Anime; Inuyasha


When Kagome dies and is reborn by a mysterious force into a demon she becomes The Mistress of Death a demonic dark miko, something that was forbidden long ago her power is one so great she could destroy the world…What happens when Kagome vanishes and comes back with new, hidden intentions?


Sesshomaru and Kagome

Kagome and Sango (Some things will make it look like they are the main pairing but they aren't)

Inuyasha and Kikyo (Very Little Love Interaction)

Miroku and Sango (Also very little Love interaction)

Koga and Ayame (Again very little Love Interaction)

OK now listen I may do some things in this story that look like Sango and Kagome are going to become lovers but they aren't ok even though I love that pairing this is a Sesshomaru and Kagome fic people…

Kagome SPOILS Sango to DEATH in this fic ok like gives her gifts and everything because she really cares for her ok so don't get the wrong impression…

Kagome was running through the forest, tears running down her cold face

"I hate you Inuyasha" she whispered, she accidentally tripped over a root and slammed hard into the ground, rolling over she watched as the sky began to cry icy tears of sympathy for the poor confused girl.

Kagome let the rain hit her form ignoring the sting as her skin cried out for warmth

"Why can't I be strong, like the others?" she asked the skies

"Why am I always the one that needs protecting?" she asked again blood dripping out of her mouth

"Young miko do you wish to be powerful?" asked a calm voice, Kagome not realizing someone else was here and talking to her, answered the question

"More powerful than Sesshomaru more powerful than any demon so I could fight with the others", Kagome's body finally losing enough heat her heart begins to slow along with her breathing

"Death" she whispered her heart finally stopping

"Rebirth miko" said the voice, as Kagome's body begins glowing black, as her soul is reborn.

Inuyasha and Kikyo were walking back to the village as Sango, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo stared

"Where is Kagome?" asked Shippo

"Feh how should I know" snapped Inuyasha.

Kikyo was staring blankly at the others when the souls in her body began to escape and swirl around her "KIKYO" screamed Inuyasha as he was forced back, they all watched as a white orb came flying at Kikyo from the forest, the ball of light smashed into her body while she screamed in pain and fell unconscious.

The others rushed and gasped as Kikyo was living again

"She is alive," stated Miroku

"How?" asked Sango

"Kagome" said Kaede walking up

"What?" asked Shippo?

"Kikyo got the rest of her soul because of Kagome," stated Inuyasha

"That means that Kagome is…" trailed Sango

"Dead" finished Inuyasha his voice laced with sorrow, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara burst into tears while Miroku tried hard to not let the tears fall from his face.

Inuyasha moved Kikyo into Kaede's hut silently

"Kagome…" he whispered finally letting the tears fall from his eyes.

That was a night of sorrow as the fiery miko known, as Kagome was pronounced dead.

Inuyasha had the pleasure of going to Kagome's time and explaining to her family that their Kagome was dead, there was sorrow, anger, hatred they were very sorrowful.

So much that they closed the shrine then moved away condemning the place to hell, all of the people of the area mourned for the loss of Kagome leaving everybody to stare in horror when they placed the old shrine.

Kagome woke in the morning with a mind splitting headache

"What happened?" she asked herself and gasped as she looked at her hand

"Claws…" she trailed

"It seems you're awake" came a voice; Kagome looked around but saw no one

"Who's there?" she asked

"Some body to help you" said the voice and a body began to materialize in front of her.

There stood a man NO a demon he had kind green eyes and brown almost black hair, he had pointed ears his skin was pale and he wore a black fighting outfit.

"Who are you?" demanded Kagome over the shock of her claws

"You have not noticed that you have changed?" asked the demon

"Well umm" stuttered Kagome running over to a small pool of water that had gathered from the rain, she gasped her skin was now very pale almost as white as snow while her eyes were a cold ice blue color she looked at her face on either side of her cheek she had a black strip over her eyes she had red stripes (Like Sesshomaru) on her forehead she had a red crescent moon with a black tear drop below it as she opened her mouth she noticed her pearly white fangs she also had Elvin ears like Sesshomaru .

