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I used to be human. Then I met my master. He turned me into a vampire a long time ago now, but I still remember it all so well. That night invades my dreams everyday and when I wake in the night, every time I see the bag of blood waiting for me I remember. A tiny scar remains on my chest from the bullet he shot me with. Every other wound I get heals up just fine, but that one hasn't.

Speaking of the blood, a bag is waiting for me right now. I've yet to drink it, but I'm getting really weak. I don't know how much longer I can resist. I stare at it as I always do, but the thought still sickens me more than it does entice me.

Sighing, I get up from my coffin and walk to it. I open the bag, and pour it onto my plate. I just stare at it, occasionally stirring it with my spoon.

"Are you finally going to drink it, Police Girl?" the voice whispered so suddenly in my ear, it made me jump, bumping the table and spilling the blood. I turned to see Master behind me, his head rest next to mine. The last time he was this close to me was when he had turned me.

"M-master," I stammer, trying to get up, but failing. Master had his hand behind my neck on my shoulder. His lips were so close to me I couldn't help stare at them and wishing he would kiss me. I tried my best to shield my thoughts from him, but I know he could easily peer if he wanted to.

The hand not on my shoulder went under my arm, and he pulled me up to stand right up against him, and I could feel his body heat with every fiber of my being.

"You can't keep flushing the blood away, Seras," he said, in a low voice, using my name a rare time, "you'll get too weak to be of use to anyone." his face was leaning down right next to my ear, and his breath on my ear was taking my own away. "You'll only get what you want after..." he gestured to the blood, "you drink it. Then I promise." his voice was so seductive I nearly swooned. One of his hands was on my waist, supporting me. I hadn't realized just how much he was sweeping me off my feet.

He led me to my seat and picked the plate up, and held it to my lips. I took it, and took a sip. My thirst kicked in and I just gulped it all down quickly.

A drop of blood dribbled down my chin and was caught by his tongue, and chased it into my mouth. Master Alucard kissed me with such passion I never would have dreamed of. Our tongues were on fire, darting in and out of the other's mouth, exploring as far as we could go. The plate was taken from my hands and placed on the table as Master's hand on my waist dropped to my butt. He was the only thing keeping me standing. My own hands started to explore his chest, slowly unbuttoning his collar. Master's hand caught mine and his lips left mine.

"Not yet, Police Girl, not yet. I've fulfilled the promise of a kiss, but the other one must wait. Integra calls for us." his hand went back to my waist and we were disappearing, arriving in Sir Integra's office. When we were completely materialized Master released me and we stood side by side in front of Sir Integra. "You called?" he asked, in a teasing tone.

"You know bloody well I called! I've called for you for nearly ten minutes! What were you doing?" she barked, glaring at Alucard.

Master gave a small bow to Integra speaking as he did so. "My apologies, Master, but I was fulfilling your orders to get my fledgling to drink."

"Well? Did she?" she spoke as if I weren't even in the room. I know she doesn't much like me, but this was getting rude, even for her.

My master must have heard my thoughts, because he said "You can ask her yourself, she has ears, if not very good ones."

I glared at him slightly, but kept silent. Integra would not appreciate me snapping at Alucard when she was in such a bad mood. Sir Integra looked annoyed but looked over at me for the first time. "Victoria, did you drink the blood? All of it?"

"Yes, Sir Integra, except for what spilled on the table when I accidentally bumped it."

"Why have you been neglecting the blood?" she asked.

"I... I don't..." I couldn't finish. My excuse went against what I could tell. How was I supposed to tell Sir Integra that I wanted to keep a portion of my humanity?

"You don't what?" she pressed.

I just gave a halfhearted shrug and didn't say anything. Sir Integra just gave me a disapproving look before turning to Master Alucard, who'd been keeping quiet while she spoke to me.

"Alucard, you have been lacking in training your fledgling. I won't accept a shrug as an answer and I expect you to find out why tonight. Neither of you are to go on the mission. You are to train Victoria on how to give a satisfactory answer and anything else that she needs to know to stay around here. Keep in mind Victoria that I have no need for a weak vampire, and you will get weak if you continue to neglect the blood. You are dismissed, but go out the door before you disappear, its unnerving when you just disappear like that." we had almost made it to the door when she spoke again. "Keep in mind, Victoria, that the only reason I allowed you here in the first place was because you were Alucard's fledgling. I will not let you stay here if you are of no use to me, and I will have your master kill you as he would one of the regular freaks we exterminate."

