June 19th - 4:30 p.m.

Being her birthday, Claire's boss let her off work an hour early. When she got home, she smelled dinner being cooked. "Cliff," she called.
"What?" he came out of the kitchen.
"I thought you wanted me to make dinner tonight."
"Yeah well, this is kind of a peace offering between you and me. Also, my parent's are coming early. Dinner's almost ready okay? The kids ordered a pizza, so it's just us adults."
"Okay Cliff." Just then the doorbell rang.
"I have to get everything in dishes and all, will you answer the door?"
She opened the door for Cliffs parents. "Hello," she said.
"Hi," they both said.
"All ready," Cliff called from the kitchen.
When everyone got into the kitchen, they found Cliff had cooked a bunch of French foods.
"What's this?" Claire asked.
"Something special for special people."
"Aw Cliff, that was nice."
"I know. Mom... Dad?"
Realization struck that he hadn't remembered today either, and she sat down, along with Cliff's parents. After sitting down himself, Cliff thought, {No better time than now to surprise her.}
"Mom, Dad, are you sure you won't mind keeping the kids?" he asked them, giving them a look that said 'now'.
"Oh, no... not at all," said Anna.
"'Cause ya' know. A whole month is a long time. Especially when you've got those three."
"It's fine Cliff," said Russell.
"What are you three talking about?" asked Claire.
"Your birthday present," Cliff said.
"Oh, Cliff. I thought you forgot. But what's this taking the kids for a month thing?"
"Well... I've made arrangement with your boss. I've made arrangements with my boss. I've made arrangements with my mom and dad to take the kids tonight. I've made reservations for a plane trip tonight. I've already packed us... both of us. Happy Birthday, Dear. We're spending a whole month in Paris."
"Paris? Oh, Cliff. You know I've always wanted to go there. You really got everything all set? No catches?"
"Nope, no catch. No snag. No nothing. Just whatever you want to do. This is your trip, but I'm going along. And just think. You thought I forgot your birthday."
"Yeah I-- Oh Cliff, I'm sorry. I was mean to you and everything."
"Well Dear, you didn't know."
"No, but I do love you. When do we leave?"
"Tonight, the plane leaves at 6:00."
"We should probably go then. Just in case we get held up."
"Yep. Thanks mom and dad."
"Sure," said Anna.
"No problem," said Russell.

7:30 - on the plane
"Cliff, Thanks for a wonderful birthday."
He just smiled and said, "It's not over yet. You've got a whole 'nother month..."


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