The Ripple of a Stone


Authors Note: This story I have written may not be exact with the customs and culture founded by the Predator movies, comics or stories but I have tried to stay in the area of their beliefs and ways. I have brought in elements from each of the categories and have combined them into one. I do not own Predator. Updates will be regular and changes will be made if any suggestions are made for me. Pronunciations at bottom. Some of the mentioned items in the Yautja world are made up by me. Good Reading.


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The floor is cold on her cheek, each breath coming from her quivering lips causes a bubble of moisture seen against the shine of it. To her surprise it doesn't hurt to breath. Nor does it hurt to blink. Actually, the brightness of wherever she is forces her to close her eyes. But in the blackness Nala sees flashes of a world that seems so far away, of Det and of black hunters. Of Sya on the ground, wrist blades aimed for him. Had she stopped him? Did she keep him safe? She remembers the pain in her chest, but she can't feel it now. Forcing herself to look, Nala sees only her Awu'asa, fully intact. Slowly she turns onto her back, feeling the spot where she should have two gaping wounds.

"This, you say, is our new daughter?" The voice startles her to turn back onto her stomach, looking around to find only white. On shaky feet Nala stands, wishing silently that she once more had Rathes swords to use as something to lean on. Around her is nothing but stark blank, eye burning white; no corners to see, to end to run to. She does a full circle around, confused beyond anything. But then, suddenly and without even a sound, two chairs appear before her, one black and the other white. Hasn't she seen these before? Taking tentative steps, she inches closer to the pair of seats, something is too odd about this. She shouldn't be here, if anything she should be dead! Something inside tells her not to touch a thing, and she backs up a few steps.

"Indeed." Someone says from behind her and she twists around to find two Yautja sitting in the chairs. She looks back to where they were once, but there is nothing.

"Skittish." Now Nala can tell it is a female voice and her full attention is dedicated to her at once. The pure white of her Awu'asa was made even more brilliant by sitting in the black chair, the complete opposite to her companion who is wearing his black armor and in the white seat. Her fingers begin to tingle suddenly, fear boiling the bile in her stomach. Something about this pair tells her to be afraid, and yet to respect them. Her eyes go down to the floor when the male tilts his head a little.

"She is just unaware of where she is, give her a moment my dearest Paya, she just needs to know where her boots are." The male Yautja sighs and clears his throat, almost in a way as to tell Nala to hurry with it.

"Why are you here, Nalani?" The female, Paya, asks.

"How do you know my name?" Nala looks into the pale white mask, but gets no answers. "I'm dreaming. This is impossible." She holds her head in her hands and closes her eyes, trying to concentrate. "This is not real. Of course you know my name, you are my imagination. I am hallucinating! I don't believe this!"

"Oh you better believe this little human, or this will be the last you see of anything!" Her once soft female tone takes on a harsher tenor, but it doesn't faze her in the least.

"Right there proves my point, you see? Human. If you were Yautja you would have called me Ooman, not human. I just want to wake up!" No sooner than the words left her lips, Nala is overcome by a searing pain in her chest. Her air is knocked from her and the smell of her blood begins to fill the room. Her chest slowly, agonizingly opens to show her two wounds from the wrist blade. The throbbing travels from her head to her knees and suddenly she finds herself on the ground, face once more on the floor.

"Be careful of your words." The male says rather worriedly. "If we will it you will wake, only to die. But then what we have planned will not come to pass, and things will become rather dull."

"Is 'dull' the proper word to use when concerning this matter?" Paya huffs. "I think not! Cetanu, don't you see, she is weak, not like Yautja females. How did we choose her anyways? Look how she cowers." Nala coughs out, spraying blood all over, the pain so numbing that everything is a blur. The colors in the room become so vibrant, almost glowing. Her red blood so animated as it slowly moves along, even her paling skin seems unnatural.

"You already forget we did not make her?" His question goes on deaf ear.

"Nalani, you do not know who I am yet. Nalani?" Paya calls out but she cannot answer, she wants to but the pain won't allow her to.

