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Chapter 1: A Knack for Miscommunication

We seem to have a knack for miscommunication,
That stabbed us in the back this time…

I'm standing on a bridge, looking at the water, staring at the ripples, trying to find an answer. Here, I could end this pain, just take a few steps forward, I'd plunge into the icy cold water, I'd drown, and then I'd die. The cars beneath me were rushing by, sometimes horning, sometimes speeding. The drivers seemed to be hurried tonight. And I had to move before I was found as well.

I used to be able to smile and laugh. But now…I kinda feel empty. I lost a lot over the last few days. My name is Stephanie Caroline Cander. Believe it or not, this might be my last night on earth. The question is: what type of life caused me to come to this?

"Miss Cander and Mr Downer, two weeks ago at the start of the school term, I recall giving you both a few sheets of paper that outlined the mathematics syllabus for this term. And did you by any chance at all look those papers?"

I looked at Tyler, smirking at the fuming expression on Miss Felton's face. It was priceless to be honest. We've been playing dots all lesson, after all, dots include numbers and numbers are related to maths and maths is the lesson right?

Right! And that gives us a reason to not be served a week of detention. Tyler smirked as well as we both turned back to our fuming teacher, whom at the moment looked as though she was about to snatch Tyler's biro from his hand and stab us to our bloodied death right in front of about twenty some other witnesses.

Although, I really don't think she should do so, after all, she'd have to kill everyone else to get away with murder, seeing that they are live witnesses and all…god, I really need to stop staying up late to watch NCIS…haha, but it is so worth it.

"Miss Cander? Mr Downer? Did you look at those papers?"

"Yes," we answered, our voices unified.

"In fact, how can dots not be related to the syllabus?" I asked silkily, scanning the nails on my left hand, tilting my hand slightly to see whether the nail varnish I had removed had come off completely. Yes! I can use nail polish remover properly! So in your face Ty!

"After all, in order to get one square, you need four lines. I do recall that numbers are a necessary part of a mathematics syllabus if I am not mistaken," Tyler drawled calmly, his auburn eyes lighting up with mischief. I refrained from rolling my eyes at the amount of emphasis he used to underline his points in the sentence.

My emerald eyes slid over to Miss Felton, one of my eyebrows slowly rising, my expression turning expectant as everyone in the class watched her. She narrowed her eyes, her expression turning sour. My smirk grew more triumphant.

We won. In front of witnesses as well. Seriously, I do need to break my addiction to NCIS.

"Detention Mr Downer and Miss Cander, for the rest of the week," Miss Felton snipped out tetchily, glaring at the two of us. Disbelief took hold of Tyler's and my expression. What the hell is wrong with her? We just proved that we–

"Excuse me, but-"

"Mr Downer, might I remind you that you and Miss Cander have been last three times in a row this week; these detentions are for your tardies; I suggest you both keep track of the time and know when to leave the broom closet." She stalked back to her desk out front, as I gapped at her, fury etching onto my features.

Oh…that bitch is going to die! A very slow and painful death! She will die! NOW! In my mind, I picture stabbing the evil Felton bitch to death with a thousand biros, giving her a thousand years of pain(1)…then I'd drown her in kerosene and then light the liquid on fire…and then I'll put the fire in the freezer…and then burn the freezer!

Oh, yeah, I am an evil child.

I guess that's kinda what you get, after living on the streets as a child. You get all these insane torture ideas that a purely sadistic and painful, but you can't be arsed to put yourself to digging deeper into them.

"Broom closest huh? I think we should take up that idea," Tyler drawled, his smirk now being aimed at me, taunting with his every word. Oooh, you were going to die Tyler Kaleb Downer, you and your stupid good looks and god like body and tanned skinned and gorgeous auburn eyes and—

WHAT THE HELL! Okay, okay, okay, okay! I did not just think that line of thought. No, Ty's my best friend; you don't just throw those words around in your mind. That's just what you don't do!

"Steff?" I looked at him inquiringly, using a slight nod to gesture that he should continue what he started. "You're biting on your pen." I raised an eyebrow, as though to as him to explain. "What are you thinking?" My eyes flickered to my right hand, which held my pen in my hand, me nibbling on the top of it. My nose wrinkled slightly in disgust as I took the stationary from my mouth, making a show of gagging.

