Hey ppl this is my first story so it might not be the best but I try hard. I know that all ya'll r like me and u wanna know what the story is about before you read it well here is a short summary.

Tidus is back with Yuna but when they want to start their life together a threat reappears and threatens their lives. With tears, fights and kisses they try to overcome it. But when it costs Tidus his life will he do it. Or will he find a way to survive anyway.

Well to find out you'll have 2 read. Oh and I often write from ppls point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in this story. Or the places. They belong to Square-enix ppl and you all know that.

Chapter 1

Second Chance

Faith's POV

I was taking a walk around the farplane as I often do when I saw him…Tidus. He was watching Yuna all the time and sometimes I could hear him crying, it's been like that ever since he came here to us in the faith's farplane. I decided to have a little talk with him for once after 2years of just watching him.

Normal POV

"Still watching her?" he asked

"Yeah…she's very sad, I just wish I could be with her," the blonde boy said not taking his eyes off her image.

"I have been thinking," the faith paused for a second to see Tidus look up at him.

"Thinking about what?" Tidus asked with huge eyes full of hope.

"There is a way to get you back to live with Yuna," he said taking his hood off to reveal two brown eyes with a dark face and black hair that was cut short.

"Really? What's the catch?" Tidus said with a very happy face.

"Wow, you catch along pretty fast, well we won't be able to get you to get you to Besaid right away. We can only get you to the Omega Ruins." Seda said. (A.U. Seda is the name I gave the faith)

"I don't care where on Spira I land as long as I get to be back with Yuna" Tidus said with an overjoyed voice.

"One last thing…you have to swim all the way to Besaid because we cannot get any type of transportation there as you might understand. But with enough determination from the star player of the Zanarkand abes it should be able to be able be done. Well here is a map that shows you the way. Close your eyes, count to 10 and then you should be in the Omega Ruins. You ready?" Seda asked.

"Ready as I ever will be" he said closing his eyes.


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