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Chapter 3: Sometimes I Feel Vulnerable

Sometimes I feel so frail, so small…
Sometimes I feel vulnerable,

The easiest way to give your muscles a good workout is a pool fight. No kidding, I'm being very serious when I say that! I'm officially exhausted, lying sprawled on a chaise chair that was nearby the pool, a gauzy black sarong twisted loosely around my hips. I was dunked too many times and I wasn't in the mood to join in the playful banter the boys were keeping up. Besides, the sun was Nature's Prozac, and seeing that I'm out of real Prozac, I'll have to do with the natural stuff.

And I was rather aware than several males were appreciating the view of my legs I was giving them, having them lazily rested on the chair. I was too tired to care; it was the only time they were getting away with this free show, so I might as well give them one good moment in live before they get maimed and castrated and tortured in a cruel and unusual way.

But there was one male who was watching me that I was very aware of. One sex god hot, wanted and not to mention taken male was watching me and I knew he wasn't just looking for a show. He wanted to finish what we started. Yeah, like his little doll would let him do that. I'm surprised that Chang didn't get a gun out and shoot me full of bullets while in the pool fight. But then again, perhaps that's a good thing. There are still many things in life that I would like to experience and all that other sentimental shit.

As I shifted to get out of the chair, I saw Kai glanced at me briefly before continuing his conversation with Holly Tate. And then I saw his hand slide from its original position and towards the door, finally resting at the poolside. My eyes narrowed briefly before I sat up, pushing some damp bangs from my face, looking over at everyone else. They all seemed to be occupied by their own conversations, hardly anyone noticing the silent messages the two of us were passing to each other.

"CC." I looked over at the black haired male who threw me a can of Sprite. I caught it easily, popping the tab, holding it away as the soft drink spurted out in a mountain of bubbles and foam. I rolled my eyes, quickly sucking up some of the heavenly froth at the top of the cool aluminium can. I threw Matt a filthy glare, knowing that he purposely threw it to me so that it would froth up once I opened it. I got a smirk, so in return, I stood up, walking over to Matt and pouring the rest of my Sprite over him before heading into the kitchen. The can was quickly discarded and I was about to leave when I saw a familiar black haired female enter in from the adjoined living room.

"How's it been, Cander?" I just shrugged, going into the fridge and taking a bottle of mineral water, uncapping it and sipping from it delicately, ignoring Chang for the time being. Cherry eyes locked with my emerald ones when I set the bottle down on the counter. I took a glance at her before turning my gaze to where my left hand was lazily tracing patterns into the countertop. "So, are you screwing?" I took another glance at her, raising an eyebrow before going back to my tracing.

Well, wasn't that subtle of her…

"He's a great one night stand, but an awful long term boyfriend," I abruptly put in, breaking the awkward silence that had possessed the atmosphere of the kitchen. "I thought it would be obvious. How long? Three months? That's a new record for him, isn't it?" Cherry orbs were burning into my emerald ones by now, filled with fury and anger.

"So you've been screwing."

"No. I just stated the obvious, even a thirteen year old middle school girl could pick up." Mirror fell silent. I was right and she knew it. That was the truth for you. It tears you down, makes you feel small and weak and the final blow will always be the one that hits home. I was only on the bench and soon I had to go up to bat. "If it's too much for you, I don't give a shit. Will you refrain from giving me that pathetic expression where you look as though the world is the cause of your angsting?"

"Look who's talking, bitch." I smiled coldly at her small retort. This was getting interesting. She couldn't do much because she didn't know whether or not anything's happened. She was trying to face this up as they were. She shouldn't do that with the Master of Manipulation. "You think you're so untouchable, even when everyone practically despises you and your catty attitude. If any of us had a say in-"

"Did I ask to hear your lame attempts to break down my self-esteem? No, I didn't think so," I cut off coolly. "If you're really his girlfriend, you should be smart enough to know whether or not he's attempting to procreate the species with someone else other than yourself. But then again, you're probably fornicating with someone else other than your own boyfriend."

"Hey Cander, if you're gonna bitch, go find a cat. Don't give Mi the shit you get because you decided to degrade yourself the moment we all met." I turned to the door, rolling my eyes at the sight of Willow Tate, forest green eyes trained on me. I saw her left wrist was rather swollen and had an odd colour. My eyes trailed to her right hand, spotting the tan coloured bandage she held in it.

Probably needs someone to wrap it for her.