It was an awful habit; I'd unconsciously move my pen to my mouth, nibbling on it lightly. That is, only when I'm thinking very deeply like that. Tyler's been a friend to me long enough to pick that up.

"Uh, about how-"

"Oh and I win the game," he cut in cheekily, quickly finishing his square, me throwing him a filthy glare. Then we realised that the entire classroom was silent. Through the entire time we have been talking.

"MUST YOU TWO ALWAYS DISRUPT MY CLASS!" You gotta love the reaction of a teacher whenever you speak out of turn in class.

An exasperated sigh leave my lips as I switched my maths and biology book for a history book and sketch book. Seriously, I was so looking forward to the three hour detention I had after school. Other commitments my ass…

I ended up with double detention, thanks to Kai Hiwatari and Willow Tate. Tyler and I were innocently doing our work, the rest of the class doing the same, and the usual amount of chatter surrounding the classroom, until the Supreme Rulers of the School burst out in laughter.

And before I go on, who are the Supreme Rulers of the School? Well, the Supreme Rulers of the School is a small society that reigns within Clayton American International High, the society being made up with the elite and popular. Four of them, two males, two female, literally has the school under their command.

First off, we have Kai Hiwatari, two toned slate haired Russian-Japanese with crimson eyes and a drool worthy god-like body. I gave up denying he was hot years ago, but it doesn't mean I can't hate him. He's an arrogant player who has almost every girl dying to go out with him. He's no idiot, that's for sure; he's one of the top students within the school.

I can't stand his arrogance, I really just can't stand how he walks over any girl and what I cannot stand even more is that he's Chase's twin. Yep, Chase Hiwatari, one of my best friends back in LA.

Chase and Kai hate each other till the end of the earth, hell, I mean; their sibling rivalry would send even Satan running for the hills, begging for mercy! Seriously, I have never seen them fight, but from how Chase curses at his brother everyday, he obviously hates him more than anything else.

Not that I blame the guy, after all, Kai is apparently the reason why he was sent packing to boarding school at the age of ten.

Enough about the egotistical blue haired bastard, and now onto the arrogant redheaded son of a bitch: Tala Valkov.

Ah…where do I start? His icy azure eyes? Deep crimson red hair? Another godlike body? Smarts? Hell, he's an asshole and I hate him to hell. Either way, Tala Valkov deserves to burn in hell. It's not because he's a womaniser, it's because he takes advantage of everything he can.

Next on, we have Willow Tate. Seriously, this girl and I do not get along. According to half the males in the school, she has a perfect body for a girl, slim, curvy, whatever the hell they said. Do you really think I can be bothered to listen?

Her forest green eyes were always displaying what she felt, anger, sad; gives me an advantage whenever we argue. She used to have long raven hair that reached the small of her back, but she decided to cut it to about four inches over her shoulders.

Why do I hate her so much? On my first day in of middle school, we got into an argument that literally decided my fate for the rest of my years as a student. It was on her turf, the odds were way too high for me.

And finally, Mirror Chang, Miss Everything-A-Girl-Should-Be at the moment, with her position as Kai Hiwatari's girl friend. She's got a perfect body, with a perfect face; cherry pink eyes, to be honest, I kinda had to admit she has cool eyes. And her hair was jet black with neon orange streaks, she's the first person I've seen pull that off.

She's a psycho, she's wacky, random and outgoing, as well as a rebel. I hated how she could get away with being so utterly random. She hated my apparent 'Ice Princess' attitude. Tch…Whatever…this where I cough…retard…and I cough here again…

They aren't the only people within the Rulers, but they can get anyone in the school to do their bidding whenever they want, wherever they want and however they want. It was because of them I've got a reputation to be an Ice Princess and they managed to somehow get it around that Tyler and I were going out.

Which we weren't.