My eyes shot open at the hostility she spoke with, and my eyes were blurring at the tears that tried to fall. I succeeded in keeping them at bay. I didn't turn around as I said "Yes, Sir Integra," before hurriedly exiting. I ran towards my room as fast as my legs could carry me. I didn't even notice that Alucard had never left the room.

--back in Integra's office--

Alucard stayed put as Seras left the office, hearing her running away from the room. He turned and said simply to Integra, "that is one order I could not fulfill."

"What do you mean you would not fulfill it?" She slammed a fist onto the desk as she stood up. "If I order it, you obey. Even if it is to kill Victoria." she was standing with her weight on her hands. Alucard disappeared and reappeared right behind Integra. She quickly turned around to face him.

Alucard glared as he brought his face up closer to Integra's. He spoke through clenched teeth. "You can not order the death of someone who doesn't belong to you. She is mine, completely. You will never own her or be able to control her as I am able." he started to walk through the door, and as it closed, he sent a telepathic message to her. "If you ever order her death to anyone, I will kill you, Integra. Do not ever think yourself more powerful, little girl, than the vampire who could kill you in an instant."

Integra was left speechless as she clutched at her desk. Never had Alucard so openly threatened her before. It was not something she wished to see again, whenever his mood was particularly unpleasant.

--Normal POV--

I made it halfway to my room before I ran into Walter. He was carrying two empty buckets and plates towards the kitchen.

"Is everything all right, Victoria? You seem a little shaken."

I shook my head and forced myself to say calmly "Yes, everything is fine. I'm just a little tired, that's all." I gave him a false smile I knew he could see through, but he didn't question it.

"All right, then, but if you ever need me, you know where to find me." he left, and I continued on my way. Yeah, behind Integra's back is where you almost always are.

I walked the rest of the way to my room and went in. I kicked off my sandals and just went and flopped down on the bed. I rolled over onto my back and stared up at the top of my coffin. Several bats were looking down at me and began to merge together. Before I could sit up Master was holding himself up above me. His hands trapped my wrists above my head, and his lower body was laying against me. He was looking into my eyes, and I noticed he didn't wear his usual sunglasses. He also didn't have on anything but a shirt and pants.

"What took you so long?" he breathed right next to my ear. His chest was leaning against mine, and I had his full weight on me. He released my hands to put one on my knee, making himself lean to one side, his other support being his elbow that lay right next to my head. His hand went behind my head and lightly tangled my hair between his fingers. The one on my knee was slowly, very slowly, going farther up my leg. "The longer it takes you to answer me the higher up I'll go. Eventually you'll answer everything." he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

I breathed in his scent, very aware of where his hand was. It was now halfway up my thigh, and I was getting breathless. "I saw Walter. He asked if everything was fine." My eyes were closing as I was losing myself in the game. His hand stopped, and went back a little bit towards my knee before going forwards again.

"All right, question two: why did you wait so long to answer question one?" his hand sped up slightly.

"I wanted to see where your hand was going," I whispered. His hand didn't stop, instead it went a little faster. Only a couple more inches before he met my skirt.

"That isn't the whole answer, and you know it," he said, nuzzling my cheek.

My eyes were barely focussed as his hand met my skirt and just went under, pulling it up as the hand continued. My breaths got short as his hand first made contact with my center. His hand just melded around me as he rubbed my most tender area. No one had ever touched me like that before.

"Because," I said, "It feels good." My eyes were getting even more misted as his hand just stroked. It didn't go back a bit on my leg, instead kept stroking.

"Last question: Why have you been neglecting the blood?" his hand went underneath my panties and continued the stroking.

My eyes unmisted and I stared straight into his eyes. I brought one of my hands up to caress his cheek. "As much as I didn't want to die, I don't want to lose all of my humanity, either." I just stared into his eyes for a few minutes, watching for clues of what he thought. I found nothing but a smile in them, and I had to, too.

I pulled his face to mine and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. The hand in my panties came out and went behind my back. He kissed me back, gently sucking on my lower lip. He let his fangs graze it, before gently starting to nibble. I never noticed when he lowered his hand to my butt again, nor when he started to press me into him harder. His lips went lower, and he was kissing my chin, my throat, my neck and shoulder. He gently nibbled on my neck without breaking skin. He barely raised his head up when he looked into my eyes, searching for permission. I nodded, and gasped as his fangs broke the surface and my blood started to fill his mouth. He drank only a little, and very slowly.