"Hey Cass, forget it, she's just all sulky because no one's offered to get her lay since she hit sixteen." My glare turned to Chang, who was smiling savagely. That bitch. She really wanted me to kill her, didn't she? "Why did I ever think you and Kai are screwing? You're always acting as though you're oh so strong and all, Cander, but really, you're just a scared, naïve little girl who doesn't know what's out there."

"Like want to get a load of STDs and potentially ruin my life with early motherhood," I sneered, taking another sip from my bottle. Mirror's cherry coloured orbs narrowed. "What, you're gonna deny you've slept with more than two guys?"

"I won't deny it, in fact, I'm rather proud that I'm defined as a girl, not some object. What are you? Still a trophy that Downer is protecting? You waiting for-"

"Hey Chang, if you want to bitch, take it out on Hiwatari, you're his current little play toy, aren't you? CC, is there any Coke in there?" I nodded, heading to the fridge and throwing a can of Coke over Willow's shoulder, to Matt.

"I don't think we asked for you to come into this, brother dear," Willow scowled, glaring at her half sibling. "You're a real bastard, you know that?"

"True, I get that a lot, you just keep saying that and I'll just keep living my life." I smirked as Matt sauntered off, forcing my expression to not show any laughter as Willow murmured curses under her breath.


"Get used to it; you're gonna see him around school a lot, aren't you?" I drawled, heading out to the pool. I yelped as Cedric threw a towel in my face, Matt dragging me into the house. "Hey, guys, what-"

"See you guys later," Ced hollered as he dragged me into the house, shoving me into one of the obscenely huge bathrooms in this place. "Get changed, we need to go. I just remember, the dreaded twosome are coming today and I need all the help I can get."

"Who are-"

"Ced, she doesn't know them," Matt reasoned calmly.

"Oh. Right. Chi and Ti. They're these two girls that my parents are always dumping onto me and I just got a call. They want me to-"

"Just shut up and let her get changed Ced. She's probably taking her time to spite you." I smirked while stripping down and changing into a black tank top and a smoky grey pleated mini skirt. My hand searched through my bag for a brush and I cursed angrily. Damn…I need to find it… It's probably in Brooklyn's room, where I had changed earlier. Damn, now I have to—


"Okay, okay, you guys go ahead, I'll get someone to drive me to your place Ced, just SMS me your address okay? I need to-"


"CEDRIC HENDERSON, IF YOU DO NOT GO NOW, I'LL KILL YOU!" I shrieked, searching the bathroom frantically for a brush. I sighed and quickly yanked on a pair of low heeled light pink sandals. I had to dress up for Mr and Mrs Henderson. They were nice people, except that they were old money and all. So I had to be presentable. Matt was fine, he probably lazed around their place all he could in America, but I haven't seen them for a while, so yeah…

"See you there CC," Matt drawled as I heard him dragging a protesting Cedric away. I snickered and headed to the bedroom that was connected to the bathroom, quickly grabbing my brush and using it to style my hair into a messy bun while walking down the stairs, carrying my bag.

"Cander." I looked over at Hiwatari, who came over to me, opening the door and following me out. "Where are you going?" I threw him a frosty glare before continuing my walk to Cedric's house, which I still have no idea where it is. Probably in La-la Land or something. I've always wanted to go there.


"You need someone to drive you?" I raised one of my eyebrows slowly and questioningly, pulling my mobile out of my bag when I heard it beep. I handed Kai the phone, heading over to his Dodge Viper, catching my phone when he tossed it back to me. Hey, I might as well take advantage of his temporary insanity; like I wanted to walk eight k in heels.

We were silent for the drive. He just drove, I just sat. I didn't expect him to be blowing trumpets or serenading me with a violin. And I suppose he didn't expect me to be belting out the latest Top Twenty on the American Charts. If he did, I'd find him a shrink. Hell, I'd even hold a bake sale so that he could go into therapy.

"How's Chang getting home?" I put in awkwardly, suddenly thinking of his cherry eyed girlfriend, who suspects her Player of Players boyfriend is cheating on her. I don't blame her. I would, if I were in her position. But it doesn't mean I sympathise for her. I just agree with her suspicions. Kai's never been with a girl for longer than a month. Even the girls who are his friends don't last that long in a romantic relationship with him.