Actually, Tyler and me being together is what we got landed in detention for. Maths, the laughter and then Willow's sneer about me and Tyler spending too much time in detention looks suss and that we could be using it as make out time…

Then I socked her in the jaw, then Kai commenting how messy my blouse looked when I came to class and how Tyler must have gotten it on very heavy with me. Yeah…sock in the jaw for him as well…

I sure as hell wasn't on their Christmas present list, that's definite. And I don't think my detention record is looking so good for my year eleven year. No, definitely not.

When I felt Tyler blow lightly on the back of my neck, I started slightly, whirling around, glaring at him heatedly, my history book raised up warningly. He grinned back in response, taking me around my waist and pulling me closer.

"I wanna skip," he murmured to my ear as I relaxed into him. I rolled my eyes. So did I but did it look like I can be assed to do so after getting double detention?








"Told ya they're going out." Tyler and I turned, our eyes narrowed in glares, aiming our death glare at Kara Hiwatari. She rolled her eyes and continued heading off to our art class with her boyfriend Max Tate.

To be honest, I admit they're decent. Nicer than Willow and Kai in my opinion. But sometimes…I really just wanted to strangle her and poke out Max's gorgeous blue eyes.

"Let's skip," I snarled, dragging Tyler out by the collar of his shirt, him gagging at the sudden tightness around his shirt collar. If he doesn't quit being such a baby…I'll tighten it even more and choke him to death…

As we headed down to the basketball courts, I saw two figures playing against each other. My eyes watched as one of them did a shot from halfway down the court. My eyes widened in awe as the ball went through the net. Only one person could do that and that person was all the way back in LA.

"CC, Ty, s'up?" The two of us looked at the black haired boy, smirking as he leaned against the goalpost lazily.





"What the hell-"

"Told ya they didn't want to see ya," Matt drawled, walking to stand by Chase. I was gapping at them rather stupidly. Tyler seemed to have found his voice and glared at them.

"Explain why didn't you-"

"Aw, come on, surprise is the-" Chase was cut off by the loud wail of the fire siren. That genius! Matt smirked and allowed me to drag him and Chase to the oval, Tyler following us. So…we just skipped art, and Chase managed to rig the fire alarm.

What a wonderful world…

"Please tell me I'm hallucinating and it's just me," Kai announced flatly, crimson eyes drilling into the smirking form of Chase Hiwatari. Now…showdown or no showdown? God damn it Chase, MAKE IT A FRICKING SHOWDOWN!

"I really hate to break this to you, but it's not just you!" Max spat, glaring at the sapphire eyed teen next to Tyler. I looked at Matt questioningly, only to get his trademark smirk back in return.

"Poor little Maxie, can't take it that your older brother is here now?" Matt drawled, getting glares from Willow and Holly. Kara was looking at Chase in shock, as though she might faint any minute.

Surprise much?

"Older brother my-"

"Max, Max, Max, calm down, after all, you might break a nail out of a fit of fury," I purred, smiling dangerously. Willow's forest green eyes narrowed violently and I smirked at her fury. It was the best way to get to her. Family has always been her weakness.


"Bitch? She's a true ice bitch at heart and knows it; you think that will affect her?" Chase asked in disbelief, looking at me, as though appalled. Okay, so what if I forced myself to play it down for a few years or so?

"I can't believe you, how could you do this to us!" Matt mocked, draping an arm around my shoulder, pulling me close. "After all, we're got reputations to hold up my dear CC!"

"C…C?" Holly asked, raising an eyebrow sceptically, confusion taking over her innocently pretty face. How much I really hated how utterly innocent she could be…she literally could have people eating out of her palms to that innocence…

"Nickname," Tyler threw in messily. "So, Chase, Matt, how-"

"BASTARD!" I was roughly pulled back by Tyler and Matt as Chase and Kai soon were brawling on the ground, trying to beat the shit out of each other. From the looks of it…they're both losing. Badly.

'Idiot," Matt muttered darkly, rolling his eyes as the violent swearing and shouting coming from the two Hiwataris. People started crowding around, yelling at them to fight. Willow glared at Matt, Matt smirked, I looked at him questioningly and then narrowed my eyes.

