Summary: Luke has fallen…AU vignette. Complete.

Timeframe: No idea. You'll figure it out, I'm sure.

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Disclaimer: All things recognisably Star Wars belong to George Lucas. I just like making up my own stories. ALL HAIL LUCAS!

A/N: Basically, this is a little thing I whipped up about Luke turning to the Dark Side. I'm usually a happy-endings, no darkness author, but I felt I needed to experiment, and this image just hit me. So read on!

It felt like falling, at first.

As long as part of me resisted, it felt like falling. And when you fall, you hang onto the hope, the belief, that you can stop yourself, or that someone will stop you from falling any further. That was how it felt, at first. I fought it.

But soon I accepted it, and the fall was no longer a fall.

It was…it was a little like diving.

The ground rushing up to meet me against my will morphed into a dark, still pool, cool and inviting, and so I stopped resisting and dove towards it eagerly.

Many have asked me, Why? Why did you fall? Why did you turn? Why were you seduced?, as though choosing another path is evil. As though it is akin to slaughtering my entire family.

I am still the same Luke. Choosing the Dark Side did not transform the core of who I am. What it did do was create a better me.

I dove into that pool of dark, raw, power, and I emerged with dragon's wings.

What had I been before? Weak. Powerless. Never able to satisfy Yoda or old Ben or complete the tasks before me. I failed at every endeavour. I crawled and limped along the ground, unable to succeed. Unable to rise up.

But the Dark Side has given me strength and power. The Dark Side has ensured my success. It has given me wings.

It's not falling, as some people think. What did Ben used to say? "A certain point of view". Well, this is my point of view. This is my choice, as I see it.

I don't fall any longer. I fly.