Disclaimer: I do not own The Cosby Show, or any of the characters. I just thought there should be a 'Cosby' story. This story is simply for enjoyment; so I hope you enjoy it!

June 17th - 6:30 p.m.

Claire Huxtable is just arriving home after being held up at work for almost an hour. She was extremely tired, even though it was only 6:30. She decided to take a little nap. {Hmm...} she thought, before drifting off to sleep {Doesn't look like Cliff is home either. Must've had a delivery.}

{Ooh! Car's in the driveway} thought Heathcliff Huxtable, coming home from an emergency at work {Claire's home!} He went in the door and saw her lying on the couch. {Guess she was tired.} He started walking towards the kitchen to get himself a snack. When he reached the door he remembered something {Claire's Birthday! Uh oh, I forgot. Let's see...} he went over to the kitchen calendar {2 days. Doesn't give me much time to get her something. I wonder why she hasn't reminded me... she usually does. Oh well, by now she probably knows that I forgot.} Remembering his wife was asleep, he snuck some potato chips, and went to the table. {Okay... so now what? Hey wait... That might... Yeah, that might work. I'll surprise her this year. If she hasn't reminded me, maybe she won't. If she doesn't, I can make her think I forgot, then spring a BIG surprise on 'er. Hmm... Yeah!} Carefully putting the chips back where they were, he went to the phone to start making plans for the 19th.

{That rat} thought Claire, waking up. She had just had a dream that Cliff had completely forgotten her birthday. {So much for my little experiment! I have to remind Cliff every year.} She had planned on waiting to see what happened if she didn't tell him. Had wanted to see if reminding him was absolutely necessary. {Obviously, it is. Well, I might as well go tell him... No wait, I won't tell him. He's not getting off that easy. Hints. That's all he's gonna' get. Just hints.}

"Okay... Yes... Thank you!" said Cliff hanging up the phone. Then he said to himself, "Ooh... this is going to be the surprise of surprises!"
He walked back into the living room, and, seeing Claire was awake, said, "Hi. Had to work late? You weren't here yet when I left for the hospital. When did you get home?"
{Here's a chance} Claire thought. Then she looked at her watch, "I just got home about 15 minutes ago."
"Oh. Well, what held you up?"
"Just one of those cases that's a little more... difficult. By the way, are we still going out to dinner on the 19th?" she asked, throwing a hint at him, knowing clearly that there had been no plans.
"19th? We had something to do on the 19th? Uh... Nope, sorry, I just invited my parents over to dinner then." he said, purposely avoiding her hint. He knew what she did, yet, he kept a straight face.
"Oh, Cliff. You know we don't get to go out very often. Cancel with your parents, and lets go out," she suggested.
"Well, there's no need for that. We can go to dinner on the 20th," Cliff said, shrugging.
"No. Not the 20th."
"Why not?" he asked, trying to be completely serious.
"Well... because... that won't... I had my heart set on the 19th."
"Okay, how about tomorrow. Then you can have the dinner sooner."
"No," Claire said, getting frustrated. "It's just that. For some reason, the 19th feels... sort of... special."
"Oh, really? Why?"
"Oh, I don't know. I guess it just does."
"Well, I guess your right," Cliff said, thinking of an excuse. "It is special. My parents are coming over. We're having guests for dinner."
"Cliff, we have guests almost every night. There's nothing special about that."
"Well, if you make an extra delicious meal, it'll be special."
"But Cliff..." she said, not being able to think up anything else to say. "Alright. We'll have dinner with your parents."
"Okay." Cliff said. He knew giving her the impression of having to do the cooking on her birthday would get her. Then, he went upstairs, to talk to the kids about Claire's birthday present.
{Oh... Now what?} Claire thought to herself while Cliff was going up the stairs. {I could have his parents casually remind him.} Then, she picked up the phone and dialed the number...