"I'll pick her up after you're dropped off." I nodded, signalling my thanks to him. "Hey, Cander, you won't-"

"I'm not the type to kiss and tell." As he pulled up in Cedric's driveway, I undid my seatbelt and grabbed my bag, quickly heading out of the car before Kai caught my right wrist with his left hand. "Hey, Hiwatari, let-"

"I had a great time at the party, Vixen." He let go and I closed the car door, heading into Cedric's over sized maze that he calls a house, shaking my head in disbelief. Vixen…right…what—





"Thank god you're here!" I looked up at the main stairs where Cedric was running down the stairs, looking utterly panicked and disorientated. "THEY'RE COMING TO OUR SCHOOL! THAT MEANS I HAVE TO BE AROUND THEM EVEN MORE!" He started on a rant about troublesome sixteen year olds and psychotic behaviour signals, as well as talking to yourself being the first sign of mental illness. I just waited for his rant to be over. Which took him about eight minutes and approximately fifty seven seconds. Yes, he can rant for a long time.

"Hey, CC, you okay?" I turned and saw a familiar male staying at the front floor. "Hey Henderson, you gonna invite me in or are you gonna be an uncultured oaf and make the lady do all the work for you?" Tyler teased, as Ced and I both made to invite him in. Soon enough, Ced had banished us to a guest room, where we were wiping and dusting. Joy, isn't it?

I heard Chase and Matt bickering in the hallway, something about a painting and a vase. As Tyler and I headed towards the door to break up the bickering, we heard a smash. The two of us stopped, looking at each other in horror before running out of the room and staring at the shattered china vase that Chase and Matt were staring over, the two of them looking very pale.

A stressed Cedric was never good.

A stressed and panicked Cedric was worse.

A stressed, panicked and angry Cedric was painful.

A stressed, panicked, angry and armed Cedric was hell breaking loose.

Something that people could know about Cedric Henderson before I go off to my painful death:

When stressed, panicked and angry, Cedric Henderson can turn anything into a weapon. Even a highlighter. No idea how, but he just can. Which is why no one likes to see him angry. He's generally and easy going guy who's usually the voice of reason, hardly ever loosing his cool. But when he does, all—

"WHAT THE HELL IS THE VASE DOING ON THE FLOOR, SHATTERED?!" The four of us looked at the very angry Ced (who was holding a feather duster and wearing his mother's pink apron, and yes, it's the one with the ruffles) that was looking at the now shattered vase with disbelief written all over his expression. "WELL?!" No, make that anger and panic.

"You see, Ced, Matt—" He didn't even get to finish the sentence before Ced started raving on and on about nonsense. He started whacking Matt with his feather duster, Matt yelping and trying to fend himself, dust going everywhere. I was going to be cleaning for a long time.

"Hey, Steff, you're okay right?" I looked over at Tyler who had opened the car door for me, forever the gentleman he was born to be. I moved to get my bag but Ty decided to quickly grab it and throw it to me. I catch it easily, smiling slightly at how well he treated me. I was surprised that our friendship lasted for so many years. After all, every romance he's had, the break up is usually because the girlfriend hates me or Tyler just thought he was neglecting me. Something along those lines anyways.

I kinda wondered why he bothered to keep a best friend who was so high maintenance. I was damn proud of the fact that I'm a bitch, I like being picky and I refused to change from that. Just…Tyler, he didn't have to go all far for everything I ask for. He's not some loyal puppy that does whatever I want, but still, he does a lot for me. Sometimes…I just want to know why.

"Hey, Tyler, about—"

"This afternoon? Yeah, I was a jerk, forget it, Steff. Hey, you need me to pick you up for school tomorrow?" I looked at him, hiding my worry when I saw his auburn eyes were oddly distance. "Steff?"

"Huh? Yeah, whatever, uh, just pick me up at the usual time, yeah." I stood at the door, my bag held loosely in my hand, Tyler gazing at me intently. My eyes were still meeting his. They were like a storm of sentiment, forever changing until he suddenly pulling me into his arms, hugging me tight. I didn't bother to hide my surprise.

"Steff, you know that I'd do anything for you, right?" he got out in a strangled voice. I blinked in confusion. What the… "Steff!" I nodded hastily, nearly choking at he hugged me tighter. "Damn it, Steff, just look out for yourself for the next few days, just be as careful as you can." He let me go, the warmth I felt from his hold evaporating as he faded into the darkness and towards his car.

My feet moved me into the house, automatically taking me to the kitchen where I saw a note scrawled in black pen and on a piece of jotter.


