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It was night, and I had just gotten off my shift at the police station. It had been a long shift, long and utterly boring. All we had were petty thieves and young punks vandalizing streets signs. I must admit that some of those kids can run, and I was exhausted when I caught them. I had to listen to lecture after lecture when I got back to the station, though, for disobeying my commanding officer when I just ran off in pursuit of one kid. I caught him after a very long chase, and through out the night I had a feeling I was being watched.


Seras was running, chasing a young punk who had been intently spray painting the street sign with vulgar pictures.

"Halt!" she shouted. The kid ignored her and kept running. They ran for nearly a mile and the kid finally started showing fatigue. Seras' legs burned, but not enough to get her to stop. Soon she had caught the kid and wrestled him to the ground.

"Noo!" the kid tried to get her off, but to no avail. Seras cuffed him and called for back up.

"What the hell were you doing!" was the response she got when she called. She sighed as she held the device away from her face.

"Come on, chew me out later. I've got the kid so just come to the park and pick us up all ready!" she turned it off before they could respond.

She sat down next to the kid, one hand on his back in case he tried to get up. He didn't.

Seras looked around. She'd always found the park to be creepy at night. There had been many murders there, one of them her father's. It had been only a few months ago, and he had been on duty, making a routine check through the neighborhood. Movement had been seen in the park, so he and his daughter had gotten out to find out what it was. Nearly immediately after they had found the sorce of the movement had he been shot in the head, leaving nearly nothing left behind. Seras had screamed, and it had brought more police officers to the scene. The murderer had gotten away. All she saw of him was a swish of a red cloak.

The patrol car came into view and Seras got up, pulling the kid along with her. He kicked but it did no good as Seras' partner came and picked him up easily. He carried the kid to the car and pushed him in the back seat. Seras slowly walked over, remembering. Just as she was about to get into the passenger seat, a chill went down her neck. Seras swore she could feel something watching her, but nothing was there.

Awhile Later...

"Officer Seras Victoria, what the bloody hell do you think you were doing tonight? You were told to chase the kid with the car, not on foot! Why did you ignore the commands of your superior officer?"

Seras looked to the side of her seat. She felt like she was being interrogated where she sat, while her commander stood looming above her. "I knew we wouldn't have caught him had we chased him in the car. It was much easier to just take off after him like I did," she turned to stare directly into his eyes. "but what does it matter anyway? I caught him, isn't that what is most important?"

Her boss sighed. Seras. The point is that you have to follow regulations, not just go off and do your own thing. Just like your father was killed, there are many people out there at night who would kill you too. Even if it meant we would lose the perp, it is safest to chase by car. Don't disobey orders again or we will have to move you to a new unit. You are dismissed." he turned away and looked out the window. Seras stood and went to the door. Before she left, her boss spoke again. "Seras, your father was a good man, and a good cop, especially at night. It'd be a terrible loss to the force if we lost you like we did him."

Seras nodded, and left.

--End Flashback--

I sighed as I turned on the light to my room. I just stripped out of all my clothes and grabbed my flannel pajamas. I walked into the bathroom attached to my room. Staring in the mirror, I looked exhausted. I just turned and started to fill the tub with hot water. It had been a long day, and my muscles ached.

Once it had filled, I stepped in, moaning slightly at the feeling it gave my aching joints. I closed my eyes and just sat there, letting the water wash away my troubles.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up freezing. The water had lost all of its warmth, but that wasn't the only thing that had changed. Where I had placed my pajamas a silk nightie lay. I stood up and went to the piece of clothing. I reached to wrap a towel around me, but there was none. I looked, but all I found was a washcloth that was half damp.

"What... is going on here?" I asked myself as I dried off with the small cloth. I knew it was a trap, but the nightie was the only thing I could wear without being naked, and more than likely, the intruder would be in my bedroom, waiting for me.

The nightie itself was very skimpy. It had a matching g-string, the same blood red as the nightie. The shirt part was very sheer, and if that wasn't enough, it dipped down to reveal a good deal of cleavage. It went just below the g-string, but would betray that if I sat down. All in all, naked was just slightly less revealing than this little ensemble.

Opening the bathroom door, my eyes were greeted with pitch black. I couldn't see two inches in front of my face. The bathroom light vanished, and I knew that there definitely was someone there. But this darkness really unsettles me, I feel so sure I've experienced it before. My room can't get this dark, even if I tried to make it so.

"Who's there?" I ask, trying and failing to make myself sound completely relaxed. I could hear my fear in my own voice, not a good sign.

A laugh resonated throughout the room. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, it seemed to just resonate throughout the darkness. I took a step, but found there was no floor. I started to fall, but an arm caught me around my waist. It pulled me back, back to where I should've been in my bathroom door. The arm didn't release me, and I could feel the chest of a man behind my arm. It was covered in a rough material, like a jacket.

There was a breath on my ear, warm and pleasing, but despite this I shivered. The arm on my waist turned me around, and I felt myself in the one armed embrace of the stranger. I tried to scream, but couldn't bring a sound past my lips.

"Don't bother speaking if it is to scream. I've frozen your voice. If you wish to speak civilly I'll unbind it, but otherwise you will stay quiet." the voice came from right above my head. It had a deep soothing tone to it, and it felt as if it was just meant to whisper sweet promises to my ear.

I looked up, and my eyes met a pair of crimson ones looking at mine. I moved my mouth as if to ask a question, and he blinked. I tried again, and my voice was audible.

"Who are you?" even I wasn't clueless to know it was pointless to try and get out of his grip. All the strange things added up to one conclusion: my visitor wasn't human.

'Your right, I'm not' the voice wasn't audible, but I heard it in my head non-the-less.