Why would Willow and—

"Sister dearest, how's darling daddy?" Matt drawled out coldly, his sapphire eyes turning hard and hidden. My eyes widened in shock. Sister. Daddy.


"Shut up you lousy piece of a mistake," Max spat, his blue eyes flashing. Matt smirked and looked at me and Tyler.

"Half siblings…they can be such a-"

"SHUT UP YOU BASTARD!" Willow snarled, coming over and throwing a punch at Matt, which he caught deftly. Oh dear…Matt's probably been training hard. He always does.

"Sister dearest, is it a fight you wish for?" he purred, his gripped around her wrist tightening. Willow glared at him, a hateful fire burning her forest green eyes. I gapped at Matt when I heard a snap. He just broke her left wrist.

Matthew Gregory Kamiya, eighteen year old lone wolf, just broke Willow Tate's left wrist with only one hand and did it very calmly. And Willow didn't even stop him. Well, technically, she couldn't have because none of us would really suspect Matt to break her wrist like that.

But either ways, HE'S STILL THE COLD JERK WE LEFT BACK IN LA! Whoo! He hasn't changed.

"Hey Matt, technically, when you introduce yourself and shake hands, you don't aim to break the other person's wrist," Tyler kidded, getting a snicker out of me. Willow's glare at him was intensifying at about ten thousand hate bolts per millisecond.

In other words, god, she must really hate Matt.

Which is fine by us.

In fact, when did I ever care?

Oh well.

"Bitch," Willow snarled at me. "If it weren't for you, they wouldn't be here! You know, I-"

"Don't pull Steff into your own issues Tate," Matt interrupted coldly, looking at Max, as though daring him to interfere and hit him for breaking Willow's wrist. Which, by the way, was exactly what Max Tate did.

Within a time span of half a minute, there was soon a huge pile of people shouting, punching, shoving and whatever. And joy to me…I was in that crowd…

That was, until the vice principal screeched at us to stop, which we did, due to the fact that we valued our eardrums more highly than our pride.

Either ways, I say that fighting's a great form of exercise and a brilliant way to vent out rage. Fighting, against the school rules? Since when?

"Mr Hiwatari and Mr Tate-"

"Kamiya," Matt interrupted, glaring at Miss Hampshire. She was our vice principal, about thirty something years old; she was some rich brat, that was packed off to boarding school years ago. And this is the end result. An uptight, rule abiding bitch.

Yeah, good on her for being like that, while we poor teenagers, the next generation, has to suffer under her. Come on, this is illegal! Child abuse! Violence against teenagers, the world says no!(2)

But then again…when did the world listen to the law?

"Fine! Mr Hiwatari and Mr Kamiya, within your first hour of being students in Clayton American International High, you have already rigged a fire alarm, gotten yourself into a fight and are in a situation where you could be-"

"Suspended? So for screwing up, you reward us with time out of school? God, I think I'm gonna like it here," Chase drawled, tilting his chair back into its hind two legs. Kai, Willow, Max and Tala were fuming, glaring at myself, Tyler, Matt and Chase, while Miss Hampshire started on a rant about student not respecting their elders, etcetera, etcetera and all that other crap along those lines.

Seriously, I know that she wants to punish us, but isn't this a bit too harsh a punishment, being stuck in an office, listening to her rant about the amount of respect students are giving the authority figures in today's society?

I looked over at Tala, who looked as though he was about to stand up and whack the Hamper over the head with his chair, beating her repetitively until she died from a blood clot or something along those lines.

Kai looked as though he was about to beat the hell out of Chase. Again. The two Hiwatari twins were covered in bruises, but funnily enough, neither of them got a black eye or nosebleed. Lovely.

Matt, Max and Willow were holding their little glare contest, Willow and Max VS Matt. Of course Matt would win, his glares are seriously something. I was sitting next to Tyler, rapidly getting even more bored, twenty million bored-gigs per seconds.

Ty is just staring at the ground, pretending that he's listening to the Hamper when he's really not.