"How can she speak when she has blood in her lungs, hm?" The undertone of joking arrogance makes Paya merely chuckle. The next moment just makes Nala even more confused, more scared, and even angry. The pain that had unexpectedly started, stops in her next breath. She takes in the deepest, most satisfying breaths she has ever in her whole life. Nala grabs her chest, finding nothing but cold metal rather than open flesh.

"Answer me." Paya demands, catching her concentration again. But Nala, still ever questioning, looks at her with raging eyes.

"Fuck you. I still don't believe." In a flash of white Paya stands and instantly Nala feels like nothing more than an ant. Her sheer size and girth make every other Yautja female she has ever met look underdeveloped. But in standing, she notices something rather alarming. Over the belly of this white hunter is a shield to guard her stomach, something that only a pregnant female would wear. Paya is with child.

"Do you think I care that you believe this?" She asks, extending her arms out to indicate the white 'room' they were in. "This is nothing, young Nalani. Young Siechi'bal Avthan." Slowly Paya walks to stand not a foot in front of the poor being on the ground, her scent so encompassing, her wave of pure power and superiority make Nala wish to be invisible. Paya grabs her by the collar and lifts her up into the air, making sure she knows to pay attention. "I call you human because that is the name your species choose for themselves, if I had a hand in your making I would have called you useless!"

"Careful." Cetanu almost laughs under his breath.

"If I could have chosen I would have picked from another group, another species that could do this in a better fashion, that was not so weak!" The anger pulses though her fist as it holds onto Nalas collar of her Awu'asa, and shakes her body close to violently. Her limp limbs rattle, her eyes shut in fear and her heart beats so loud she can barely hear the words any longer. "I didn't make your damned world, let alone you! But here you are, aren't you?" She tilts her head, examining the meat in her hand. "I pity your species, so faithless, unknowing of me, aimless in this universe. If you believe you will know what this entire business means. Only if you believe in me. Only if you understand this gift I gave to you. I am not truly here, neither are you, or Cetanu. We merely wished to talk." She gently sets Nala down to her feet, letting her gain composure for a moment. "You are to become the daughter to one who has none. Hunt. Learn. Guide. Lead. Sacrifice. Take the gift of life. Trust in that. These words are for you only, Nalani. As I talk to Matriarchs and Patriarchs, this is between us. If, one day, you believe that you need to speak of what we say I hope you consider the issue very much before doing so. I give you permission, once, to tell Ras'Lech and Zanjui, jointly, that they must tread lightly with them, they know that nothing good will come with the interaction but it is too late to stop it."

"I don't understand." Nala whispers.

"You will not for a long time my daughter." Finally standing, Centau leisurely comes to their sides, looking down at her slightly. Even through the mask Nala faintly recognizes someone, but who she had no idea.

"So much is in your future, our future." Paya starts again. "It is a pity you still do not believe me." She didn't need to even ask it, she knows Nala does not believe her, how can she? How can she trust that this is not a strange vision before death? What if she is being held captive? What if this is nothing but her mind finally giving way into nothingness? But what if it is real? Then what? The pain starts again, slowly this time. She grabs her aching chest and looks into the eyes of Paya. "Wake up Nalani. You have but a single breath waiting for you, take it, use it."

"What do you mean?" It hurts to speak, the blood starts to pour again.

"Wake up."

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"I need two needles, open your pack." Sya orders, getting his own and Lord Khupiees med kit. He roughly opens them and ruffles though until finding the needles and a long, thin tube.

"What are you doing?" Dhm'Ni asks, his eyes so wide if fear and confusion.

"Quiet now." His father orders. Sya rips off the armor on Nalas right arm, but it is so lifeless, her heart soundless.

"I need the light!" Sya hisses and a few hunters who had gathered around them move back. With the suns, Sya can see the veins in her arms, hoping that the blood was still blue enough that he could see it. He slides in a needle, no blood comes out. Cursing, Sya does the same to himself, then attaching the tubing between them. Using his fingers, he creates a sucking force by sliding his fingers back and forth until slowly his green blood begins to fill it. And within a moment it is flowing into her body, the color tinting her skin.

