Gakkou no Kaidan

Note: This will be the last chapter for this fanfic. But only for the first ghost. As I stated in Chapter 6, I will cut the whole story to 7 instead of 15, 'coz I'll be undergoing training in a call center. It will only take for a week. But then, I'll be so busy that I may run out of ideas on making future ideas in continuing this fic. But once my training is over, I may be hired in a few days or weeks. After that, and if I may get some spare time, I'll try to make up for lost time and try to complete the Ghost Hunt Continues story arc, as I will be making revisions on how I will introduce the other two ghosts.

In the meantime, I'm going to make some new storylines that will inter-connect with The Ghost Hunt Continues story arc. And that upcoming fanfic will be the starting point. You see, as I was wrapping up for this fic, I came across a Detective School Q-Detective Conan crossover on the Anime section, under the category Detective School Q, an idea came to my head. And two days later, while I was cleaning my closet, I saw my old Batman comics, all dated in 1996. There I read the story of Batman and Deadman traveling to Peru to stop some mercenaries from killing inhabitants of Machu Pichu and stealing their treasures (under the three part story called The Deadman Connection). Since Deadman (aka Boston Brand) is a ghost, and his background came from a circus, I was inspired to come up with a new story to write. And that in turn made me decided to make this upcoming fic. The upcoming fic will be titled The Haunted Circus. And it will be a T-rated fic...

Until then, read this fic, as this will be the conclusion. But it won't stop there. 'Coz the romance between Hajime and Momoko have yet to be materialized. And I'm still coming up with ideas on what type of ghosts I'm using in my future fics.

And by the way, since this is the last chapter, I'm going to include a brief, but very important part of the story, lemon scene. Hey, this one's not too explicit, but it's a very integral part of the story. I know, I know, Momoko gets semi-laid against her will, but at least her knight in shining armor's there to save her…J

Thus that, and other elements, such as blood and violence, are enough reasons to mark this fic an M rated.

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Chapter 7: Showdown: Fall of the Sleepwalkers

Momoko slowly regained consciousness after being hit on her gut by Mrs. Bradezuka. She then realized that she was inside the Jaguar, on the passenger seat, and the car was moving at bit fast. Looking at the driver's seat, she was terrified at the sight of who was driving: Charles' mother! But before she could react, she was hit again on her gut by the driver's elbow, causing her to lose conscious. Mrs. Bradezuka smirked and proceeded to heading home.

A bit far behind the Jaguar, a police car was trailing them, but far enough not to be noticed. A police officer was driving and is accompanied by Momoko's friends. Hajime and the gang agreed to let the officer go with them since they needed someone hold back the kidnappers while they get Momoko to safety. Hajime also suggested to the officer to turn off the siren so that they won't cause Mrs. Bradezuka to go on a wild goose chase, and instead they would go straight to where they believe they will go: the Bradezuka "residence". The gang was also relieved that they met someone who believes in ghosts, since nobody seen a ghost, it be useless to tell someone that a killer was really a ghost. The gang was also surprised when the officer told them that he was a Buddhist. And the officer was somewhat shocked that his findings that indeed confirmed. The gang told him that the victims were killed in a supernatural way, in which the officer suspected months earlier. And the officer became determined to stop the Bradezukas no matter what.

When Satsuki told the officer that they're near the house, the officer stopped just a few kilometers from their intended destination, reasoning that they have to approach their targets stealthily. The gang understood this and started to follow the officer and sneaked their way through the house, taking Kaia with them. Hiding behind the bushes, they saw Mrs. Bradezuka dragging a screaming and resisting Momoko, who just awoken from her "slumber", inside the house, killing a few cats who tried to assault her. Just before entering the house, Mrs. Bradezuka slapped Momoko, stunning her momentarily. Leo and the officer had to restrain and silence Hajime from screaming and assaulting angrily at the woman who dragged Momoko inside the house. The officer reminded Hajime on the plan they had agreed on. They then sneaked through the side of the house, peeking at the window where there was a small hole. There they can hear voices of the people inside, but not noticing that they were being watched by two figures lurking behind the bushes. "Those kids don't know what they're getting into", says the man loading his shut gun. "You cannot blame them, Blaze. Their friend's life is at stake. And I feel a presence is accompanying them." Replied the other figure. "Who, a ghost?" asks the man. "Yes" was the other figure's reply.