"My verdict is that Miss Cander will serve one week of detention and-"

"Wait, how come the Ice Princess gets only one week! Is she that much of a Princess that she gets let off on-"

"Miss Tate, her record is much cleaner than yours and if you hadn't-"

"Hey Tate, why don't you use your mouth for something other than yapping off about things?" Chase drawled, standing up and heading out of the room. "Ask Kai for my number." Okay, I'm gonna kill that bastard.

"Wha-that fucking asshole!" she snarled, getting up, only to get forced back into her chair by Kai and Max. Matt sighed and looked at me and Tyler.

"You guys alright? You're idiots for-"

"Hey, if we let you go into the fight alone, we wouldn't be any good as moral support would we?" I whispered back to him, smiling slightly, getting a very small rare smile from Matt.

"And besides, we wanted some drama and action," Tyler added, smirking, getting a smirk out of myself and Matt as well. Damn, he's right.

"Mr Kamiya and Mr Tate will serve two weeks of detention; Mr Valkov and Mr Downer are in for three weeks and Miss Tate and both Mr Hiwataris will serve a month," Miss Hampshire listed off, glaring at us.

"WHAT!" Kai and Willow shouted, getting to their feet.


"Make that a month and a week." We were then forced to leave the office, and I smiled when I saw Chase talking to Ray Kon and Brooklyn Kingston as they showed him his new locker. Tyler, Matt and I headed over, getting nodded from the three of them.


"A month and a week for you, I'm in for two, Downer's on three," Matt listed out, looking at the locker. "You didn't get a dented on for once."

"I didn't get a dented one last year!"

"Yeah you did. After Michael Parker hit it with a baseball bat."

"Hey, that bastard put in the dent, that's a-"

"He put it in just before you got the locker Chase. You got a dented locker." Matt calmly punched the locker, the metal denting slightly. "There we go. All dented now." Ray and Brooklyn gapped at him while Tyler and I rolled our eyes. It was a tradition for us to get dented lockers, so if not; someone usually punched it for us.

"Hey Caro, this guy another friend of yours as well?" Ray questioned weakly, getting a nod from me. "Great, your locker-"

"Is next to Chase's, I got the number this morning," Matt drawled, pulling out a piece of paper from his pants pocket. The sheet had his timetable and locker number and code on one side and a map of the school on the other. 'Knowing Chase, he ditched his map right after he memorised his code."

"I did-" Chase pulled out an extremely crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. "Not!" he finished triumphantly, unfolding it and presenting his timetable and the map on the other side.


"Better idiot than asshole."

"Better asshole than-"

"Okay, we get it," Tyler cut in as he punched Matt's not dented locker, which is now dented. Brooklyn and Ray stared at us like we had lost it. To be honest, we can't have lost it, basically because we never had it in the first place.

Come on, it's true!

"Uh Steff, please don't go around punching our lockers, because we like them how they are at the moment," Brooklyn offered faintly. I snickered and nodded. "Hey, Steff, what do you guys have now?"

"Art, same goes for Ty," I mumbled dejectedly, holding up my sketchbook, looking at Chase and Matt. "You twos?"

"Art…" Matt muttered under his breath, contempt coming into his eyes. "I hate art. The damn subject has a conspiracy against me."

"Same," Chase asked, his tone even. For some reason, I couldn't really read his expression as we all headed to the art room.

"About time Miss Cander," Mr Reilly called out as the six of us entered into the classroom. I smiled slightly, noting that we were the last to come to class. "Tyler Downer, Brooklyn Kingston and Ray Kon, so who are...?" He gestured to Matt and Chase. "New students?"

"Well, duh," Tyler answered. Mr Reilly was a great teacher; he's about twenty something, really great with the students and actually does understand if we hand in our projects late. "Matt Kamiya, Chase Hiwatari, friends of ours from LA."

"Either of yous like art?"

"Well, that was straight to the point and no, art hates me, so I don't like it," Matt answered back smartly, getting a smile out of Mr Reilly.

"Just like Stephanie eh?" He's probably one of the only teachers whom I don't mind if they call me Stephanie. No, there's nothing going on, it's just how it is. "And you'd be…?"

"Matt Kamiya."