"What are you?" I whispered. The eyes had disappeared, and it felt like he was leaning over. I felt something wet on my neck. In the dark I could feel him kiss me where he had licked. I couldn't stifle the moan that escaped my lips as he began to suck on my neck gently, and I could feel to sharp teeth gently grazing the skin in his mouth.

'Give me permission and I will give you a bit more pleasure.' the voice in my head growled, but not in a threatening manner.

"It doesn't really matter if I do or not, does it? You'll do what you want anyway. Are you just being nice?"

I was answered by that ringing laugh of his in my head. He had yet to stop sucking on the spot of my neck. The hand not on my waist had found mine and held it up as though once he finished sucking he would lead me in a dance.

'You are right, Seras. But what is your answer?' he seemed to like speaking in my head.

"Well, since it doesn't matter, go ahead." I felt a small sting where he had been sucking as soon as the words left my mouth. I realized he had bitten me, but he hadn't left his teeth in my shoulder for more than a second, and soon his lips foundmine, his tongue delving deep. He started to sway, and my body moved with him instinctly. I had been right about the dance, but had never guessed about the kiss. I joined in the kiss, my eyes shut as I just went with the movents he led me through.

The hand on my waist started to stroke up and down my back, underneath the nightie. He was kissing me with so much passion, it was as if he'd been loving me from afar, and had only just followed through with it.

'Half right, Seras. I have been following you and watching over you. You are mine. And I had to let you know it. I won't share you with anyone else.'

I broke the kiss and found his eyes when they reappeared.

"You know, it really freaks me out how you keep reading my mind and speaking through it. If you have to say something, can't you say it so that I could hear you with my ears?"

"That's no fun..." he replied. He had pulled his hand out of the shirt and replaced it onmy waist. I only just then realized where my unoccupied hand had strayed. On his chest. I'd never touched a man's chest before. My cheeks flushed.

'Never? Then I made a good pick. You are innocent, waiting to be claimed.'

"W-what do you mean by that?" I asked, suddenly very nervous.

'In good time, Seras, in good time. I must leave you soon. But first we have something to do.'

"And what would that be?" I asked, quietly.

"We need a blood bond, so that I may talk to you when need be, and you me." the darkness started to fade and Seras saw her bedroom again. She looked at the man who still held her. He wore business like pants and shirt that also had a vest. The coat went from the matureness of his inner clothing to a more wild style. It was long, nearly reaching the floor.

He released my hand and led me towards my bed. He lay me down, and put his legs on either side of me. He kissed my neck again.

"This will hurt at first, but bear with me." he kissed me once more before sinking his fangs into my neck. He sucked a little blood from me before removing his teeth. He just licked it up, and it felt as though he were healing me.

I watched as he lifted his wrist to his mouth, and bit it. His blood dripped on my skin while he held it above me.

'Drink. You need only take a sip and the blood bond will be complete.'

I stared at his wrist. "Are you serious?" as if to answer my question, he held his wrist to my lips. His blood dripped on my lips, and I sighed. His blood went in my mouth, and I raised my mouth to meet his wrist, sucking from it slightly. I had no idea why I did so, it just seemed the right thing to do. I swallowed, and licked at his wrist. Somehow I wanted to believe I could heal his wrist as he had done to my neck. I closed my eyes as I just licked him, my ownhand on his arm, holding it down to my body, and not elevated as it had been.

That laughter rang through my head again. 'That is more than enough, Seras. Why do you keep at it?'

I pulled my lips away just enough to say with half closed eyes "I want to heal it," before kissing it again. I didn't taste blood anymore. I looked, and the wound had closed up, leaving a small trail of blood running under his shirt sleeve.

He took his arm back but leaned down over me, his lips next to mine.

"You have my blood all over you," his tongue flicked out on my chin, licking away all the blood. He followed the blood down my throat, cleaning it all up. I moaned slightly when he flicked his tongue over my breast.

One moment he was licking my breast, the next and no one was over me. I sat up, but he was gone. Looking around, I saw a note on the table. I stood up slowly, going towards it. Picking it up, I read:


I will see you again soon.

For now, don't show anyone the

mark I gave you earlier,

or share our meeting with anyone.

Also, think of the lingerie as my gift to you,

as a replacement for the others.

I blushed, and picked up a scrap of cloth that had been under the note. It was a piece of my old pajamas, and it looked to have been incinerated at the edges.

"Guess he didn't like my choice in night wear," I said to myself, throwing the cloth in the trash, and placing the note in my night stand drawer.

One of the things that crossed my mind while I got ready for bed was his taste. His blood had been metallic to the taste, but underneath that was a sweet yet slightly bitter hint to it. I had smelled his skin when he had held me to him, and he smelled mildly of wine, and blood. I already knew he was a vampire, he'd proven that with the bite marks. It explained why he smelled of blood, but the wine had made me seem to get drunk off of just his scent.

After I had gotten everything back in order, like re-putting the towels in my bathroom, I stared into my mirror. There was a purpleish area on my neck that looked like a bruise. Apair of fang marms laay in the certain of it. I put a finger on it, and the skinned felt as did the rest of it. I couldn't find a second pair of bite marks, though I knew I should have. I searched the area I knew he had bitten me in, but the skin looked as though it had never been touched.

I went to bed wondering about it, but fell asleep before I could come up with anything except that he had healed me with his tongue. So why didn't it work on my mark.

Alucard watched as Seras went to sleep. His mark glowed softly against her pale skin. He watched the innocent rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. In his mind he knew he'd made a good choice for his fledgling. He thought back to how she was, going over each detail in his mind. Her blue eyes, blond hair, ample breasts and skinny waist and legs, innocent but proud personality, but most of all, her blood. It had been the sweetest he'd tasted before, and her scent had lingered in it. She had smelled of vanilla and roses. Now all that was left was to wait until she was ready to become one of the night with him.

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