Long meeting day today, need to work extremely late, I won't be here when you get home, so if you're hungry, there's some stuff for you in the fridge.

Do not put metal in the microwave.


The note earned a dark glare from me. Okay, so what if I blew up our first microwave? I spied the black pen on the counter, scribbling a note on the back of the piece of paper.


I'm not that stupid to put metal in a microwave. Tyler's picking me up for school tomorrow. I'll make breakfast for you if you'd like. Night.


P.S: You know, I can cook really well now, all the desserts are made by me!

"Hey, Cander." I looked over at Valkov, raising an eyebrow before taking out my books for my first two sessions out, cramming them into my back, along with some notebooks and a pencil case. "What did you say to Mirror?" I shrugged, shutting my locker and heading to my Biology class. A smirk twitched to my lip when Valkov slammed his fist into a nearby locker. "I was talking to you, Cander!"

"And I was ignoring you, Valkov. You ought to keep your temper under control," I retorted coolly, looking up at Matt as I felt his arms go around my waist protectively, pulling me closer into him, his chin rested on my shoulder.

"Leave her alone Valkov," he stated calmly. I rolled my eyes as I saw Chase and Cedric heading down the hallway, Chase lapping up the attention he was getting from a group of the female population in this school, Cedric politely continuing on his way, dragging Chase with him.

"Is she so weak that she needs one of her little soldiers to defend her?" I saw Miguel Inoyez walk over to Tala, Kara Hiwatari with him. I rolled my eyes at their hypocrisy. Oh please, Tala, your little minions are running over to help you, Matt is just telling you politely to get lost.

"Is Tala so low and gay that he needs his boyfriend to help him out? Oh my god, Matt, do you think Tala's on the bottom?" I sneered, smiling slightly as Cedric and Chase move away from their little fan-club, finally joining us in the security of War and Peace.

You see, we declare war.

And we agree that peace sucks. As easy as that.




"Mi! Just let it, he's just—"

"Break up," I heard Matt mumble under his breath. I rolled my eyes, looking around for Tyler. Usually, whenever we hear a break up between anyone of the Rulers, Ty and I would bet how many times there would be clashing between the newly ex-couple. Funny…I haven't seen Tyler all day except for when he dropped me off at school. Where the hell could he be?

"Hey." My eyes widened as I saw Tyler head over to Kara, exchanging a few quiet words with Kara, rolling his eyes at a few of her remarks. Matt's grip around me tightened, and I could feel Chase's will to stab Tyler down below the tectonic plates of the earth. But no, sadly, we'd have too much paperwork to fill. Tyler usually never talks to them unless insulting or arguing. So this…was…

"Tyler, I—"

"Yeah Cander?" I forced my face to remain cold, but inside, I wanted to punch him, hit him, do something to bring back to the Tyler who sent me home, picked me up, hugged me, remaining that he'd do anything for me, the Tyler who'd never kill me for the amount of swearing I use. The Tyler who didn't mind me being a bitch.

Cander. Hah, he hasn't used my last name in that way for years and I mean years. What's he playing at? If this is his form of a joke, I was going to kill him later on. Seriously though, I'll kill him if this a joke."

"Sorry to say…but this isn't a joke." It was like he read my mind. Forest coloured eyes flickered up to mine and towards Tyler. For some reason, I wanted to get a knife and stab everyone and everything in sight. Oh well, you can't always get what you want.

"Oh, I'd tell you that I'm grateful for you on informing me of such things, but…for some reason, I'm not even thankful." Willow snorted before striking a conversation with Ty, ignoring us plainly. It hurts, seeing your best friend being all chummy with one of the only people who absolutely detests you. Although, I think I'm coping much better than most people do. But then again, I wasn't normal.


"Yeah Cander? Got anything for me?" My hand raised on its own as I pulled him towards me, throwing a quick and light slap at his cheek. "Cander?"

"Eat shit and die," I hissed out, numbly heading to biology. I whirled around when I heard shouting, seeing Willow on the floor, Matt fuming and looking like he was going to kill her. Tyler and Matt were exchanging quiet venomous words while Cedric headed over to me, quickly hugging me, letting me bury my face into his shirt.

Damn it, what was going on?

Why was he so cold?

