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Chapter 3

Tidus opened his eyes to see that he did not have a shirt on and he was bandaged up. He had some shorts on which were probably Wakka's. He was lying in a bed, he tried to remember the things that happened…and then he did. He was finally home. Just when he was about to lay back down the fayth appeared.

"Tidus I see you have made it back in only 5 days…very impressive, I thought it would take about 10. You obviously were very determined to come back here.," Seda said

"Got that right" just as Tidus said that he felt the bed move slightly move, he turned around and saw Yuna laying there sleeping peacefully for the first time in a long time.

"You have been unconscious for a whole day. Yuna has been watching over you the whole time. Never eating or talking at all. Well I must go now." And with that he was gone. Tidus turned around and looked at Yuna closely but only for a little while. Then he put his arms around her slowly and brought her closer into a sweet embrace that he never wanted to let go of. He went back asleep realizing it was still night time. Only a few minutes later Yuna woke up opening her eyes but did not move, she smiled greatly when she was looking straight at Tidus's sleeping face. Then she realized the arms around her so she got even closer to him so that she could feel him breathing. And then she too went to sleep.

In the morning Yuna woke up but her room was empty. She was sure that she was not dreaming last night. It seemed to real but then again don't dreams always seem like that. Then she looked at her surroundings and saw his shredded and worn clothes in a corner, this made her feel so much better. She went out of the tent and talked to one of the little girls and then headed out to the beach for a walk but as she got there she heard angry voices screaming at each other.

"No way are you getting Yuna, I made that mistake once but not this time. I made a promise and I'm not about to break it again." with hearing that Yuna turned around the corner and looked at the scene in front of her. Tidus was still bandaged all up but he was not alone…Seymore was there also but how did he come back. Tidus was on the ground bleeding out of several areas on his body.

"TIDUS!" she screamed running in his direction.

"Yuna, NO wait there's a…"but he stopped shocked at how much force the invisible barrier had. Yuna got flung back a long way and her body remained motionless. "YUNA!"

"Tidus you fool, accept it, she is still my wife." Seymore said with a evil grin spread across his ugly features. With some kind of magic spell he got Yuna's body to come his way. "She is rightfully mine if you like it or not." he said as her body made it to him. Tidus eventually managed to get up and grabbed his sword that was next to him.

"She is not yours if she does not want to," as he tried to attack Seymore, Seymore said

"You are putting her life on the line trying to kill me, if that's possible to kill the dead.

"No your wrong, you are putting your own life on the line treating her like that." And with that said Tidus somehow managed to find a last short kick of energy and charged at his enemy. Managing to run at Seymore he brought the sword up and thrust the blade straight into the blue haired freaks stomach. Seymore instantly let go of the body and dropped on his knees in the sand.

"I'm not dome yet, I'll get you for that soon enough," and with that he was gone. Tidus to dropped on the ground exhausted.

Yuna who seemed to have regained conscious ran to him "TIDUS!" she yelled getting on her knees in front of him crying.

"Yuna I told you…that…I would be with…you forever…ow."

"Tidus, why were you out here? You knew that that were injured." Yuna said worriedly, yet she was happy seeing Tidus in front if her.

"The fayth…Seda, told me that something would happen at the beach and only I could do something about it, I had to protect you Yuna." he said trying to smile.

"Oh Tidus I missed you so much, you missed so many things, we saved spira again from this machina and then we…" she started but got cut off by Tidus putting a finger on her lips signaling her to stop talking. She silenced immediately.

"I saw it all, I saw every move you have made over these past two and a half years oh and before I forget I never got to reply to you," Tidus said getting up and level with her eye level. "Yuna, I love you too, I always have and always will. I don't know if I should do this know because I just got back and all that, but then again I guess it can't hurt to try. Yuna what I'm about to tell you and ask of you I want you to think about and take into consideration of what you want. I would gladly give you all the time in the world to think about it." he said pulling an object out of his pocket. "Yuna I know I suck with words so I won't make this a speech. I'll just cut to the chase. Will you marry me?" he said revealing a wonderful ring with some type of stones which were found in macalania and Mt. Gagazet.

After a short pause of none of the two talking Yuna broke the silence "Yes Tidus of course I will" she said with great joy. She wiggled with excitement as he put the engagement ring on her finger. Then she flung herself at him. Even though he had a major deal of pain running through his body he ignored it the best he could and returned the hug. He was as happy as he could be. " I love you too," she said and with that Tidus slowly got closer and then gave Yuna a long passionate kiss.

"I Haven't done that in a long time and I promise I will make up for the time I missed as fast as I can.. " After a few minutes of just sitting there enjoying each others company Tidus went up to the water to wash all the blood off him. Then the happy couple headed back to the village.

"What is the Fayth's farplane?" Yuna asked

"Oh it's where the fayths go and the dream Zanarkand people as well that included my parents, and me. My dad and I got a good relationship that every father and son should have. We played blitz ball together and stuff but most of the time I was watching you through the water.? Tidus explained trying to keep his balance because he was carrying Yuna.

"You know you don't have to carry me." she giggled.

"I know but we are now engaged and I want to make close contact with you after missing that for so long."

"Well you'll get plenty of that tonight I promise." she said with a mischievous smile playing on her lips. And so the couple went in to the village with a long day aheah of them and a lot of talking. But their engagement was not yet to be known.

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