The Ghost Hunt Continues…

By Mask Rider Roy

Summary: Two years have passed since Amanojako was laid to rest while the gang

return to their normal lives. They are now attending junior high (except for

Keiichirou, who's still in elementary). But three more ghosts are still on the loose, and

this time they are targeting both Momoko and Hajime! Meanwhile, Hajime is slowly,

but unconsciously, fallen for Momoko but couldn't act on it for fear of straining their

friendship (and afraid of what the outcome would be). And what would Momoko's

reaction be if she found out or if Hajime confesses his feeling to her? Rated M for

some violence, (a little blood-stained if your wondering what kind of violence I'm

using), A little bit of action scenes (Hey, when there's violence, there's action) and

lemon in later chapters (yes, lemon, but no too explicit, but artistically and tastefully

done. But be patient, because I'm still in the process of working out on the story as we

speak.). So read and enjoy!

Hajime x Momoko

Note: If your wondering why I paired these two instead of pairing Hajime and

Satsuki, well, I was inspired by the Ranma ½, were Ranma Saotome was paired with

Kasumi Tendo, as well as Oh! My Goddess, where the cuteness and WAFFiness of

Keichi Morisato and Belldandy came, both in lemon and non-lemon fics. So I decided

to try a little experiment. As for why a lemon fic, well, I was inspired by the Oh! My

Goddess fics by Sean Gaffney (Proposal, Wedding, Honeymoon), and Groove

Adventure RAVE, by Rave Masta (How Elie Got Her Groove On). So I felt

challenged to write one, at the same time put a good story so as to show that a lemon

fic has a good plot. I'll be also borrowing several elements from both Hollywood

movies and comics (like Marvel Comics) in making this fic. Other than that, I find

Hajime and Momoko, well…cute. 

Disclaimer: Gakkou no Kaidan (Ghosts at School) are owned by Aniplex and Fuji

Television. I do not own them in any way how.

Chapter 1: First Day of Classes

It was the first day of classes in their new school, which is in junior high. The

school that Hajime Aoyama and Leo Kakinoki are attending was huge (well, not that

huge, but if you want a description, think about the school that Miyu and Kanata,

from Daa! Daa! Daa! Also note that the school uniform they're wearing are similar to

that of Hungry Heart) and the landscape was, well, not that huge, but a sight to

behold (think Tokyo U). Both were excited as they were entering a new phase of their

lives, having some ups and downs. Since graduating from their elementary school,

both were looking forward to their high school lives. Meeting new friends, more

stuffs to learn. However, the both felt something was missing. Satsuki Miyanoshita

couldn't be with them, as her father had her enrolled in a school near her old

elementary school so that when dismissal time comes, she'll fetch her brother

Keiichirou. As for Momoko Koigakubo, well she graduated from their elementary

school when the rest of her friends (except Keiichirrou) enter sixth grade. Needless to

say, both Hajime and Leo forgot to ask Momoko the name of the school she's

attending. Inside the school grounds, Hajime and Leo were browsing at the bulletin

board to see which section they were assigned. It took them five minutes to find their

names as there were a lot of student names and the year and their sections.

"Come on, Leo, Let's go to our assigned room!" said a very excited Hajime. Leo

smiles and shrugs as they sprint their way to their classroom. "Let's hope that there

are no ghosts in this school, although I'd like to see one." Leo said while running after

his friend. "Speak for yourself." Hajime replied. "Besides, Amanojako was laid to

rest, so are the other ghosts, and there are no old buildings inside this school, unlike

the old one!" he added. "But still, I kind of missed the old days." Leo rebutted. Both

of them arrived in their assigned classroom and minutes later their first subject have


When it was recess time, Leo stayed inside the classroom to chat with his new

Classmates while Hajime decided to explore the rest of the school. After "browsing"

the entire first floor, he decided to check on the second floor. There he found out that

the entire second floor was full of second year students. The third and fourth floor,

well, you know what it is. Hajime looked around the classrooms, browsing the

students along the way. Going back to the 2nd floor, he was, again, staring at the

students. He was a bit surprised when, the girls approached him asking if he was

lost or a part of their section, as well as if he was single. This is because Hajime

gained an extra bit of height, although he was a bit on the short size (meaning he was

two to three inches shorter than an average second year female student). Though this

didn't bother him, as he was content with the "physical changes" in his body. He

knew he was adjusting on his new-found "teenage life". He also got a bit handsome

along the way. As Hajime was about to leave, a familiar voice called his name. It was

Momoko. His eyes widen at the sight he was looking. Momoko has "evolved" into a

beautiful 14 year old teenager (Hajime and Leo are both 13). Hajime's face went

crimson red as he stared at his one-time elementary friend. "M-Momoko? Is that you?

What bring you here?" He asked. "Well, I study here, of course." Was Momoko's

reply. Momoko and Hajime exchange pleasantries, then Hajime told Momoko about

Satsuki not being with them and everything else. But recess time was over and both

parted ways, but promised to meet again at lunch. As Hajime left, Momoko's

classmates approached her and began "interogating" her. "Hey Momoko, is that your

boyfriend? He's a bit shorter than you but he looks cute!" (Think about Fulmetal

Alchemist, when comparing the heights of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell) teased

Natsumi Nomura. "Yeah, you two seemed to make a good pair." Says Aya Asimiya

And Fuko Funaki. "Come on, guys! He's just a friend! And besides, we've been

friends since I was in sixth grade." Momoko explained, even though she was blushing

a bit. After 2 ½ hours of classes, it was lunch time. At the cafeteria, Momoko found

Hajime and Leo were seated in a table. She greeted them and asks if she can join

them. The boys agreed and Momoko sat beside them. Three of Momoko's classmates

saw Mokoko and asks her if they can join them. She agreed and the three girls joined

them as well. Momoko's friends steal glances at Hajime while eating, wondering if he

was "fit" to be Momoko's lover There they got to know each other, and became good

friends, though Natsumi, Aya and Fuki were puzzled as to why Momoko, Leo and

Hajime dubbed their group as Ghostbusters At School.

Four hours later it was dismissal time. As Hajime and Leo left their classroom,

they decided to pass by their lockers. As they approached their lockers, they were

confronted by at least two dozen students, who appeared to be second and third year

students. "Hey you! Who do you think you are? Having the guts to talk to her!" says

one of the students. "You don't own her so know your place!" says another. "Yeah,

and your to short to court her!" says another. Hajime looked at them for a moment

before explaining them about him and Momoko. At first they didn't believe him but

were convinced by Leo. As the two friends left the school building, Leo decided to

break the silence. "Whoa, I can't believe those guys were threatened by a first year

student. Imagine, you courting Momoko?" "Knock it off." Hajime muttered, who

was blushing again. Both exchange verbal jabs until it was time to for them to part

ways. Both arrived at their respected homes. Leo was again browsing on his books on

the paranormals. Hajime was met by Satsuki and Keiichirou as he was about to enter

his house. Hajime then told his neighbours about the events at school (high school

that is). Satsuki giggled when told about his encounter with the other boys who had

crushes at Momoko, and seeing Hajime blushed at that statement. Both neighbours

decided to enter their homes to prepare for tomorrow's class. After eating dinner,

Hajime went to his room, recalling the day's events. True, he finds Momoko

attractive, but shrugged it off. He knew that he and Momoko were just friends, and the

wasn't sure if falling in love with someone like Momoko was a good idea, since he

had no idea or experience on what's it like about falling in love. Age was another

reason, since she is a year older than him, as well as being in second year. Putting all

thoughts aside, he went to bed, preparing for school tomorrow and more days to


Stay Tuned for Chapter 2

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