Kagome looked at her claws they were a blood red she also had black stripes on her wrist

"What am I?" she asked timidly

"A dark miko demoness" stated the demon before her


"You wished it last night," he stated

"I didn't mean it…" she trailed

"Yes you did, now you are a forbidden creature"

"A forbidden creature?" she asked

"Yes a miko is never meant to be a demon last night was the Equinox with your dying heart and the Shikon still in need of a guardian your wish to become more powerful than anything was granted, however when you whispered your dying word Death it was disrupted" he explained

"Disrupted?" she questioned letting all the information sink in

"Yes your last word caused a mid dimensional rift and powers were bestowed on you that shouldn't have been bestowed"

"Then what am I besides a dark miko demoness?"

"You're now the Mistress of Death, you walk through out the shadows giving death to those who deserve it and to many who don't you are the balance between life and death your gift is death"

"WHAT?" came her shrill scream hurting both their sensitive ears

"Calm down, I am here to train you"

"What is your name?"

"My name Mistress is Arion," stated the demon identified as Arion.

Kagome stared as her reflection and stood now noticing that she was taller

"Wow" she whispered

"You are as tall as the half breed maybe taller," stated Arion, Kagome stared down then blushed her breasts had grown a couple of sizes bigger too

"Dear kami"

"Please Mistress let us begin our journey home" said Arion


"Yes to the land of the dead where light never enters, shadows dominate the land where souls go after death" stated Arion

"Oh" said Kagome and fainted.

Arion caught the beauty of a demoness and called down Shadow, Kagome's black dragon.

Shadow entered the valley she was the largest dragon known to the world her form was the size of football field.

Shadow cast crimson eyes at her Mistresses form and lowered her head for Arion to climb on carrying Kagome's body.

Kagome woke to a black luminous room lavished with paintings, chests, and candles lighting the room, Kagome was lying in a huge black silken bed.

A sudden knock snapped her out of her musings

"Mistress" came a timid voice

"Enter" said Kagome her voice suddenly cold and emotionless scaring even her, a small little girl with short black hair and scared pink eyes entered the room, she was wearing a black silk robe that had a dark purple robe tied around her waist

"Arion requests your presence for training and said that I show you the way to the baths," said the servant bowing.

Kagome simply got up and followed the girl who led her down the black halls to a down

"Why are the baths so far?" demanded Kagome her voice still cold

"Your personal baths are next to your room Mistress but they are currently being placed under spells for your benefits," stated the girl.

Kagome nodded at the girls answer

"Why am I being so cold?" she thought to herself, as if reading her mind the girl looked up at her

"You're true nature is showing through Mistress your authority is presenting itself," said the girl

"How…" asked Kagome

"I just know what you were wondering I was not reading your mind Mistress" finishing Kagome's question.

Finally they arrived at a wooden door, the servant opened it to reveal a very steamy room that was tiled with black

"Everything in the land of Dead is dark" stated the girl and closed the door.

Kagome shook her head slightly and stripped herself of her black sleeping yukata then slipped into the hot water soothing her tense muscles

"What have I done?" she asked, washing her hair with jasmine oil and washing her body with rose oil.

When she was satisfied that she was clean enough she rose out of the water then noticed a black fighting kimono laying on a stone bench next to the spring, Kagome slipped the silk kimono over her form and tied the red obi

"Fun" she whispered and stared at the red sakura blossoms that flew around the kimono's material

"A fighting kimono" she said and opened the door

"Come Mistress" said the girl and led her out to a dojo the size of medium sized castle.

Kagome entered the dojo and stared at Arion who stood on the opposite side

"We begin your training"

"Right" said Kagome.

That entire day Kagome trained she was surprisingly a quick learner

"You learn quickly but you will need training in every aspect," said Arion

"Something tells me that I am going to be here a while" said Kagome

"Yes we have to train your powers, skills, everything" said Arion

"Is time different here?" asked Kagome

"Time is faster here"

"Faster?" she asked

"Yes a day on earth is a year here," stated Arion

"Interesting" said Kagome.