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Murdoc was basically dragged like a rag doll through the back stage corridors. Once backstage, he began to kick and scream.

"CHRIST! Lards!" he yelled in his last attempt to save himself, "Don' kill me in front of the audience! Even I'm not that morbid!"

"I said," Russel repeated himself, "I'm not gonna kill yo."

Once Murdoc had his mind made up, it was made up. He whimpered as he was dragged onto the stage, back into the lights, and the view of the audience. Trying to regain some dignity, he managed to get his feet on the ground. After that, he started tugging at Russel's arm.

"Lemme go!" he shrieked. Russel shook his head and then beckoned Noodle over. Being the good, trained girl she was she walked over to her surrogate father. Leaning over he whispered into her ear. As he unraveled his plan to her, her face lit up, a small smile curling over her face. Russel stood back up and nodded at Noodle. Chuckling, she nodded.

"Hai, Russel," she said as he let go of Murdoc. Murdoc looked at the guitarist confused. Her face then became serious and almost deadly.

"I have been told to attempt to murder you if you try to move until further command," Noodle said matter-of-factly. Murdoc struggled to keep him jaw from dropping.

"W..wot?" he asked quietly. Noodle gave him a slight smile of reassurance.

Something was up and Murdoc had no idea what was going down. It made him nervous not knowing the plan or being informed on the detail. Murdoc's eyes shifted over to the drummer, who was now approaching the microphone. The crowd was going crazy.

Then, Russel picked up the microphone. Cheers and screams became louder.

"Sorry I'm late," Russel said into the microphone, "airport security is so fucked up these days."

The audience replied with more screams and cheers; some even chuckled.

"Anyway," Russel said, "I bet Muds and 'D have really gotten everyone confused here."

2D tilted his head to the side, giving Russel a strange look. He walked over to his keyboard and grabbed the microphone that was supposed to be used for it. Clicking it on he brought it close to his mouth,

"I didn' say anyfing though, Russ!" 2D commented. "Oh yeah! By the way! Welcome back!"

"'D, shut the hell up," Russel chided playfully, "I'm doin' this for you."

"Oh…" 2D said, trying to figure it out, "well, awright then…carry on!"

Murdoc nearly slapped his forehead. Dear Satan…did he miss that stupid pretty-boy.

"Anyway," Russel continued, "I wasn't here because I said I quit the band -- now before you all start screaming again, let me explain. Murdoc and 2D decided to…oh lord, how do I put this?"

Murdoc's eyes were now the size of dinner plates. Was Russel really going to tell all detail to this concert, which would then get out to the world? He wanted to run over, take the microphone from Russ, run off, and never be seen again. A quick glance the at the karate master next to him made him decide different though.

"Well, I knew Murdoc was bi but I had no idea 2D had an interest in men," Russel picked up. Murdoc slapped his face and slowly ran his hand down over his face. 2D's eyebrows furrowed. He pick up the microphone again.

"But I don' anymore!" 2D announced.

"'D, didn't I tell you to shut up?" Russel replied. The audience laughed. "Noodle's been telling me different."

2D gave a sharp look over at Noodle. In return, she gave him a devious grin and pointed back at Russel.

"I've kept in touch with Noodle since I left," Russel explained to the band mates, and the audience. "She told me about all the stuff that went down. 'D and Muds getting all close and then that big fight that you had," Russel chuckled, "'D…you actually broke it off with Muds?"

2D nodded hesitantly, becoming more and more embarrassed by the second. Why, why in front of an audience?

"Good for you, man," Russel smiled. "Anyway, in our e-mails, Noodle kept telling me how much the two were really miserable without each other. I can't help to feel like this is my fault though. We all knew that 'D had been after Muds for a while. Well, 'cept for him and Muds. Wait, I guess that just means me and Noodle-girl knew," he paused for a moment in thought, "anyway! I left all pissed off because I thought Muds was trying to hurt 'D. Nothing could be farther from the truth though."

Murdoc was actually embarrassed for once in his life…well, there was that other time when he was little with his father and the talent show…He shook his head quickly. He really didn't need to be remembering that right at this moment.

"Muds," Russel said turning to him, "come here."

Noodle jabbed Murdoc in the back, pushing him forward. After he regained himself he stopped, staring at the big black man.

"Go!" she comanded jabbing him in the back once again with more force. Murdoc stumbled forward again but continued over to Russel.

"Muds," Russel said, "you are one fucked up person, but, ya know…yo ain't as bad as I thought."