Going back to our heroes (you know whom I'm referring to J), the gang can hear what the discussion was all about. They then peeked at the window, seeing Mrs. Bradezuka tying up Momoko. As Momoko regained consciousness, she realized where she was. She tried to resist, but realized that she was already being tied up. Mrs. Bradezuka then told Momoko that it's useless to struggle. Mrs. Bradezuka began to tell Momoko that she and her son were the last surviving race of their clan. They told her that their clan was huge, but their numbers were dwindling because of an ancient curse cast upon them several generations ago, in which they will die by being assaulted by cats of any kind. But told them that they didn't care anymore as they enjoyed their newfound freedom. They told Momoko that they had to absorb life energies of virgin women in order to sustain themselves. And in doing so, they could live indefinitely, like immortals, as long as they periodically absorbed the victims' life energies. She then looked at Charles, who was now in a coma-like state, due to the wounds inflicted by Hajime and Kaia, and his hunger from life energies. And then she told Momoko that "you're her latest meal, and after that, Charles' health will be fully restored", and he will continue to seek out new victims for them to continue sustaining themselves. Momoko realized the situation she was into and started to run away from them, but Mrs. Bradezuka , but Mrs. Bradezuka grabbed her by the hair. She then hurled her against the side of the sofa, brusing her left temple. Outside the house, the officer repeatedly told Hajime to calm down, seeing him gritting his teeth and clenching his fist. The rest of the gang also felt angered by what they saw, but then they told themselves (mentally) and Hajime to stay cool and wait for the right time. Inside, the house, Mrs. Bradezuka used her psychic powers to animate the now comatose body of Charles. In the process, Charles body reverted back to his true form. Momoko looked terrified, while the officer and Momoko's friends looked shock to the core at what they've witnessed. The officer then told the gang to stay and wait while he goes back to his police car to radio for back-up. Back inside the house, Mrs. Bradezuka then motions Charles' body to grab Momoko and pin her to the sofa. While Charles held her upper body, Mrs. Bradezuka held Momoko's legs and parted them. She lifted her skirt and removed her panties, leaving her naked from the waist down. Momoko tried to kick her way out, but Charles' mom grabbed a straw rope and tied her ankles against the separate edges of the sofa, keeping her legs apart, exposing her womanhood for Mrs. Bradezuka to see. Momoko pleaded to them to stop, but Mrs. Bradezuka just laughed and began to fondle Momoko's privates with her fingers. She started by stroking Momoko's clitoris in a circular motion. Then she followed with a finger, stroking the girls' vagina in and out. She inserted another finger and did the same tactic. Mrs. Bradezuka noticed that the girl's organ was responding to her ministrations, as fluids were gushing out. With her body pinned and her legs tied apart, Momoko was unable to move. And despite her body responding to pleasure, she was terrified at what was going to happen next. Momoko began to pray silently that someone would help her and stop these monsters from killing her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a wet object touching her womanhood. Looking down, she realized that Charles' mom was lapping her womanhood with her tongue. "No!" Momoko screamed. But despite her objections and her presence of mind, Momoko's body reacted, gyrating her hips as pleasure surged her body. Charles' mom, seeing this, maximized her efforts, lapping the girl's womanhood even more. Mrs. Bradezuka then inserted a finger inside Momoko's womanhood and fondled her inside out, while another finger was rubbing her clitoris. With Mrs. Bradezuka's tongue and fingers working on Momoko's vagina, this cause an effect on Momoko body, causing her to bucked her hips upward involuntarily, while she opened her mouth wide open, moaning loudly. Mrs. Bradezuka continued her ministrations, as Momoko was starting to lose the struggle, as her body was just a few minutes away from reaching her first orgasm. At that point, Charles put his lips a few inches from Momoko's, and began absorbing her life energy. Momoko then realized what was happening and started to struggle herself, but was unable to resist since her hands were tied up behind her back and her legs were tied at the edge of the sofa, while Charles' mom was molesting her. Outside the house, Hajime had seen enough. He angrily told the gang that they can't wait anymore and should go inside, while Momoko's friends looked shocked at seeing the true form of Charles for the first time. The gang was reluctant to go inside because the officer hasn't come back yet. But their argument was interrupted by a familiar voice. "You fools don't get it do you!" The voice came from Kaia. It was Amanojako! He has once again taken possession of Kaia's body. Again, Momoko's friends looked surprised at seeing a cat talked. "Momoko's in danger and still you insisted in waiting for that policeman to come back? Hajime is right! If you don't move now, Momoko will already be dead by the time that cop comes back!" Amanojako pointed out. "Tell you what, I'll keep those Sleepwalkers at bay while you get Momoko out." He suggested, then smash his way through the window, and began attacking Charles. Charles' mom stopped her activities as she noticed her son's behavior. But before she can reach her and grab Amanojako, the door burst open, and the G. A. S. gang came in. Hajime went towards Mrs. Bradezuka and sprayed her with the fire extinguisher, while Leo, Satsuki, Keiichirou and Momoko's friends freed Momoko from her bonds, gave her her underwear and went outside, only to realized that Hajime and Amanojako were still behind them, fighting the Bradezukas. Charles tried to get Amanojako off him but was unable to, since Amanojako was moving too fast. As for Charles' mom, she managed to get past the extinguisher's "ammo", and grabbed Hajime by the neck. Hajime then instinctively dropped the heavy extingusher on her foot, hurting her and releasing her grip on Hajime. He then whacked Mrs. Bradezuka on the head with the extinguisher, the used the nozzle of the extinguisher as a weapon like a