"This will work." Aja says, kneeling beside him. "She just needs more. Her blood can adapt, if it is still alive. Get her heart beating." Her gaping wounds shine, the smell near intoxicating. Aja swiftly uses alsn to close the wounds, healing gel to cauterize them, water to clean the blood. But her heart is still not beating and Sya is becoming dizzy. Aja places a hand at her chest at the base of her ribs and begins to push down rhythmically and everyone strains their ears, waiting for the sounds. After what seems like years Sya rips out the needle from his arm, unable to give anything more. He looks down into her pale face, calls her name and brushes her hair with his hand. Every Yautja flinches at the thud, a few even gasp. Nalas eyes open ferociously and she looks around as if she had never seen their faces before. She looks right into Syas eyes, takes a deep, foreboding breath and practically throws herself upwards, grasping him around the shoulders.

"Do you have daughters?" She asks in a whisper, knowing she only has a little breath inside her. But Sya doesn't answer, he looks between her frantic face and Lord Khupiees. "Answer me, do you have any daughters?" Her fingers shake against him, her body weak, almost falling down.

"No, I have none." Sya tells back, stunning everyone but Lord Khupiee. Nalas eyes fill with massive drops of tears, the streaks falling down her face, shining in the sun.

"I believe…" She says and let's herself fall down to the ground, careful to not let a single morsel of air loose from her lungs. "I believe… I believe…" She keeps repeating. Dhm'Ni inches close to her, their eyes meeting for a moment. But out of breath, Nala can only mouth the words, 'I believe, I believe' over and over.

"What do you believe Nalani?" Lord Khupiee asks, leaning over to see her better. But her next words will cause a ripple to all the Yautja, something that no one thought to ever hear from anyone who had not read the book.

"Paya." It comes out in such a small whisper, it was barely heard over the sounds of everything else. Nalas eyes close and her body goes weak again, but her heart beats loud.

"Did she just…" The question didn't need to be finished. The sound of a large group approaching takes their attention, reinforcements of Yautja from the ship had arrived. Lord Khupiee barks orders to get the ship they had used as close to them it can get, they need to get Nala to a healer as fast as possible.

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"YOU DID WHAT?" The question didn't bother Sya as much as the tone of it. What had Kh'Cho expected from him, to sit back and what her die? "Do you have any idea of the damage you are doing just at this moment? Look at the poor girl!" The group turns their heads, finding Nala unconscious on the healers table, her skin burning hot, so red she glows with what looks like a sea of sweat pouring from her. "She is Ooman, or have you forgotten!" The sheer urgency in his voice makes Sya question his judgment, but just for a moment. She needed him, so he gave everything he could. His blood now flows within Nala, she is by definition his daughter. His only daughter. How she came to that conclusion, how she had mustered the energy to ask that question, he has no idea. By his side Lord Khupiee is silent, taking care of his sons' leg himself, sewing the wound closed. Aja, standing next to her, feels a sense of dread at the smell of her blood and sweat, he wishes he could help. The door opens and Thr'ik jolts in, huffing while handing the healer a bundle of clean alsn from the other rooms. The healer quickly strips Nala of all her Awu'asa, leaving her naked for just a moment in front of everyone. Dhm'Ni, however, wishes he hadn't allowed him the gift of such a sight, the groan he held back was actually painful.

"What else do you want me to do?" Thr'ik asks, him honestly being the only one that can do anything, the others all being so shocked they are barely able to move.

"I need ice, and lots of it."

"Ice?" Sya asks.

"Why do you need ice?" Thr'ik baggers.

"Because if you hadn't noticed Nalani is in a fever, the Yautja blood is messing with her internal temperature. If her body gets over a particular degree her brain will melt!" The silence that ensues after his words is awkward indeed. Thr'ik just nods and runs back out to go to the galley, they must have the ice. Kh'Cho begins to fuss with Nala, checking her healed wounds, her heart, everything possible. Once Dhm'Ni is able to stand, he walks straight to Sya and asks something he couldn't fathom to be true.

"You have no daughters? How is that possible?" He doesn't waver in his question, he wants to know.

"Dhm'Ni!" His father is ready to smack the Young Blood for being so stupid.