Russel received the strangest look Murdoc had ever given anyone.

"Thanks…" Murdoc said unsure if it was a compliment or insult.

"That's why I need to apologize," Russel said, "I was wrong. Yo ain't trying to hurt 'D…yo just in love with him."

The audience's noise level rose up once again. Cheers, boos, screams, whistles, and the occasional "awwww!"

Murdoc grabbed the microphone out of Russel's hand and tossed it across the stage. It landed with a loud CRASH! Which exploded throughout the speakers, making everyone clap their hands over their ears. Quickly though, Murdoc looked up at Russel.

"What the bloody 'ell are you doin'!?" Murdoc yelled. "Tryin' to humiliate me in front of the whole fuckin' world!?"

Russel sighed, shaking his head. "You still love 'D, right?"

The Satanist was shocked at the directness of the question. He looked over at 2D, who had, obviously, heard. His dark, bruised eyes were zeroed in on his former lover.

"I…," Murdoc stammered. He glance back at Russel then back to 2D, "shit…yeah…I do."

2D smiled slightly, his eyes lighting up; however, he didn't dare to move. Seeing this was never going to end with help, Noodle picked up the microphone Murdoc had thrown. Turning it off she walked over to her blue-haired best friend.

"2D," Noodle said just loud enough for them to hear, "he still loves you. Aren't you going to do anything!?"

2D shook his head. He stretched out his hand, asking for the microphone. Noodle sighed playfully and handed it to him. He clicked it on.

"You still need tah apologize!" 2D said, letting the whole audience hear. Murdoc snapped around, facing 2D, face red of…well, no one could tell if it was anger or embarrassment.

"Can't we do this somewhere else?" Murdoc asked. "This is fucking embarrassing!"

"I don' care!" 2D replied, "it wos going tah get out tah the public anyway."

Murdoc rolled his eyes and walked over to 2D. He pulled the microphone from 2D's hands. Taking a deep, shaky breath, he took the microphone close to his mouth.

"I'm bloody sorry, awright?"

It was one of the most sincerest things that the bassist had ever said. 2D gave him a big toothless smile.

"I forgive ya."

Murdoc smiled slightly.

Now what?

"Wot's going on!?" screamed an audience member.

Murdoc turned to the audience, the showmanship in him kicking in.

"Wot'dya say?" Murdoc asked into the microphone. "If you we're 'D, would ya take me back?"

The audience was louder than it had been all night in cheers, and that is saying something; Noodle had to clap her hands over her ears.

Murdoc turned back to 2D, "This is the closest thing to soap opera I've ever came to," Murdoc muttered into the microphone, "it's fucking pathetic." Russel chuckled at the comment. All three other band members knew Murdoc loathed soap operas almost as much as God himself. Taking another deep breath, Murdoc grabbed one of 2D's hands. He clicked off the microphone. The words he was about to say were only for 2D to hear.

"Take me back?" Murdoc asked, a begging look in his eyes.

2D smiled softly and nodded. Murdoc smiled back.

"2D!" Noodle cried out. "Is that all your going to do!?"

Both of them had forgotten the teenager was still standing nearby. So much for only 2D hearing him.

2D turned to Noodle, "No, Noodle, it isn't!"

Without warning, Murdoc felt his shoulders being grabbed the 2D's lips being pressed against his.

They both knew that the audience must have been loud, but neither of them noticed. 2D licked Murdoc's lips, asking permission for entry into his mouth. Murdoc granted it for him.

It didn't take long before Russel was behind the two. He grabbed a shoulder of each band mate and pulled them apart.

"Listen," he said, "I really don't care about this…but not in front of the audience, alright?"

Murdoc grinned at Russel, "awright then, mate." He grabbed 2D's hand and ran off stage, 2D quickly following. Noodle and Russel exchanged glances.

Behind stage, Jamie and Damon chased after the couple until the reached the Winnebago.

"You 'ave a concert to play!" Damon screamed at the two. "Wot the 'ell do you think you're doin'!?"

Murdoc grabbed the key to the Winnebago from his pocket and unlocked the door.

"We," Murdoc grinned, "are going to make up for some lost time. Sod off."

Flinging the door open, Murdoc pulled 2D inside with him, slamming the door behind them. Both Jamie and Damon heard an audible click of the door being locked from the inside. They stood there to stare at each other. The Winnebago was starting to rock a bit.

"Guess they aren't coming out for a while?" Jamie asked hesitantly as he started to walk away.

"I don' fink so…" Damon replied as he followed.

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