battering ram and jabbed it onto her face. As Charles' mom staggered, Hajime used a spear, bringing her down, then proceeded to punch her squarely on her face, his face filled with anger, and was berating her for all the bad things they've done to their victims. It was then that several more cats joined the fray and helped Amanojako taking out Charles. Charles was weakening from the cats' assaults but managed to throw them aside. It was then that the officer came back, fired his shotgun and the bullet hit Charles on the head, killing him. Seeing this, Charles' mom threw Hajime towards the wall, and jabbed her hand, which turned into cat-like claws, through the officer's chest, piercing his heart and lungs, killing him. She then went to Charles, only to realize that he too was dead. "You killed my son, my only son!" She screamed. "Then why don't you join him!" screamed an angrier Hajime as he stabbed her with a long kitchen knife on her back, temporarily disabling her. He then joined the rest of the gang and headed outside. As they reached outdoors, Hajime slowed down a bit as his back was still sore from being hurled against the wall. Momoko approached Hajime and checked on him. Hajime, even though he was blushing, assured to her that he was ok. Amanojako then approached the two teenagers. "You should thank him the most. If not for him, your friends would have arrived a bit too late if they still wait for that officer to come back." Momoko then turned to Hajime and gave him a kiss on his cheek. The gang, including Amanojako, laughed to their hearts' contents at what they were seeing. Hajime's face went deep red because of this. But their fun was interrupted when Charles' mom grabbed Hajime by his hair and hurled him again against the police car's window, busting him open, his left temple was dripping with blood. Leo tackled the attacker from behind, only to be punched on his gut and got kicked away. Momoko's friends then held her, but were thrown aside. As Charles' mom approaches Momoko, a dozen more housecats arrived to help Momoko and assaulted Charles' mom. Charles'mom was weakening as a result of the attack, but managed to fend them off. Then the cats slowly backed away, as a man riding a motorcycle blocked her path, then fired his shotgun at her, causing her to stagger back. "Ghost Rider! Now!" says the man. At that point, another figure showed up. The gang looked surprised at what they saw. The figure was riding in what appears to be a flaming motorcycle. The figure's face resembles that of a skull, and it was aflame. "Well, well. If it isn't the Ghost Rider. Traveling in Japan when his home turf was in North America." Sneered Amanojacko. The Ghost Rider grabbed Charles' mom by the neck, and used his hellfire to finish her off. As her body was burning, She made one last look at the gang and screamed at them before expiring. "You killed my son, my only son!". After that, Charles mom was burned to ashes. Ghost Rider then looked at Amanojako. "So, you have been reawakened.". "Yeah, I was given permission by Koenma to comeback here because I have a job." Amanojako replied. "And what job could that be?" Ghost Rider ask. "Before being laid to rest, I was sure that all ghosts that these kids faced were laid to rest as well, but then Koenma summoned me. He told me that two more ghosts were still on the loose in Japan. And to make me really puked up, His "Spirit Detectives" were assigned to another case, and instead asked me to baby-sit these guys!", pointing to the gang. "However," Amanojako continues, "If I stay and protect these kids, and find these two ghosts, I be given a special reward, and that includes a special pardon from the Spirit World Council. And that's why I'm here. And as much as I hate to admit, I feel somewhat attached to these kids. And to make things more interested, I see a lot of changes in them." Amanojako smirked as Keiichirou hugged the cat. "By the way, these cats attacked the Bradezukas, right? Actually, these are the souls of the 80 female high school students that Charles killed. Since their death was a bit perverted but unjustifiable, they took possessions of the house cats' bodies in order to keep an eye on the Bradezukas and make their moves. Oh, yeah, the entire Bradezuka clan is now no more since the two you killed are the last surviving members." Amanojako said, then he looked at Momoko as she put on her underwear. "Hey, watch your eyes!" says Hajime, holding his left temple with a handkerchief as he is covering his wounds, seemingly recovered from being hurled by Mrs. Bradezuka. "Ooohhh, are you jealous? Didn't you enjoyed that tender scene that you watched a few weeks ago?" teased Amanojako. Hajime blushed furiously and grabbed the cat and shaking him sideways, dropping the cloth that was covering his head. The rest of the gang laughed, at the same time, separated Hajime and the cat, while the two motorcycle-riding men prepares to depart from the scene. "Make sure that you do not break your code of honor. Perform your job well if you wished to be pardoned for your past crimes." Says the Ghost Rider. Amanojako replied and assured to the Ghost Rider that he will protect the kids. "Let's go Johnny Blaze. Our work is done here!" Says the Ghost Rider, and both men departed. As the gang was about to leave, the spirits of Charles and his mother,in her true form, appeared, grabbed Hajime and Momoko by their necks and began to strangle them. Satsuki, then enchanted the words and soon the two ghosts were laid to rest, their spirits were automatically sent to the Spirit World, were their captors are awaiting their arrivals and upcoming trial. Hajime and the rest were able to compose themselves, and soon the rest of the police arrived, followed by three ambulances. After a few minutes passed the officers concluded that Charles was dead from bite wounds, and a shot gun blast to the head, although they were puzzled as to how Charles mom was burned to death even though there were no signs of burning fuel, nor any signs of explosion. Hajime was taken to the hospital so that his wounds can be treated. The body of the officer who accompanied the G. A. S . was taken to the morgue for autopsy. The rest of the gang went to the hospital where Hajime and Momoko's dad were confined. They then went home and told their parents why they were out the whole night. Their parents were also surprised when told that the killings were solved.