"Since my line can remember," Sya starts, not looking away from Nalani. "We have had only males. We do not produce females. Never have. A punishment from Paya herself. We were never to know the splendor or be happy in the gift of such a thing. That is why it was so strange of me to think of Nalani as a daughter, how would I know what it felt like, I do not have one. Did not. Now I do."

"She said her name." Aja says suddenly, calling attention to him. "She asked you that question. Do you think she had a conversation with the Goddess?" His skin was the color of the sky between dusk and night fall, a strange mingling of pinks and black.

"Even if she did she wouldn't be able to tell us." Sya sighs. "She must have, when I gave her my blood. When she truly became a child of Paya. We will ask her what she will be allowed to say when she wakes up."

"If she wakes." Kh'Cho says, regret and anger in his voice. "Your blood that saved her has caused her brain to swell, her body couldn't handle it, she is battling not to reject it. I can't help her. She has to do this on her own now. And I don't know how long that will take." The world fell on all of their shoulders, each Yautja in that room know they cannot do a thing to help, and it kills them.

"" "" "" ""

Two cycles pass with no one hearing her laugh. Every day was full of visitors coming to check progress, though there never was any. Nalani had broken her fever a week after she received her fathers' blood, but she didn't wake up. The healer had placed her in a private room, her body floats in pure silence, only the smallest sound of her breathing heard. While Sya would have done anything to be with her at every moment, the world still revolved. It still moved without her. Dhm'Ni and Thr'ik were ordered by their Clan Leader to continue life, mating season had come and gone with both getting many females with child. They had to hunt, they had to further their lives. Though it was hard without her. At nights Dhm'Ni would awake, bellowing out after his nightmare.

The black hunters that had attacked them on the home world were inspected, none were left alive. There were no indications of any separate clan line they did not know of. From the near twenty Yautja dead, there were no more than two who came from the same clan. How could a group suddenly come together? What had Det done with them? Questions that would never be answered as it seemed. But Dhm'Ni knows they are the same Yautja, if only from the same group, that killed him mother. He would never forget the look of them. An outcry from Yautja, stunningly almost all the females included, demanded that Nalani be given the best care in her condition. Never before has something like this happened. News of her knowing Paya made its way through the ranks, such a religious vision was unheard of by anyone. The Matriarch was bombarded with questions, as was the Patriarch. But they couldn't answer any of them. Syas secret was kept, though Dhm'Ni still had a hard time understanding.

Every day just after mid day meal Aja would come in to give Nala a bath, something he had to go all the way to Sya and Lord Khupiee for. He would soak a cloth in warm soapy water and gently run it along each arm, around her neck, across each breast, circle her stomach, go over the hills of her hips, up over her thighs down to her toes. It took days for him to convince that it was not out of sexual curiosity but out of pure need to do something, something to keep her comfortable wherever she may be. The wounds on her chest had been so properly taken care of that they had practically disappeared, something they knew Nalani would be thankful for. When she woke up.

Secretly, Dhyot'na had finished everything they started with her home. She felt she owed it to her. They had spent many more days together talking about feminine things, and every time Nala had no idea what she was talking about the laugh that came after was from the heart. The pale blue she had chosen makes the room so much larger, makes it feel as if someone lives there. And she will live there again. Dhyot'na couldn't bring herself to go see her, not yet even after all this time. She would make it to the door to her private room but her heart would hammer in her chest, begging to see her, to check on her, but her knees would be numb and her feet would not move. She would ask of her progress from the healer and for the longest time it would be the same.

Until one day he mentions that the swelling had gone down, but still her eyes would not open. That night something closer to the side of a miracle happened. Sya had come in as he usually does, checking on her progress. The healer would also say the usual, that her brain was out of danger, every part of her as healthy as they can be. But as he touched her check, just too gently give her a feeling of him being there, a sound startles them both. Deep within Nalas body, coming from the connection of her lungs and throat, a loud purr started. At first Sya stopped, stunned. But then so did she. He pet her hair, freshly cleaned it seemed, and again she purred. But when he again stopped, the healer wanted to inspect her, Nala growled. Not her imitation growl that she had begun to do, but a true Yautja rumble. It made their ears ring from how deep it was. Both stunned into silence, her grumbling stopped. Without a word the healer had done a full exam of her body, finding that not only had her voice box changed to make the air pocket in which the sounds came from, but certain physical features only a female Yautja were beginning to form. Just behind Nalas ears, no larger than an inch, are slits that open up to emit her pheromones. That led them to look at her nose. Her scent glands, now larger than normal, would now be able to smell more than ever thought possible. Her body temperature was stable, though higher than a normal Ooman body would be able to handle.

