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When two worlds collide
Chapter 3
"Try this one."


"This one?"


"Dobe, I'm not in the mood for this. Just pick one!"

"For the last time Teme, NO!"



Those that were shopping in Madam Malkims all stopped to stare at the peculiar scene that was unfolding in the middle of the shop.

A small teen, with pale skin and dark raven hair, stood angrily over a tall blond. How such a small figure could tower over the obviously taller teen, nobody knew, but the fact remained that the raven-haired boy was indeed, towering over his companion in a very menacing way.

"Dobe, I'm really not in the mood to argue with you. Just pick a damn robe and let's go!" Sasuke growled, his patience rapidly fading in light of recent events. However, Naruto either didn't notice, or didn't give a damn, for he simply huffed at his partner's words before turning to face the other direction childishly.

"I 'm not going to wear any of those dresses! It's bad enough that I have to teach a bunch of brats. But to cross-dress while doing so... I have my limits you know."

Sasuke took a deep breath and slowly counted to ten. He would not kill Naruto. The blond idiot is his teammate. Shinobies do not kill their teammates unless instructed to. Sasuke hadn't received any special instructions to end his partner's life. Therefore, Sasuke could not kill Naruto. Could he?

After their run in with the Weasleys, the two shinobies had decided that it was probably best to first learn as much as they could about the mission before they continued. That being decided, Naruto then sent one of his Bunshins to trail the family while he and Sasuke figured out their standing.

After a thoroughly checking through the file Tsunade had given them, the two conceded defeat. All that could be found in the file were what they had already read through when they've first arrived: a piece of paper that briefly introduced them to this strange world, some instructions to protect a school, a specific boy, and what role they would be playing. They were also told to find an Albus Dumbledore, and that he would answer their questions for them, and get them settled.

Deciding that nothing could be done until they've found this 'Dumbledore' person, Sasuke then suggested that they do some shopping, so they could 'blend in more'.

And that's where we find the two currently browsing through the hundreds of robes in 'Madame Malkims robes for all occasions'.

"They're called robes dobe." Sasuke gritted out through clenched teeth, "And yes, you will be wearing one whether you want to or not. It would look too suspicious if you're the only one in the school that wears normal clothes on a daily bases. Besides they're not that different from Yutakas, and I don't see you complaining when you wore those to the spring festival."

Naruto in turn simply glared at the material that Sasuke held out, as if it was the most offending thing he had ever laid eyes on. "But that's different! Yutakas are elegant and a sign of great strength and nobility! And these sure as hell do NOT look noble!"

Yet despite his complaints, he still obediently picked up the article. Lifting it up so he could inspect it at eye level, the blond shinobi wrinkled his nose in distaste, "Urgh! How can people even stand these things! Just look at them! They're disgraceful, girlish, and it constricts our movements! Not to mention-"

The young Uchiha zoned out his partner's complaints and instead left him to go wonder at a nearby ale and pick out his own robes. Glancing at the pile of gold coins he held that came with the file, the young genius then realized that he had no idea what the currency was like in this world, and that he couldn't ask anyone due to his language barrier. Scowling darkly, Sasuke stuffed the coins in his pocket and stalked off to the back of the shop. It was going to be a long day.


Naruto, on the other hand, was still staring at distaste at the robe Sasuke had picked for him. It wasn't as if the robe that Sasuke specifically picked for him was bad, in fact, it wasn't that bad at all, what with the open front and plain black design, one could almost say that it looked more like a trench-coat than a robe.

No, it was the fact that he had to wear robes that caused the future Hokage to grimace. Oh, sure, he's worn a Yutaka before to festivals and such, but that was only for one night, it wasn't as if he had to wear it for everyday of the year. But now..

Barely registering that his partner had dumped him, Naruto walked towards the counter, where numerous robes lay scattered haphazardly. In the young Kitsune's mind, any flowy clothing that passes one's knees was considered a dress, and any male who wears anything flowy that passes over their knees without good reason, are considered cross-dressing.

Scrunching up his nose, Naruto tossed the robe onto a pile on a nearby stool, and began his tedious chore of browsing through the vast amounts of robes in the shop.

Luckily, fates seemed to favor Naruto today, for just as Naruto reached for the first stack of robes, a blond head poked out from behind a whole row of dress-robes.

"Can I help you dear?" A petite woman, who looked in her late twenties, asked. Naruto paused and pondered the question over, before he gave a wide grin and nodded.

"Sure, if you don't mind." was his happy reply as he bounded towards the assistant.

Ten minutes later, an extremely satisfied Naruto left behind a bewildered clerk with his measurements and some instruction, and went to look for his wayward partner. It wasn't long until he found Sasuke, going through a stack of dress- robes in the far back of the store.

Sasuke glared up at Naruto when he felt the blond approached. "Aren't you supposed to be looking for your robes dobe?"

The Kitsune merely grinned and replied toothily, "Nope! A lovely young lay volunteered to do my shopping for me, I just gave her my measurements and what I wanted and Volla! Now all I have to do is pick up my stuff in twenty minutes and all is well."

Pressing a finger to his lips, mocking deep thought, Naruto glanced at his shorter companion and remarked cheekily. "Say...why didn't you just ask one of those lovely ladies in here to do the stuff for you? You would save a lot of energy and time..."

Before he could finish the sentence, a piece of cloth collided with the side of his head. Laughing softly, the blond pulled the robe off his face only to be confronted with the annoyed face of his teammate.

"You know perfectly well the reason why I didn't dobe." Sasuke gritted through his teeth, "We both know that my English isn't as good as yours. When are you going to let it go?"

"Never!" was the happy reply, as Naruto dodge yet another robe thrown his way, "It's not everyday that I get to beat the great Uchiha Sasuke at something you know?" he laughed as yet another cloth came flying towards him.

All of a sudden, Naruto's demeanor changed and his face turned serious. "This could be a problem you know?"

Sasuke sighed and dropped the robe in his hand onto a pile nearby, "I know...and I've been thinking about it too. I can't copy the language, because the Sharingan only allows the user to copy movements from others, it can't transfer knowledge."

Naruto nodded in understanding, "So basically, you'll be doing a lot of studying from now on to perfect your English. You need to be fluent enough for conversation before school starts. It shouldn't be too hard, considering you've already got the basics down, you just need to focus on your pronunciation and sentence structure. I can help you too, considering I now know the language."

Sasuke nodded vaguely. Though he may not like the thought of receiving help from Naruto, he knew that it was for the best.

All of a sudden, Naruto grinned, and the previous serious atmosphere dissipated.

Sasuke wearily backed off, not liking the glint he saw in his teammate's eye. However, his reaction merely caused Naruto's grin to widen even more.

"So..." Naruto drawled, as he slowly took a step forward. To this, Sasuke unconsciously took an step back. His eyes positively glowing with menace, the young blond bent forward to whisper ominously into the shorter teen's ear.

"...Let's find you some robes shall we..."

Before Sasuke could protest, Naruto already had one of his wrists in a death grip and was dragging him to a nearby stack of robes.

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