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When two worlds collide

Chapter 1

"Is that him?"

"Shut it dobe! You're attracting attention"

"Teme! How am I suppose to do my job if I don't know who is the target!"

"There was a photo of him in the file baka!"

"I was just making sure bastard!"

"Well do so on the ground instead of on the table!"

"Why? The view's better up here."

"Naruto, if you don't get off the table now, and stop embarrassing us, I swear that I would chidori you so may times, not even the Kyuubi will be able to heal you!"

"Ooo! Now who's trying to make a scene?"


The shout reverberated throughout the now silent Leaky Cauldron, attracting the attention of almost everyone in the pub to the small table in the far corner. Two boys were seated there. Onewith hair so bright, it rivaled that of the sun's, while the other had hair as dark as the night.

The bright blond waved and smiled innocently at all the attention focused on him whereas his companion merely glared at everyone who dared to stare too long. It wasn't long before the people lost their interest in the two boys and the Leaky Cauldron returned to its usual chattyatmosphere.

Naruto sighed then glared at his companion.

"There was no need to shout teme. Jeeze…."

"Shut up usuratonkachi..." Sasuke mumbled, his cheeks tinted a faint pink due to his earlier outburst.

"Mmmm…. so,is that him?" Naruto asked again, pointing towards a table where a bunch of redheads were seated. Sasuke glanced over and spotted a single black nest in the sea of red, and nodded.

"That's him, the black-headed one. Hokage-sama wants us to protect the school, but especially keep an eye out for that one."

"Well, that won't be too hard, considering that you're going to be classmates with him.", Naruto grinned and raised his hands at the glare directed at him, "Hey! It's not my fault you're the smaller of the two of us, and besides, I'm supposed to be teaching a bunch of kids something I don't even know! Compared to me, you've go t it easy."

Sasuke merely growled and turned away, instead, opting to stab viciously at his chicken salad.

It was true, ever since they've hit puberty; Naruto had been shooting up like a rod. He now stood at an impressive six feet, a full head taller than Sasuke. (Much to Naruto's joy)

Sasuke, on the other hand, cursed the fates that he took after his mother. (Though he took great satisfaction in knowing that Itachi did too) He had stopped growing all together once he had reached fourteen. The fact that he was almost sixteen didn't help matters in any way. Not only was he one of the shortest guys back in Konoha now, but his slight build and effeminate features gave him an overall appearance of being delicate and weak. Something that worked to his advantage when on the battlefield ,(forenemies tend to underestimates him) but pisses him off non-the-less.

Sasuke was torn from his glaring contest with his bowl of salad when Naruto elbowed him in the gut.

"What!" He hissed at the blond.

"They're leaving!" Naruto hissed right back, pointing to where the redheads and the single blackhead were heading towards the back door. "Come on!"

The two shinobies quietly got up and then proceeded to follow the family out into the back.

"What are they doing in a dumpster?" Naruto wrinkled his nose at the small back yard with dustbins littering around. Sasuke shrugged and simply watched the person whom appeared to be the father of the family, tap the back wall with what seemed to be a stick.

'A wand' Sasuke's mind corrected him. 'It's called a wand.'

Naruto shuffled and stretched. Sasuke was about to tell the dobe to stop fidgeting when his eyes caught a movement up front. Glancing back at the wall, Sasuke's eyes went impossibly wide at what was unfolding before him.


"Holy shit!" Naruto exclaimed before grabbing Sasuke and diving through the rapidly closing wall. The two landed in a tangled heap on the other side and immediately attracted the attention of the family they had been stalking.

"Whoa!" the father redhead exclaimed, before bending down to help the fallen teens, "You two okay? Next time, just yell for us to hold the portal instead of rushing through it like that."

Sasuke untangled himself from his fellow shinobi and swallowed the urge to groan out loud. They were caught! They weren't supposed toget caught! They were supposed to follow the damn family until they have boarded a big red train. Then they were to blend in as inconspicuously as possible within the crowd, with Sasuke as a student, and Naruto as a professor. That was the plan!

But then again, when did anything that had Naruto involved ever go according to plan?

A/N: Like I said, this is my first Naruto fic. The more reviews I get, the more I will update, if I don't get any, I'll get the hint and stop writing all together! Deal?