When news of this got out, the people began to ask more questions about what happened, begging for information. Her knowing of Paya before reading was one thing, but now with her becoming more Yautja every moment, it was wide spread that Paya had gifted her with their features. It was a miracle. Those closer to Nala went to visit, one of them making Sya very nervous. Dhm'Ni needed but to walk in for Nala to begin purring. But not like when Sya had touched her. This was full of yearning, a longing that everyone could hear. The call was unmistakable, but the idea made impossible by Sya. He threw Dhm'Ni out before he could contemplate just what she was doing. If only he stayed for just a moment longer, he would have smelt her arousal just as thickly as those already in the room had. For Sya, however, it meant that his suspicions were true. He couldn't allow Nala and Dhm'Ni to be alone, there was an attraction there that was unwelcome, untimely. Dhm'Ni has a purpose in life that Sya must make sure he fulfills. Being now the only son of the Ehre Clan, Dhm'Ni must secure as many pure Yautja children as possible. But in that moment, knowing that his dear Nalani has such feelings for Dhm'Ni, the happiness inside him grew.

Sya would read to her some nights when he would not sleep himself, telling stories that his father had once told him. He felt it best to carry on such stories, particularly ones of his own heritage. His sons, grandsons and great grandsons all clambered to meet her, but with her sleeping for so long that became out of the question. He would be asked, every day it seemed, by someone whom Nalani had befriended if there was any progress, any good news. And far be it for Sya to bring his people down, resorting to 'any day now' as a response no matter what. He would go to Lord Khupiee, him being the only one he could truly talk to of such things. 'What do I do with a daughter?' he would ask, but then he would remember that between them, they had no daughters to speak of. At least, before Nala. The Patriarch, Syas own father, had thought that a punishment would be in order for such a rash decision of giving her blood was in order. But that idea went from his mind as soon as it came. It was a shock, no less, to him as well in learning that by blood now, Nalani was his granddaughter. His first. The first in too many generations to remember.

By the time a whole season had come and gone, and the anniversary of her attack came, the Yautja became more and more demanding of her full recovery. However, secretly of course, a joy within Syas line was happening. His sons began to have his granddaughters, his grandsons began giving him great granddaughters. The pure elation had to be kept within the walls, so none would hear that they were barren of such a gift for so long. The first was born, ironically, on that very day Nala was born to their family. Sya brought the little baby girl into the room and displayed her with his heart half full and half broken. How he wishes she could know what she had given him. He wishes she would wake up.

"" "" "" ""

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

The ragged breath from her lungs was on that sweet line of pleasure and pain. Nalanis' muscles ached to move, begged to stretch! Her fingers, weak and stiff, were the only thing she was able to forcibly budge for a long time. Her arm stretches out to the white cloth incasing all around her, the softness of it rather delightful. Her body begins to slowly drift down to lay flat on the white hard bed, her healing table that had for so long kept her. Just as the table itself begins to lower into the ground, the white sheets rise up, both to be hidden within the floor and ceiling. Nala blinks her eyes hard, feeling as though she hadn't opened them in decades. The colors of the room, while rather dull truly, was bright and new and painful. With a groan she turns onto her side and pushes herself up to a sitting position, that being a hard move, too hard. Around the small private room, she could smell something she couldn't see.