"And finally, that leaves us Chase Hiwatari, so Hiwatari, either you like to destroy the paint like your brother and sister or you've got talent. Which one is it kid?" I heard the challenge in his voice and I smiled. Mr Reilly teaches us drama as well, so obviously he picked up a lot about Chase with his body language.

"Well, do you like modern or do you like classical?" Chase retorted, sitting down at the bench, the rest of us following. I saw that Mr Reilly was holding Chase's and Matt's file and was currently reading Chase's. Hm, what would be in there?

I hate Picasso. I hate Da Vinci. And I hate Michelangelo. All in all, I hate art. I can't draw, seriously. We were told to draw from memory, and so far, the fountain I'm drawing looks like a palm tree.

Seriously. It looks like a damn palm tree. Hell, I might as well add some coconuts and draw a beach in the background.

"What type of umbrella are you trying to draw?" Brooklyn asked amusedly. I threw him my filthiest glare, leering at the perfect meadow he had sketched onto his paper. We were working in charcoal, and my hands looked like they were made out of that stuff…

"Umbrella! She was drawing an umbrella? I thought she was drawing an exploding volcano!" Ray exclaimed. I glared at him as well. Matt started cursing at one thousand swears per sec, Tyler sighing and then sorting out his crisis. We all looked at Chase who was busying sketching, ignoring everything around us.

"Hey, Hiwa-"

"Shut up! Busy drawing!" he snapped, his hand movements becoming more intense and furious. I tried to peek but he shifted away, still drawing completely focused on his beloved picture.


"Time's up, show us what you've got." Matt let out a frustrated howl and threw his piece of charcoal across the room, angrily grabbing another piece and bashing the charcoal into his drawing.

Okay…talk about passion for art…

"And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you should aim for!" We all looked at the sketchbook Mr Reilly was holding up. My eyes widened as I saw myself in between Tyler's legs, my back to him, me leaning back into him, sleeping, Tyler leaning against the tree, sleeping as well, along with Matt lying near by, looking at the clouds. I looked around for Chase and didn't see him anywhere.

"Wow…" I heard Sky Williams get out, looking at the drawing in awe. I couldn't believe Chase did that. I never knew he was one for art, seriously, I never knew he was that good! "Hey, where is that-"

"Come on Chase, show them your face!" Mr Reilly cried out merrily, dragging Chase out from underneath the table. Chase's knuckles were white as he tried in vain to stay in his hiding spot. I snickered, while Tyler restrained Matt from killing his drawing with anymore charcoal.

"Chase is…different…I never knew that Matt could be psycho." I looked over at Ray, confused with his words. "Well, from the looks of it, Chase is arrogant, just like the rest of us. Matt seemed cold. But when it comes to it…"

"They're just like you and Ty. You're hard to understand and it's diificult for someone to get you to view things their way," Brooklyn put in. "Like Chase, who would have guessed he was that good? Those look like pro drawings."

"Yes…" I got out, looking at Ray and Brooklyn in amazement. How do they pick this up? I mean, sure, they're in the Rulers rank, but they were still friends to us. I guess I'm not the only one who's confused by my own friends.

"Hey CC." I looked over at Chase who was trying to escape the eager mob of people, flocking over to him and his sketchbook. "Help!"

"What happened to your ego Chase? I thought you liked the attention!" I retorted, smiling at Mr Reilly. "Thanks for making my day sir. Keep doing that to Chase and I'll never skip art again."

"What are good friend you are, Stephanie," Mr Reilly called out to me as he overheard our exchange. "And is your drawing a whale spouting water out of its blowhole?" I gapped at him, appalled at his presumption of my drawing.

"Hey, I was thinking…we should skip science and language, you know, after lunch," Tyler mumbled into my ear. I jumped in fright. Weren't you stopping Matt from destroying his art? "I decided to wait for the outcome of Matt's defaced drawing…"

"That'd be nice," I answered back softly. It would be a crime to not catch up with Chase and Matt, after all these years, wouldn't it?

Is this the end of the line?
Coz that'd be a crime…

(1) This is to those Kakashi fans out there! You gotta love that jutsu!
(2) Violence against women, Australia says no." If you can't beat them, join 'em!

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