was totally duped, duped by an overbearing blonde. Why? Of all the blondes out there, why should it be him? Why?

"My… virility… is ruined…" He stared blankly at the poster as if he tasted Lee's favored curry. Nothing but an indescribable shock was plastered on his usually calm face, frozen solid on the spot.

"Be thankful it's still attached to you, teme." The kitsune scoffed at the mere remark of his teammate. It couldn't be that bad. He already showed up like that countless of times in front of anybody, especially the perverted hermit. But the mere sight of a deeply disturbed Uchiha with an unusual shock expression forces the blonde to be more compassionate.

"C'mon, it can't be that bad. You even mastered it on your first try. Believe it or not, it took me three days just to perfect that jutsu. Konohamaru even had to go to the women's bathhouse just to make it right." Naruto snickered at his sudden recollection of his kohai's attempt of his jutsu. Not a pretty sight, mind you. "And," he inched closer at the Uchiha with smugly squinted eyes and slyly whispered, "I didn't know you're perverted than I am."

A sudden blast of warm breath penetrated through the thick ice foundation of the frozen Uchiha, tickling his ear. The breath intrusion somewhat triggered something within the prodigy causing him to come back to his senses and miraculously rocketed him 5 feet away from the blonde, flustered and out of breath.

Is my breath really that powerful?!

Naruto thought as a lone bead of sweat slid down his arched brow.

"Because you keep on pestering me to try it, usaratonkachi!"

"Don't tell me you're chickening out for some stunning jutsu. It's your fault for not asking the details of my wish titles and you willingly agreed already. It's like what they always say. Do not judge a book by its cover because it's not a book, teme!"

Technically correct though.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as Naruto continued to deliver his encouragement.

"Sheesh! It's only a few skimpy clothes and a little bit of skin but nothing too flashy or daring that could further endanger your "virility". From now on, swallow up your pride and be a man for once in a while."

That goes for someone who deliberately reveals his pride.

The Uchiha couldn't help a few irritated twitches to dominate his facial features.

"Don't worry; you will not die for wearing corsets and some kinky stuff. And I'll be your emotional support since we're tackling this together. So…"

The blonde pointed a finger at the prodigy with determined look on his eyes.

"Genie! I wish for you to accompany me to make this show a success."

Sasuke was taken aback. So this whole genie solution is my only option, huh?! He matched the kitsune's unwavering look and smirked.

Can't be helped. I gave him my word already.

"I, Uchiha Sasuke, will hold true to his word," he curtsied in a princely manner and continued," Your wish is my command, master."

I did it! I can't believe I did it!

He lowered down his hand and prevented a film of liquid to form at his cerulean eyes. Instead, gave the Uchiha a nod and a smile. "Let's do our best, Sasuke."

"Okay! With all this sorted out, let's get down to business before our mob-like audience ransack us. Better put these on, you two," chirped a silver haired jounin while obliviously blowing down a whole drama mood between the two by appearing out of nowhere and handing them their costumes.

Sasuke was first to recover by the abrupt apparition of their sensei. "Kakashi! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!" while pointing an accused finger at the said jounin.

"How rude. I'm the show's manager. Any die hard fan of the book would never miss the chance to manage such an extraordinary event. Oh, the cleverness of Jiraiya-sama!," the jounin paused as he started to become teary-eyed, earning him weirded out smile from his students. "Well enough about that, hurry and transform now before we get mobbed."

And urge the two to their dressing rooms.

For a moment there, the kitsune flashed a knowing grin at Kakashi and receiving a wink in return as the door closed behind the blonde.

Plan experimentation complete, huh..

The jounin smirked and opted to calm their anticipating audience.


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