"CANDER!" I saw Chang storming around the corner, Holly Tate desperately trying to calm her down, Ozuma yelling at Kai like there was no tomorrow. I pulled away from Ced and stood my ground, glaring at her. "YOU FUCKING—"

"Bitch? Isn't that getting a bit old?" I responded coolly, raising an eyebrow as she stood in front of me. I was slightly taller than her, but our eyes were still maintaining eye contact, her cherry coloured orbs burning with fury and a desire to strangle me. "What's the matter Chang? You scared you'll be outcasted because the Player of Players has finally—"

"Watch your mouth, bitch." I felt my body tense up, my blood running cold, my expression freezing up as I heard those words come from his mouth. For the second time. And all I could do…

…Was run.

I hate biology. I hate reproduction. I hate group projects. I hate life.

"So, how do you want to do this, ladies?" Tala got my filthiest glare, Kara rolling her eyes as he gave me an innocent angel look. "What's wrong, Steff? We know you're a virgin, but—"

"Shut up," I snarled coldly. The stupid teacher made us merge with a stupid senior class for a stupid reproduction project and I got stuck with stupid Tala and stupid Kara and stupid Kai. This whole thing is stupid and my stupid teacher is stupid and everything is so fricking stupid that I really want to kill every stupid thing that exists in this stupid world.

"Why so defensive? There's—"

"I said to shut up."

"Oh…so you aren't-"

"Do you not know how to shut up?"

"It's kinda obvious you are one, so I—"

"I said. Shut. Up!"

"Tala, drop it for now, let's just get this stupid project done so we aren't stuck with the Ice Princess any longer than we need to be," Kara mumbled as she jotted out what we needed to have done for the project. Kai just watched the table carelessly, listening to something Tala was telling him.

"CC." I got up from my chair and headed over to where Matt was reading through his notes. "You okay?" I nodded, taking his offer to pull up a chair and sit next to him. "Your cheeks aren't so puffy anymore." I glared. "Do you—"

"No." Matt nodded, taking his pen and reading down more notes. "Don't…hit him, okay?"

"Can I blackmail him?" I looked around my shoulder and saw Cedric leaning on the table lazily, dark brown hair falling into his smoky silver eyes. He was classically handsome. His name said it all. He was literally the type of guy parents would wish their daughter dated. Rich, charming, handsome and polite. And unlike the rest of my friends, he wasn't a player. Only downside was that he turned into a rebel in his early teens. And he had a mind that I think is pure evil. But after I left for this hellhole of a place…I think he calmed down a bit.

Why was I thinking that?

I…oh no, no, no, no, I do not want to date Ced. As attractive and alluring he can be, I do not want to lose a good friend because I dated him.


"No, you can't blackmail him," I said shakily, watching as he pushed himself up and sat onto of the science bench/table. Damn it, I really hate my friends at the very moment. They all have looks. Matt has a mysterious personality. Chase had arrogance that draws you in. And Ced had charisma. It was like the world was against me and trying to push me into jumping at least one of them.

As tempting as that seems:


Why was I thinking this anyways?

"Hey, CC, you have to help me on this. Tate is driving me insane. I can't do anything without getting a glare and her telling me that I'll do it wrong." About time Chase came into this little convo.

"Then tell her to fuck off."

"Oh…so you don't mind?" I glared at him. He's still a player, damn it. "Don't worry." He ruffled my hair, kissing me on the cheek, getting a blink of surprise from me. "I'm on a best behaviour contract and you're the only girl for me at the moment." I rolled my eyes at this. Typical… I looked at Matt, who smirked. Ah…so he made Chase promise to be on his best behaviour…

"You couldn't be a good boy if you tried," I reproached, getting a smirk from the Hiwatari.

"But isn't that what you like? Bad boys?" he whispered into my ear. I raised a hand and pushed his head away, moving my chair away. Damn player… "Don't be such a challenge CC… After all, you're the one who knows that girls who play hard to get are the ones I want more…"

"Chase, when you've finished breaking your promise, can you give me ten reasons why you have a right to hit on every living girl on this planet?" Cedric drawled, an amused gleam sparking up in his smoky silver eyes.

"One, I'm hot. Two, I'm wanted. Three, I'm also a sex god. Four, it's my duty to do so, if the girl's hot. Five, we need to reproduce somehow. Six, it's called natural urges. Seven, everyone needs to get laid at one point. Eight, it's not my fault I'm so damn irresistible. Nine, my—"

"Don't even go on," I interrupted sharply. Chase smirked.

"What, is little—"


"Steff, if you want—"

"Go. Get. Laid."

"Oh? Are you—"

"Keep pushing Hiwatari, and you're a dead man. Your little friend as well." Chase shut up.

