T-bone' s Reputation

By Twilightwind

T-bone has seemed to have betrayed Mega Kat city and his partner/best friend, Jake/Razor under Dark Kats orders or is he even responsible? Not all as it seems. Does a mysterious metallic headband on his head have anything to do with his behavior? And what's with a little orange midget?

Chapter 1: Dark Kat's new weapon

In the desert canyon, the Swat Kats are testing a new engine upgrade for the Turbo Kat.

"Take it easy T-bone, the upgraded engine need to break in." Razor said, as his burly partner was performing his usual air maneuvers.

"No worries, the engine can handle it.", T-bone confidently said.

The alarm went off. "Yes Miss Briggs?" T-bone asked. "Swat Kats, Dark Kat is back, and he's planning on blowing up Enforcer Headquarters!" she stated.

"Again!" both swat kats said in unison.

"I'm afraid so, and the Enforcers are powerless to stop him, as usual." she said disappointed in the Enforcers.

"That's nothing new, we're on are way!" T-bone hung up.

"Hey T-bone?"


"How many times has Dark Crud tried to destroy the city with a bomb and failed?" The chocolate brown kat asked.

"It could be a thousand times and still won't wont work." the tabby responded.

"Yeah, you think he would try something new by now?" the smaller kat commented.

"You think he would? Who cares, let's gust stop Dark Crud and go home."

"Alright. But I have a bad feeling about this one." Razor thought to himself

"Careful my creeplings, we don't want an explosion while we're in here." Dark kat said as his little pink creatures set up a bomb.

"Once the Swat Kats arrive my plan can commence." He chuckled evilly to himself.

"Razor, do you see him?" T-bone asked

"Negative, he must be inside the building." Razor responds

T-bone lands the Turbo Kat on the roof, "Lets rock and roll." He said as he headed for the door.

"Hold up T-bone!" Razor called.

"What is it now?" the tabby responded.

"I modified the radar to pick up nuclear energy."

"Yah, so what."

"Well, according to the radar, there are two nuclear bombs. One on the east side and one on the west side." The smaller tom responded.

"WHAAT! Two of them?" T-bone shouted.

"Affirmative, we better split up and disarm the them."

"Alright, but stay in radio contact at all times!"

"Affirmative, once we disarm the bombs hall tail back here. Dark Kat probably has an escape plan." The ginger kat stated.

"Roger, let's get going!" T-bone said while opening the door.

"Perfect! Everything is going according to plan." Dark Kat said, while watching the security screen. "T-bone is headed towards the west bomb. You know what to do."

"Yes, and don't trouble yourself, I'm not one to fail." A mysterious voice said.

"T-bone, come in! T-bone!" Razor radioed.

"I'm here good buddy, what's up?" he asked.

"Something's wrong. I'm half way to my designation and there is no resistance." The ginger tom stated. "No creeplings, ninjas, guns firing, nothing!"

"You probably haven't been noticed yet. Relax and focus on our goal!" T-bone said

To be continued.

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