"Sya…" She calls out. She can smell him as though he was standing before her, but he is not anywhere to be found. A stool in the corner, well worn down by the many unknown visitors, carries his scent so strongly that she closes her eyes to focus. She misses him. The next yawn that revenged her body was unwelcome, painful and yet satisfying. Every muscle elongated so far that the bone holding them popped with sick gratification. She twists her neck either way, the cracks from them echo in the room. Finally getting to her knees, she finds she must crawl to the stool, using it to get onto her weak feet. When she sits down, she breaths deep and hard as though she had run a race. Beside her is a small cabinet, the contents being quite useful. She uses the fresh while alsn to wrap around her body, the fabric rolls around each limb smoothly, joining itself at the seams almost magically. Suddenly Nala notices her hair rings in a box at the back of the cabinet, that giving her reason to finally see that her hair, once just at her shoulders, was now past her butt. Her eyes open widely at the realization of how long she may have actually been here.

Her knees wobble with each step, the walls holding her up more than anything else. Her eyes are wide, franticly searching for Kh'Cho to answer to questions. Why is she here? For how long has she been here? Is she sick? Was she? What is happening? The questions burned her mind. But the healers deck is empty, except of course for those few poor souls so broken and damaged that they need to spend the night. The door opens so loudly she covers her ears, something was different with her body. Once in the lift, Nala allows herself to fall against the wall, she doesn't even know where it is taking her. Her mind is spinning too much for her to really care. When the doors open, the talking stops. A group of Yautja halt as the doors reveal her, all stunned beyond comprehension. One calls out her name, but before she can even bother to answer the doors close again. Cursing, Nala yells for the lift to stop at the next floor, wherever the pauk that may be. The floor, however, is empty. Though she doesn't notice until she had walked off the lift and the doors closed behind her. Her head, getting heavier and heavier by the moment, doesn't allow her to notice just how long she has been walking. Only when she reaches the end of the hallway, it being a large window of the Hunters Globe, does she realize she must have been going to a long, long while. The brightness of the scene before her forces her eyes to tear. The glow from the homeworld was evil in it burning of her eyes, and the two sons around them make her head was to explode. But where is she? The healers deck was near the middle of the globe. But then again, she also doesn't know how far up, or down, she went in the lift. She is so confused.

"" "" "" ""

She smelt him first. That sweet rain with vanilla. Her body, still weak, had fallen to the ground in front of the window. The view is wonderful, though her eyes are so tired they stayed closed for however long she had been there. Sitting on her knees, her shoulders slump with each breath. But when one of those carries in his scent, she swoons. Nalas head falls back in near ecstasy. Flashes of Dhm'Ni threaten to push her back over the edge of conscienceless into the blackness she was begging for. Those nights she would wake with his massive head on her stomach, arms wrapped around her hips. Or of their times hunting, his full Awu'asa making him look like a god. And the color of his eyes…

"Nala…" His voice seems so real in her mind. Nala bows down, placing her forehead to the ground in an effort to stop the pain. "Nalani, it's me." His voice was too real. She painfully sits straight again and looks behind her, though in all her life she will never see something as beautiful as this again. Standing near naked, Dhm'Ni, clearly just awoken, is wearing just sleeping trucks. Her eyes roam from his face, through those blue eyes and tusked mouth, down his ripped and sculpted chest, thick and rounded thighs, even his odd feet make something inside of her stir. The color of his skin seems bring in the light of the other globes, the dark and light browns seems more opposite to each other than ever. Suddenly on her feet, Nala can't look away as she walks towards him. Their eyes meet and somewhere deep inside she begins to feel a vibration, and they each for the first time hear her purr.

Dhm'Nis head swims. His fingers tingle. Immediately he starts to pump out musk, just the sound of her make his body burn. He looks back at to her and their eyes lock. He can see that she is scared, that she doesn't know what she is doing. But in that same moment she can feel that it is natural. Her steps are tentative at first, but they stumble when Nala smells him. Her heart, hammering so hard it hurts, stops when his musk envelops her. Their breathing matches in irregular, ragged gasps. Nalas purr deepens, her own fingers trembling at how loud it is. Out of the blue, her body is racked with a sudden shudder, one so violent that it stuns her. A random drip of something wet down each side of her neck makes her tilt her head a moment. Not knowing what it is, Nala touches one hand to the wetness, but when she sees what it is, when she smells what it is, she can't even begin to understand. Dhm'Ni, however, can't control himself any longer. The smell of her own feminine and unique musk pulls him towards her, urging him to be next to her. He runs as fast as his legs can carry him and then they were together. Dhm'Ni grabs her wet hand, it trembling from her own inner struggle, and brings it to his mouth. He takes a deep, ground shaking breath and groans at its consequences. His other hands wraps around her back and pulls her weak body into his, the softness of every curve of her making his own body hard and rigid. Nala gasps and though she tries to pull away from it, they both know it is merely from the shock of the situation, not that she doesn't want to be near to him. The hardness of his own arousal hits her hip and stomach, while her own burns between her legs. Dhm'Ni purrs deep when he looks down into her eyes. Slowly, deliberately slowly, he slithers out his tongue and licks up every single morsel of her sweet musk. His knees nearly buckle.