He raised his lips back to mine, and I tasted my blood on his tongue. The kiss was so gentle, it seemed unlike my master to be so careful.

'Careful, am I? Tell me, do you want me to be myself? I have not fully partaken of a woman in well over a century or two.' his voice spoke in my mind as one of his hands started to unbutton my uniform top. I moaned as his hand slipped under my bra to stroke my hardened nipple.

I concentrated on sending a message back to him. 'I don't care how you act, I just want you!' he had unclasped my bra and was raising it up.

Master was laughing in my head. 'Well done! You learned how to speak to me telepathically. I never would have guessed foreplay was all it took to get you to learn something. What a naughty Police Girl you are!' my face flushed as he lowered his head to my nipple and started nipping at it.

"M-Master! This is not how I can be taught! I do just fine out of bed." I retorted indignantly. The way he had said it had made me feel like a dirty slut.

Master raised himself up and came back into eye sight with me. "That is not what I meant, and you know it Seras." his voice was as if I should have known that. He had probed my mind, probably accidentally. He had already warned me that I think very loudly.

'I- I know, but that is how you made it sound to me.' A single tear of blood fell from my eyes. I'm just such a cry baby, I can't stand myself.

I felt a wet sensation sliding up my cheek to my eye as Master licked my tear away. 'Lets get serious now, shall we? And no more feeling pathetic. I would not have turned you if I thought you were unimportant.'

He kissed me again, gently. His tongue slowly slid in and out of mouth as his hands finished removing all my clothing. He once again elevated himself above me. "Beautiful. Just as I thought when we first met." my hand went to his chest and unbuttoned it. I didn't pull it out of his pants, instead I wrapped my arms around him inside his shirt. I pulled him down on top of me, and just reveled in the skin to skin touch I had yearned for for such a long time.

It was my turn to explore. I gently pushed him over onto his back and climbed atop him to straddle his lap. I marveled at the softness of his pale chest. The hardened peaks were so inviting to me, I took them both into my mouth, rubbing my center over his hardening member. I licked at the peaks, gaining a moan out of him.

The heat of our activity was getting to me and I just bolted up to a sitting position. I grabbed his shirt and just yanked it out of his pants. I kissed his naval up to his nipple, gently sliding my body along his, my hands going up his arms and clutching his shirt. I placed my hands in his after the shirt had been removed, our lips once again touching, our tongues searching.

Master Alucard's crimson eyes shone with a dangerous excitement in them. He pushed me back onto my back and straddled me as I had him. He broke connection with one of my hands as he turned with it raised into my room. He opened his hand and motioned towards the foot of my bed. Our discarded clothes dematerialized and reappeared where he commanded. He lay back down as the coffin lid went down on us, shutting us into darkness.

I looked into his eyes that were watching my own again. 'Why did you do all that?' A knock sounded on my door, and Master put a finger to my lips. I could see the grin on his face as hands started to roam my body, his lips covering mine.

When no one answered the door, we heard the door open and footsteps cross to the table and two clunks as metal buckets were placed on the table. The footsteps went to the door again, but stayed put in the doorway.

"Alucard, a word of warning: I would not let Sir Integra come in here unless the two of you pick up all of your clothing, including your shades and Miss Victoria's undergarments." I heard a laugh in Walter's voice as he shut the door behind him. Master collapsed on me, burying his face in my breast as he laughed. It was muffled in my chest and I could feel his fangs when his mouth hit my skin. I giggled softly, placing my hand on the back of his head, stroking the dark hair that gently spread out over us.

It did not take him long to recover, and soon his lips were kissing me between my breasts. The lid rose and he slid farther up my body again. He placed a hand on the small of my back, and supported himself on his elbow again. His free hand found mine and he raised it to his lips, kissing my knuckles.

"Now that we will not be interrupted for awhile, how about going further?" his voice was trying to be seductive again, and it worked. I purred in answer as he kissed my eyebrow.

He kissed my face all over as he led my hand down his chest. He made sure to let it pass over it slowly, letting me just feel the touch of him in my hand. He led me lower, over the button on his jeans, which I unhooked. I gently unzipped the pants and took him into my hand, gently squeezing, and moaning at the touch.

"Master," I moaned. He kissed me softly on my ear.

