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The steady beeping of the heart monitor rang in her ears, gradually getting louder, taunting her continuously. It was her fault. No matter what they all said, they knew it was her fault. Blaise was dead. Rachel was in a near death coma. And it was all because she was so stupid and driven to be the one to dish out one last serve of revenge.

"Steff." The soon to be fourteen year old jolted and looked at the doorway, her emerald eyes holding their usual coldness. Jared sighed at the sight of the girl. Her dark chocolate brown hair was matted with sweat and blood. Her face had smudges of dirt and cuts on it as well as some blood stains. Her black shirt and pants were torn and like the rest of her body, flecked with blood. Her arms and feet revealed bruises and cuts, her left ankle was sprained.

"Is there a chance?" she asked quietly, her eyes flickering back to the comatose child, her usually icy tone overwhelmed with guilt and torment. "There's a chance isn't there Jared? And then we can-"

"Stephanie, I know of an illegal drug that can save-"

"Then what about it? We have the money, I can-"

"Stephanie, shut up and listen to me," Jared snarled, his crystal greyish blue eyes flickering with sadness and anger. "This cure comes with a price and it's not only money. Stephanie…this drug will wipe her emotional memory. She won't know you, Tyler, Chase; she'll forget Blaise's death, her past with her family…everything. And what's more is that if I use this drug…I'm sending her away so that she doesn't remember it."

"But…" The fourteen year old fell silent, her emerald eyes going blank and dulling. They flickered over to the heart monitor once and again and then to the nine year old on the bed. "Jared…is there...there any other-"

"I told you, it could save her, but comes at a price. The others want you to make this decision."


"Steff. Listen. Let me give her the drug. Give her up. Let her have a normal life, have what we all wanted, give her a shot at living like a normal kid. Give her a childhood." Jared ran a hair through his dirty blonde hair.

"Who are we gonna send her to then…"

"Chase has a brother. The one he hates, yes, but he knows that Kai will looks after her. She'll be in good hands. And they have an international school there, with a cross country team, music facilities. CC, they'll look after her. It's a promise."

The decision weighed her down, the guilt racking her soul, the pain of losing a temporary little sister eating away at her mind. She uttered two words that will change her life forever.

"Do it."

Chase Hiwatari's crimson eyes locked up with his twin brother's as he handed over the unconscious girl to the other teen. Kai glared back at his brother, both of them taking up the challenge for the glaring competition.

"Kai…it's generally polite to reassure people that we'll look after her properly," Ray Kon offered tiredly, his golden orbs looking at the small Chinese girl that was currently being held bridal style in the slate haired Russian's arms.

"We'll look after her properly," Kai listed off dully, shifting the girl gently. He glared at Tala Valkov, who was snickering in the background. "We will and if Tala doesn't grow up, we'll send him back to preschool."

"You'd better look after her properly, or we'll all hunt you down and kill you," Tyler Downer warned, his auburn eyes drilling through the other males standing next to the cab. "And make sure that she brushes her teeth-"

"Eats properly," Tom Kinomaya interjected.

"Does sport at least three times a week," Cedric Henderson put in.

"Gets good grades," Steff tossed in.

"Finds a guy who'll treat her right," Piper Sullivan kidded.

"And enjoys life," Matt Kamiya finished, the rest of them nodding. Kai nodded coolly, getting into the car, cradling the girl as Ozuma, Tala, Ray and Miguel all got in as well. As the cab drove off, Steff watched as the nine year old was taken to a new life. A new beginning. A new start.

"We'll see her again, you know that right?" Tyler mumbled as Steff's eyes glazed over. Steff nodded, refusing to let the tears fall. "I promise ya Steffie, someday…"

"Don't call me Steffie," she said thickly, falling into his arms for a hug.

Four months later…

Ray yawned tiredly as he sat up from his bed, dragging himself into the bathroom and proceeded to get himself prepared for the day. He hummed a lazy tune to himself as he tugged on his school pants, thinking about what extra curriculum he was sentenced to attend for that day.

His humming turned to a yelp when he heard a loud distressed squeak of surprise coming from the door coming from the hallway. He slowly turned and saw the petrified nine year old Chinese-Asian, whose near black brown eyes were widened in shock and terror.

"Rachel?" he tried gently. The nine year old nodded slowly. "Rach? You o-"

"C-c-can you p-p-please put on a s-s-shirt?" she squeaked out nervously, burying her face into the white school blouse in her arms. Ray held back his snickers of laughter and tugged on his school shirt, leaving the girl to the bathroom.

"I think I'll get Ozuma to send ya to school this morning eh?" he offered as he bypassed her, quickly ruffling her hair affectionately and then heading down for breakfast. When he entered into the kitchen, he shook his head and chuckled.

The next nine years of looking after her don't seem that gloomy…in fact, they seem rather entertaining at this very moment…

Three years later…

"GET UP NOW PHOENIX!" Kai Hiwatari roared, knocking on the twelve year old's room door furiously. "UP UP UP!"

"Whoa…someone's having a crap morning," Miguel mumbled as he practically dragged himself downstairs. When he passed by Tala on the stairs, he gave the redhead a painful grin. "Pissed and irritated Kai on wake up call."

