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Noodle was drinking green tea in the kitchen one average morning at Long Studios. She sat in the kitchen, looking out at the landfill. She stretched her legs out in front of her, crossed them, and set them gently on the table. It was quiet, thankfully. No fights had broken out yet, no one was banging on some instrument like mad, no music was blaring, Cortex, Murdoc's raven, was even quiet. She enjoyed the peace. Maybe this was why she always got up so early. Everyone else was asleep, and Kong almost seemed normal.


Noodle checked her watch. 10 A.M. Little early. She sighed and finished up her tea as Murdoc burst into the kitchen.

"Oye!" he cried, "I 'ate him more than life itself!"

Noodle snorted, "you only say that because he gets more public attention than you."

Murdoc blinked and looked at her with his mismatched eyes. "Whaddya say, kid?"

"Oh," said Noodle setting her tea cup down, "absolutely nothing. I'll be going now, Muds." And with that she walked out of the Kong Studio's kitchen.

Mudoc sat at the table and sighed with frustration. Why did 2D always get on his nerves so much? It was a question he pondered and pondered over and over again. He couldn't figure it out. If he hated the dullard so much, why did he keep thinking about him? Was it because he got more attention, like Noodle said? Or was it because he wrecked his life when he hit him with his car and simply felt nothing but pity for him? He grabbed a cig from his pocket and lit it with a lighter laying on the table. He took a deep drag and slumped down in his chair.

"Sodder," he muttered to no one unparticular and sighed again. He was losing it. Thinking about 2D all the time…he snorted at himself. Ugh…it was an early morning too. He slumped down in his chair a little more, cig in mouth, and fell into a light sleep.

2D had his head tilted slightly to the side a little, his 'eyes' fixated on Murdoc, sitting across the table.

"Murdocy?" asked 2D in a whisper, "you 'wake?"

Murdoc grunted and the cig fell out of his mouth.


No reaction


Still, none.


Murdoc opened one of his eyes. "AYE!"

2D gave him his toothless grin, "morning to ya, princess."

Murdoc moaned and looked away.

Why, why, why?

"Ready for some food?" asked 2D standing up.

Murdoc felt sick…he had dreamed about 2D, and here he was, offering him breakfast or…lunch…or whatever it was time for. He was being nice…especially after the fight they had just had earlier. Was he trying to make it up to him? Or was he just being stupid 2D?

"I'll make you're favorite," stated 2D, "wote'er it is…"

Murdoc slumped over onto the table, "I feel sick."

"Better get ya back to the Winnie then."

"No no," said Murdoc weakly, "juss…go away, NOW!"

2D looked at him, confused. "I know you're forty now…but it isn't all t'at bad…juss life is all."

Yeah, he was getting old. What did it have to do with all of this? Perhaps it was his midlife circus, worrying about 2D. Whatever it was, he had to get rid of it quick, before it turned into something disastrous.