"No, call me by my name. I want to hear you call my name!" he growled as he moaned himself. I had slid his pants down to our feet, and he kicked them off. My hand went back to stroking up and down the length, cupping each area of his manhood.

My hand went back to his chest as his own hand slid down between my legs. He just stroked my mound, one of his fingers entering me. I moaned loudly.

"Alucard, oh Alucard!" He had slid another finger in me and was trying to slide more in. After awhile of his playing he pulled his fingers out.

He smiled at me before licking his fingers. 'You're nice and wet now. Foreplay is going to end soon. Are you ready for what comes next, Seras?'

Alucard had positioned himself at my entrance, and the tip of his manhood lay ready to plunge into my depths.

'A-Alucard! I've never done this before. Will it hurt?' I gazed at him, knowing I looked scared.

'Yes, but trust me. Soon you will feel nothing but pleasure. Are you ready?" he asked again, speaking aloud for only the last part. I gulped, but nodded.

Alucard kissed me and squeezed my shoulder and hand before plunging himself completely inside of me. I screamed into Alucard's mouth. The pain was worse than when he had shot me. But soon he was out of me and pushing himself in again. He thrust into me and soon the pain was gone. I started to move my body with him, and something in my stomach seemed to break. The smell of blood filled my nose and still he thrust. A knot was building in me, and it grew tighter as he kept at it. I thought it would never break until Alucard gave one more strong thrust and I released, and hung loosely in his arms. He released with me, and he just collapsed next to me. I was sweating and so was he.

"Alucard," I breathed.

"Seras," he whispered back. We gazed at each other through misted eyes. He kissed me, and put his chin on my head. "It will be day soon."

"Does it have to affect us?" I asked quietly. He rolled over on top of me.

"My naughty Police Girl, do you want to keep going, is that it?" he smirked at me.

I just giggled. "And if I do?"

"Then I most certainly will oblige. But we must drink first," he once more held his hand up, and this time the two blood packs Walter had brought came to us. We drank them quickly, and licked the leftover drops out of the other's mouth when we kissed again.

He summoned the remaining clothing he had failed to retrieve earlier and put it at the end of the coffin with the rest of it.

Soon we were back to where we started, ignoring all sounds out of the room. I never knew lovemaking was so addictive.

--In Integra's office--

"How long does it take for him to get an answer out of her?" Integra said angrily, to no one in particular. Walter just cleaned up around the room and didn't answer.

"Perhaps he is busy teaching her other lessons as well," he said finally. He knew precisely what the two vampires were doing, but he'd be damned before he told Integra. He hadn't lied, either, exactly. Merely didn't specify what lesson.

"He should have reported by now. The sun has risen already."

"He must have had his reasons. You were the one who said he was lacking in training her. And neither were needed on the mission so there wouldn't be much to report."

Integra looked closely at her butler. "Walter, it sounds an awful lot like you are hiding something from me." Walter shook his head and continued what he was doing.

"I am hiding nothing that is my own business. I can not speak for Alucard and Victoria as to what can be shared."

Integra stood. "So they are hiding something. I assure you that I will find out what tonight." with that, she left the office heading for her chambers.

Walter sighed. "Alucard, you are going to have one big mess to sort through later. I should have kept my mouth shut."

--Normal POV--

I woke up still in Alucards arm's. I never thought I'd see him sleeping, and I suppressed a giggle. He looked so innocent, so much less frightening with his guard down. Leaning forward, I kissed him gently on the nose. His brow furrowed, and his mouth opened slightly.

There was no helping me there. I giggled and kissed his lips, pushing my tongue in his mouth. He soon joined in my exploration. His strong arms wrapped around me more tightly and I curled into them.

"Why'd you wake me up?" he asked groggily. I never would have dreamed of the day that he actually acted normal, and not his usual scary self.

I nuzzled his chest before answering.

"We haven't heard from Integra for awhile. She's sure to come looking for us soon."

Alucard actually groaned at that. I'll have to go back to my room for clothes," he grumbled. With a yawn he sat up, and pulled me with him. "Grab some clothes," he said, "you can change with me." Again, I had to giggle. I kissed his cheek and stood up, letting the blanket fall off me. I felt his gaze as I went to the dresser, and heard him get up when I bent over to dig in the drawer. When I straightened it was to be in Alucard's arms again. He held me tightly to him, and I barely managed to turn around to hug him back.

I closed my eyes as he transported us to his room. When I opened them, the one face I really didn't want to see was glaring right at us.

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