"Got ya," Tala groaned, heading over to the girl's room, banging the door as well. "MOVE IT NOW PHOENIX!" The two Russians proceeded to threat, bribe and blackmail the girl, getting no answer.

"IF YOU GET A DETENTION FOR BEING LATE, DON'T BLAME US!" Kai shouted wrathfully, heading downstairs and into the kitchen, Tala behind him. The two of them headed over to the coffee and after pouring a cup each for themselves and then, Kai turned to the table.

And dropped his mug.

Spilling hot coffee over his pants.

"Morning!" the Chinese-Asian offered brightly, tossing them a cheerfully smiling, tying back her shiny raven black hair. "Beautiful day isn't it?"

"I AM GOING TO GET YOU GOOD!" Kai snarled, chasing the girl into the living room. Rachel cackled evilly and escaped through the backdoor, running all the way around to the front and diving into the front seat of Ray's car, grinning to the golden eyed Chinese.

"See you later Kai!" she shouted out of the window, waving to the Russian, who was screaming obscenities at her. Ray chuckled and continued his driving. 'What's so funny?"

"You're always gonna be a kid at heart," he mumbled, smiling at the girl warmly. "Don't get into trouble at school today."

"Who, me?" she retorted innocently, grinning maniacally. "And Ray, someday, I'm gonna grow up and I'll leave you boys to all shrivel up and die." When he pulled over, he reached into the backseat, handing her the black schoolbag then turning to his old habit and ruffling her hair up. "Hey, I just-"

"Have a nice day sweetie," he mocked as she got out of the car, running to the gates. His eyes widen slightly at the shortness of her skirt. He didn't want any boys chasing after Rachel or harassing her. "AND I'M CALLING SOMEONE TO TAKE DOWN THE HEM IN YOUR SKIRT!" he yelled out after her.

"YOU SICK MONSTER!" she called over her shoulder, running through the gates.

"ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR YOU HONEY!" In his mind, he mentally made a note to ask Miguel whether he knew how to unpick skirt hems. As Ray drove off, heading to his school, he chuckled to himself. Their little girl was growing up…

"Morning Ray!" Holly Tate chirped cheerfully as Ray exited from his car. He smiled at his girlfriend, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading up to the school. Last year of high school…finally…

"Hey Kon, did she get to school on time?" Miguel shouted from his car. Ray looked over his shoulder and grinned.

"Can you unpick skirt hems?"

"I've always been one for new experiences!" From his car, Ozuma choked. Poor Rachel and her school skirt…

Emerald orbs scanned through the text on the laptop screen, before the slender fingers typed in more codes, the screen coming up with more information. A cold smirk came to the girl's pretty face as she saw what information was coming up.

I guess this is how easy it is to get info when you're an ex-assassin…

"Kisato…" she mumbled inquiringly, looking at the name. "I never knew that we had connections…"

Kisato, Mike – deceased – husband to Cassandra Casovana – credited to Cassandra Casovana, Jack Michelson and Caroline Casovana (Cander) – Militia – Elite

The emerald orbs flashed with coldness as the familiar name was revealed before her. The Kisatos were powerful and were ruthless. They lusted for blood and revenge. They were cold and they were cruel.

Casovana, Cassandra – deceased – wife to Mike Kisato – credited to Caroline Casovana (Cander) – Aurora – Elite

"Mother…you killed…" she whispered softly, looking at her aunt's name then at her mother's. "Why…"

Casovana, Caroline – living – sister to Cassandra Casovana – wife to Boyd Cander – guardian to Chiya Kisato – Aurora – Elite

Cander, Boyd – living – husband to Caroline Casovana - guardian to Chiya Kisato – Trinity – Elite

Kisato, Chiya – daughter of Cassandra Casovana and Mike Kisato – goddaughter to Jack Michelson – parents deceased – living with godfather – under guardian ship of Boyd Cander and Caroline Casovana (Cander) – cousin to Stephanie Cander

Cander, Stephanie – daughter of Caroline Casovana (Cander) and Boyd Cander – cousin to Chiya Kisato – ex-student of Militia – Advanced A13

Confusion washed over the emerald eyed girl as the name Chiya Kisato came b

Chiya…Kisato…what the hell? I have…another cousin?

"And she's a Kisato," the girl murmured, her eyes taking in the information displayed before her eyes. "So, they must-"

"Hey, Steff, you call that five minutes? More like ten minutes, and fifty six, oops, you mean seven seconds!" Tyler drawled out, his auburn eyes locking up with the seventeen year old's emerald ones. "You spacing on us again?"

"In your sick, lustful dreams," the girl taunted back to the auburn eyed male, logging off the computer, picking up her books and following the male out of the computer lab. But her mind still lingered on her family, more specifically, her connection to the Kisatos, more pointedly, Chiya Kisato.

Chiya Kisato huh? Guess she's gonna learn what it means to have that last name. Her eyes flickered over to the male walking besides her and she smiled slightly. But for now…she was just going to go to lunch. And try and pretend that she was a normal teenager.

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