"Wow, how did you get him trained so quick, doggie treats? An electric collar?" As the bell rang, I headed to the table the four of us had chosen at the back, taking our bags and throwing them to their respective owners. I rolled my eyes at Matt's comment as the four of us headed to their lockers.

"Ceddy-kins, am I beautiful?" I heard a girl chirp from behind us. Cedric groaned and started running, a girl with blonde hair chasing him, laughing hysterically. Cedric soon hurtled into me, clinging to me tightly, using me as his human shield. I looked at the girl, raising an eyebrow. She grinned, her silvery-blue eyes sparkling with delight and laughter. "Well, Ceddy-kins?"

"Go away!" Cedric wailed, his head muffled into my shoulder. The girl pouted, rather cutely for a teenager over thirteen and—

"Hello there, handsome," she drawled, her eyes finally turning to the pieces of eye candy that stood nearby me. Chase smirked, pulling the girl close and twirling her down, dropping her into a dip and holding her securely. "You didn't call me at all! What type of—"

"Hush, my lady, you'll feel better in a bit," Chase replied, pulling the girl up right, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "How was sunny London? You missed me at all, Ti?"

"Pf, go away, leave me alone," Cedric continued to cry out hysterically, clinging to me tightly. Matt snorted, opening his locker and switching his books and then turning back to me.

"What do you have?" he asked shortly. I blinked. "What do you have next two after lunch?"

"Oh…oh! Uh, Drama and English Lit. I didn't skip up for those though… I should have tried to skip up completely, but hey, that's too bad for me…" Yeah, I'm a genius, sue me. Not. I was just kinda ahead for biology and science, so I took the exams to do the senior course while I'm sophomore. Tate did that as well. And so did her twin sister. No idea where Kai's broken toy did the same. Pf…like I care.

"Good. You can—"

"I can't skip them," I cut in, shaking my head. "I have to—"

"Eight minutes after lunch, at the sports field. I need you to meet someone." As he walked away, I felt like throwing my biology book at his head. I really hated it when he just insisted out of the blue for me to just do something, walking away when I try to object. That's just Matt. He's always been like that.


I shouldn't have gone. It was the beginning from there on. I regret always going wherever Matt stated. I regret knowing who she was. How…how could I know though? There was no…no way I could have guessed. I mean, it…

It never occurred to me that they would even bother…

Or that she'd…she would be helping them.

"It suits you." I looked at Matt, an eyebrow raised, shaking my head, trying to lose the cherry blossom petals that were clinging to my dark coloured hair. "Leave it in." I glared at him, pulling a few more baby pink petals out, flinging them at him carelessly, smirking as some of them were caught in his messy dark brown hair. Pools of sapphire glowered at me as he pulled them out, carelessly allowing them to fall to the ground.

"I like the tree. I just don't like the free hair accessories." He smirked and shook his head, the two of us turning to see the approaching teenager. Her dark eyes meet my emerald ones, recognition flashing within them. She looked rather calm, yet her eyes displayed anger at the male standing next to me.

"Meet Chiya Kisato. She's the other girl living with Cedric." She offered me a hand which I shrugged towards, nodding and heading back to the school building. I still had drama to go to…

"OI! CANDER!" I sighed as I heard the approaching males. One of them grabbed me and forced me to face the both of them. Azure eyes pierced into mine, slate grey glowering at me. I raised a hand to punch them, holding it up in the air threateningly. "What did you do to Kai and Mirror?!"

"What the—"

"Oh yeah, my half sister is—"

"I didn't do a thing," I snarled angrily, pulling away and stormed off, only to have Tala pull me back.

"Damn it Cander, Mirror's on a warpath and Kai is not saying a thing!"

"What is this, blame me if a relationship gets fucked up?!" I snarled, shoving him away.

"I think that is a rather legible idea, in my honest opinion." I saw Tyler and Willow approaching. And I looked around for Matt. He was nowhere. Damn it, why—

"What are you doing, Cander? If you want a war, take it out on me, not on my friends," Willow said in a low voice. I drew my fist back and socked her in the jaw. Tyler's auburn eyes locked up with my piercing emerald and I felt guilt. Guilt and shame. His eyes…they expressed so much. I wanted to say sorry. But my pride, it was broken enough. I was broken enough.

So…I just did what I found reasonable. Get into another argument. Just like every other day.

Sometimes I feel a little fragile,
A little fragile…

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