Ch. 4: The final straw

This chapter mainly is to create a complication and dramatic buildup. I hope you'll read through, because the best of the story comes probably after the next two chapters. But you still need the chapters before in order to know what's going on.

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

Dark Kat was in a secret layer where he was working on yet another bomb. "Careful my creeplings. I want every last piece on nuclear rods in tact for when we blow up Enforcer Headquarters." Dark Kat said.

"Yeah and it's going to be a pleasure being the piloting the jet that will do it." T-bone commented with an evil smile.

"T-bone." Dark Kat called.

"Yes, lord Dark Kat" The tabby bowed.

"Go to your quarters. I want you fully rested for our attack on Enforcer Headquarters."

The huge kat ordered.

"Yes Master." The blond tom replied bowing and left the room.

"We already destroyed City Hall, and that got everyone scared and running around like chickens without their heads. With their nerves shaken it will be easy to destroy their headquarters. And with them out of the way no one will be able to stop me once my ultimate weapon is finished. And even if the do stop my ultimate weapon I still have plan B." Dark Kat chuckled to himself.

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

"What are you doing, Uncle?" Lt. Felina Feral entered the commander's office.

"Planning on how to stop that hot shot criminal." The stern kat replied. Felina growled. "Are you alright?" Feral asked

"No, Uncle I'm not!" She replied with hatred in her voice and her black hair covering her face.

"Well snap out of it!" he ordered in a tern tone "We have to protect the city. They already destroyed City Hall we can't let that happen again!" Felina growled again, even louder. "Felina? Are you mad at me?"

"No Uncle. I'm mad at T-bone, especially for what he did to Razor. He trusted him and was loyal to him. Then T-bone stabs him in the back!" She put her head down a sighed, then an angry expression appeared on her face. "T-bone! If it's the last thing I do, I'll make you pay." The black haired she-kat shouted not paying attention to her uncle.

"Felina? We will make him pay. Now we have to go to Pumadine." The commander said.

"Yes, Uncle." She replied as both kats headed out the door.

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

"It's time. Go my creeplings, bring T-bone to me." Dark Kat ordered. The creeplings did as they were told, making their usual squeaks and shrieks. One of the tripped and the others just laughed at it. The pink creature got up and followed the others.

"Soon the only resistance that still stands will be gone, and nothing can stop me from destroying Mega Kat city." Muttered Dark Kat to himself as he looked at his bomb. It was shaped like a missile, silver with red spikes running from the front to the back of the missile. Dark Kat petted the object.

"Well if your too attached to the thing, we could use another one." A familiar voice said jokingly.

"Ah, T-bone. You ready?" The big kat asked.

"Ready and dieing to see the look on Feral's face when we blow up his precious headquarters!" The tabby responded.

"Good, now my creeplings load the bomb onto the Turbo Kat." The purple kat ordered. The creeplings quickly loaded the bomb onto the sleek black jet.

"Rock'n Roll!" T-bone cheered then he got inside the cockpit of the Turbo Kat and took off.

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

Mean while at Pumadine Labs

"Is it ready yet?" Feral impatiently asked.

"Not quite Commander." Professor Hackle answered.

"What's taking so long?" The stern kat demanded.

"The devise you requested is highly advanced. It could take weeks before it's finished." Replied the gray tom.

"We don't have weeks. Dark Kat could strike at any moment." Feral said.

"Commander Feral, the Turbo Kat has been sighted heading towards Enforcer Headquarters." A cadet stated bursting into the room.

"Kats alive! Dark Kat must be planning on blowing up our headquarters. But I won't let him." Feral said pulling out his communicator. "Felina, come in!"

"Yes Uncle." Came the reply

"Pick me up."

"Rodger that, I'm on my way!"

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

"Try all you like Enforcers," the tabby flying the Turbo Kat said, "you still won't get me!" he dodged a couple a missile barrages.

"This is Feral! Surrender now before I have to use force!" a stern voice came over the radio.

"Oh, I'm petrified, what ever will I do?" T-bone moched. "I know! Buzz saw missiles away!" several launched from the bomb bay of the black jet, most hitting there mark.

"Fire at will!" Feral ordered. The air was immediately filled with the sound of bullets and missiles being fired.

"Is that all you got!" The traitor Swat Kat mooched.

Felina growled, gritting her teeth. "This is for Razor!" She whispered under her breath. She fired several shots. To everyone's amazement about one forth of them hit. "Got'em!"

"Yeah, but not good enough!" T-bone stated as he pulled the black jet out of its nose dive. "Now to finish this. Special delivery". He launched the bomb onto Enforcer Headquarters. Soon the whole building was demolished from the explosion.

"No! No, no, no, no, no!" Feral ranted.

"This can't be happening!" Felina said.

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

The whole city was in panic. Luckily Enforcer Headquarters and the surrounding area had been evacuated.

In the distance there was a shadowed figure that was gazing at the flaming wreck that used to be Enforcer Headquarters. "T-bone!" he shouted. "That's the last straw! You're going to pay! For your hurting innocent, for terrorizing, and for your betrayal!" The figure disappeared into the shadows.

To be continued

SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats-SwatKats- SwatKats-SwatKats

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