Opening her eyes Kagome stared at the worried faces of her family

"KAGOME" yelled Sango hugging her, after about an hour they all said their welcomes and how glad they were that she was back, she started at them the spell had indeed changed them all each one of them had the mark of death on their foreheads with a black stripe on each cheek, the females had two silver anklets on their left ankle with a metal coil that wound up their right upper arm, the boys each wore belts with the symbol sown into the material a large 5 pointed red star on their backs with a black tear drop in the middle all of their blood and aura's had changed.

At dinner she said rightfully at Sesshomaru's side the happy faces surrounded her the children were out 'playing' with Jaken

"I have to tell you something," she said standing up

"What is it?" asked Koga

"There is an imbalance with the light and darkness, there are two pure creatures of darkness one of them must die," said Kagome her voice so serious everyone around her losing all signs of peace or joy

"Who are the two creatures?" demanded Inuyasha wanting to make sure his suspicions were correct "Mitsukia and Myself"

"SO WHAT that doesn't mean that one of you should have to die" yelled Sango

"I'm sorry"


"I already did," said Kagome

"Kagome…." trailed Kikyo

"Please" she said turning towards Sesshomaru who was in blind shock

"Teach her the ways to rule my land, don't hate her she is a pure hearted child she has to learn how to rule them properly" begged Kagome

"NO Why should you have to die?" screamed Ayame

"Because Mitsukia doesn't deserve to die"

"AND YOU DO?" exclaimed Inuyasha

"I made a choice please accept it one day I may return" said Kagome getting up and walking out of the room.

Everybody sat there in anger

"She shouldn't have to die," stated Kikyo

"Yes but it is her decision" said Miroku

"Still…" said Sango

"What are you waiting for Sesshomaru go out there and talk to her" yelled Inuyasha glaring at his half brother

"We can't make her change her mind," said Ayame

"But we can let her know that her lands and children will be taken care of" said Kikyo

"Poor Kagome" said Koga.

Sesshomaru rose from his seat then left while his mind raced

"Kagome" he called as he found her sitting under an oak tree in the garden

"I only have six hours left before I must go"

"Why must I lose you again?" he asked going over and pulling her into his lap while sitting against the tree

"Fate has a sick way of twisting us" she laughed bitterly

"Yes" he whispered nuzzling her hair

"Promise Me," she asked,

"I promise"

"The children will be devastated," he stated

"I know, but it has to be done"

"Come with me" he said standing them both up.

Sesshomaru led them through the halls finally ending at two huge wooden doors, opening them she stared at the massive room lavished with the finest the place was big enough to fit five of Sesshomaru in his true form

"This is a sound proof room these are our chambers" he stated

"Our chambers…."

"This would be our chambers," he said with regret

"I'm sorry," she whispered,

"I don't want to lose you again"

"I know".

Sesshomaru picked up Kagome then slammed the door shut

"I love you," she whispered

"I love you so much" he whispered back while placing her on the bed then climbing on top of her form

"No matter what remember I'll always care about you?" she stated before kissing him with all the passion she had pent up.

Sesshomaru poured everything into the heated kiss shredding Kagome's clothing he stared at her scarred body then proceeded to kiss his way down her neck, collar bone, breasts, stomach, everywhere while Kagome moaned softly in the back ground suddenly her hands lashed out and melted his clothing away

"Impatient" he smirked

"It's only fair," she answered

"True" he said throwing what was left of his clothes aside he positioned himself above her opening

"I love you," he whispered before thrusting into her.

They both bit the others mating mark as they came hugging to each other, they continued to make love until there was a knock at the door

"A man outside is here for Kagome" came Inuyasha's voice

"No…" growled Sesshomaru protectively hugging Kagome's body to his

"I have to go," she whispered getting up then dressing quickly masking her scent causing Sesshomaru to growl

"Sesshomaru I know you'll deny it now but if you ever find some one who makes you happy don't turn the other way because of me if you love somebody else and they love you go with her" she said not looking at him

"I will never love somebody as much as I loved you" he stated

"I know but if you love someone else be happy with her," she said walking out of the room Sesshomaru right behind her.

They all gathered outside where the keeper of death stood

"Mommy where are you going?" asked Mitsukia

"Mommy is going away for a while," said Kagome hugging everybody kissing Sesshomaru then walking towards the black clothed figure

"Come Kagome we cannot linger," said the figure

"Good Bye Everyone" said Kagome as her body was crystallized in black diamond then flown into the sky.

They all watched tears flowing from their eyes as she was really gone, she was really gone they vowed that they would find her bring her back

"We Love You Kagome," they all said into the distance.

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