Monday, first week of March. The gang reported for school. They were not aware that word got out that Charles was dead, as well as that Charles was a fake student and implicated in the recent murders. A soon as the gang entered their respective sections, they were greeted by a barrage of inquiries from their classmates,. Momoko's classmates were asking her how she was able to escape, who rescued her, and if Charles was really a fraud. At the first year section, Hajime was being surrounded by his classmates and batch mates inside the classroom, asking him if he was the one who saved Momoko. Hajime couldn't answer the question, knowing that they'll make a big fuss over it. But one of his batch mates somehow acquired the information and confirmed it to his batch mates, and soon Hajime's room was echoed with a chorus of "Hajime loves Momoko!". Hajime had no choice but to ignore the taunt, even though he was blushing. The gang continued their schooling for the whole month. During this time, Momoko had recurring dreams of being assaulted by both the Bradezuka's every night. Even though she was finally safe, she cried silently as she was a bit traumatized from what happened. Unexpectedly her cell phone was ringing. Wiping her tears, she answered it, only to be surprised that it was Hajime who was calling. "Hi Momoko, just…want to check if you're ok." Momoko smiled and assured to her that she was fine. But told him to call over the telephone so they can continue their conversation. 20 seconds later, Hajime called over the phone, and the two teenagers were chatting. Hajime told Momoko that he had a feeling the she was having a bad dream, and that he decided to check on her. Momoko was touched by this, and told Hajime that she was all right. They then decided to hang up, so they can get some sleep. But putting down the phone, Hajime ask Momoko if she would like to go to the beach, saying that this will help her forget about the incident. Momoko thought about it, and agreed.