Nala moans when he picks her up, wrapping her arms around his neck as he gently gets down on to the ground, laying her beneath him. Her legs open wide to allow his massive hips space to settle down on top of her, and oh how the weight of him makes her happy. Nala digs a hand into Dhm'Nis tresses, the groan of elation making her giggle for just a moment. His hands, treacherous with their need to feel her, hold her at the shoulders, never wanting to let her go. Out of pure instinct, his hips grind back and forth against her, teasing her more than anything she has ever felt. Her hands move to his back and scratch down in need for him to go faster. Dhm'Ni seethes at the pure pleasure mixed with the pain, growling in the wondrous mixture. And who is he to say no to her? He brings his legs up higher, to give himself the proper leverage, and pushes himself against her. They both groan into the other, whine in ecstasy. Nala wraps her legs around his waist, bringing them as high as they can on his body.

Without even a sound, an arm in suddenly between their writing bodies, pulling Dhm'Ni away from her. Nala screams at the intrusion, grasping for him with all of her might. But with her body still weak, and now with every beat of her heart making things tingle and numb, she can only watch as Lord Khupiee pulls his son away and down the hall way. His roars of protest go on deaf ear, he is no physical match for him. Behind her, sighing with regret, Sya kneels down beside her and hugs her being behind.

"NALA!" She hears him roar for her and her heart begs to run to him.

"Dhm'Ni…" Nala can only whisper it.

"" "" "" ""

"What are you doing, let me go!" Dhm'Ni pushes his father away so roughly that he hits the wall of the lift. "Take me back to her, NOW!" His eyes are full of such determination that Lord Khupiee, for just a moment, thinks it best to do so. But he must not.

"We do not know of what happened to her yet, Dhm'Ni." He hisses, trying to properly show how disappointed he is. "You shouldn't have gone after her by yourself."

"I was the first to awoken when that group of Yautja saw her, not you!" Dhm'Ni reasons. "I found her on the globe, I went for her! I needn't give you any reason for going to her! I want her, father, you know that! And you can't stop me!"

"Oh but I can. Dhm'Ni you have a duty to this family, to our line. You must reproduce, breed and make this family strong again. With your brother…" He couldn't even finish the sentence. "It is up to you to fulfill what I could not."

"I already have at least, AT LEAST, a dozen Yautja female with child, what more do you want?" By now the beating of his heart was calm enough that Dhm'Ni can hear his own words and truly understand his fathers. "I want her. Need her. Her scent now, the taste of her, it does something to me. I have an urge to be beside her every moment of my life. And urge to be inside of her!" The smack that came from Lord Khupiee was not out of punishment, but out of sympathy. His son wasn't making this separation any easier for himself thinking such things. After a moment or two, when he felt that he could speak without the male instinct taking over again, he decided to tell him.

"Sya agrees with him in this. You and Nala are in danger of each other. She is to be examined and questioned and you are to be sent with Nder and his hunting party for find new worlds." The door to the lift opens to the transport deck, already with Nder waiting. "He will escort you into the ship, then he will go to your room and get all of your things. You are not allowed back until we say so." Lord Khupiee in essence pushes his son off of the lift and into Nder, not wanting to hear a rebuttal. But there wasn't going to be one. The stunned and hurt look on his face tells Lord Khupiee that he had made a decision that will forever torment him, yet again.