A months later, which is the first week of April. It was summer vacation, and the G. A. S. gang went to a local beach resort to go swimming, and were having fun, and at the same time to get themselves de-stressed after what have happened. Momoko then told her three classmates about Amanojako and the old school building at their old elementary school, as well as the ghosts they encounterd in the past. Aya, Fuko and Natsumi were inspired by their classmate's story and became closer friends to Momoko. Momoko then told the rest of the gang that her three classmates will be inducted to their group. Satsuki, Leo, Hajime and Keiichirou agreed and Momoko's classmates are now official members of the Ghost at School group. The gang went to the water, swimming and playing, while Hajime stayed behind with Keiichirou, stealing glances at Momoko, while building a sand castle. The girls were all wearing two-piece bikinis. Hajime looked at his female friends. Sure they're beautiful, but it was Momoko who took his attention. Looking at her from head to toe, Hajime was awestruck by her beauty and sexiness. He waved at her as Momoko waved at him, urging him to join them at the water. "I see you laid your eyes on her, huh?" Amanojako spoke. "She just a friend." Hajime rebutted, as he joined the gang on the water. They all have fun through out the day. By 4:30 pm, they packed their things and are ready to go, but stopped as they noticed Amanojako , who seems to be talking to himself. They slowly approached him and heard portions of his words. "…are you sure? ..Ok, I keep a close eye on them. …why didn't you tell me before?…Ok, ok. …Yeah thanks." Amanojako then looked at the gang, all eyes are on him. "Ok, sit down. I got something to tell. And Hajime and Momoko, listen carefully." Amanojako instructed. "This better be good. And hopefully this isn't about the Bradezukas. We just nailed those two assholes who tried to molest Momoko." Hajime spatted. "Too bad for you kid, because this is about the two ghosts I metioned before. And you better believe me if I tell you that you and Momoko are the targets!" Amanojako replied. The gang became speechless about what they just heard. Amanojako then decided to tell them the rest of the story. He told them that he was talking to an old friend in the spirit world, who was also an informer. The ghost told Amanojako telepathically that during the gang's time at the elementary school two ghosts have escaped from the spirit world. One is male and the other is female. The informer, who was also a convict, overheard some of the two ghosts' conversation before making their escape. The male ghost said something about possessing a body so he can have fun with a girl whom he describes as violet haired and pretty faced. The female ghost then said about possessing the body of a girl so she can meet a boy whose tan-skinned and good looking. Then the ghosts disappeared in thin air. At first, the informer ignored their escape. But after a few months to one year, he decided to tell King Enma about what happened. Enma in turn told Koenma and ordered him to find out what kind of ghosts they were and where they can be hiding. As for the informer, he was given the option to get a special pardon if he helps Amanojako to locate the two ghosts. He agreed and was re-awakened. But unlike Amanojako, the informer now possesses a human body, and although he is an adult, his body height is that of a small, having a height of 4'8. Using his resources, he discovered that the descriptions of their intended targets the ghosts were discussing about seemed to have matched that of Hajime and Momoko. He then telepathically informed Amanojako of this development, then went on to get more leads. The gang was shocked at hearing this and decided to be more vigilant should these two ghosts appear in front of them. Satsuki then opened the diary she used when the ghosts were still at large. But to her surprise, the diary was still a blank. Even Amanojako was surprised. He then realized that his job to watch over the gang won't be so easy. "Ah, well, at least it's better to watch them instead of goofing off." He thought. The after this, the gang decided to depart.. By nightfall, everyone was already home. Satsuki was about to enter their house when she noticed that Hajime was staring at the sky. She approached him ask if there's something wrong. Hajime told Satsuki that he had a bad feeling about this. He told her that Momoko was once again a target. He even told Satsuki that he was surprised that even he was on the "hit list". But Satsuki smiled and said, "Hey, we've been through a lot, and we survived. Even Momoko was saved. If we survived from the school and Charles, I'm sure we can overcome this one." Hajime smiled and thanked Satsuki. The two friends then entered their separate houses, preparing for bed.

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