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I ran down the street, breathing heavily as I tried to make it to my job on time. I was about to be late, and they don't wait on you in the modeling business. The photographers will just call out the alternate and your career is history. I really don't know how Zakuro can manage this all the time along with her job at the cafe.

The building soon came into view, and I breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been bad if I didn't get there soon. Running up the steps I ran past a familiar face, but who I couldn't place, at least not at a glance. At first I thought it was Kish, but it couldn't have been. Sure the guy had had green hair and long ears, but around a studio you got a lot of that. It could just be someone with makeup on just outside taking a break. Kish was on his home planet and wouldn't be here in a modeling agency. But the person was going the same way as me, but at a more leisurely pace...

The room I was supposed to go to came into view just slightly past the front door. I walked in and signed in.

"You are right on time, Ichigo. Go on into the dressing room, and try to catch your breath all right? We can't have our models looking exhausted!" I laughed a little, and went into the dressing room. A lady was waiting inside with an assortment of swimsuits and other clothes. My attention was caught on the string bikini hanging on the wall.

"Welcome Miss Momomiya, we were starting to worry about you. Now lets get you dressed." she was putting all the swimsuits on a chair and going towards the bikini on the wall.

"A-am I going to be wearing that?" I asked, stuttering.

"Of course. Standard first day for this company. We don't ask to see you naked like our biggest competitor, instead we have you wear something very skimpy. We can't show off our clothes on an overweight model, no offense intended. But the way you look on and off camera can be different." she was still smiling sweetly. "Now don't just stand there! Strip!"

I started and pulled my shirt off. I spoke while I undressed. "What is your name?"

"Nina." she answered.

"Nice to meet you Nina! I had pulled my skirt down and was unhooking my bra. It came off and my panties soon followed. Nina held the bottom of the bikini out to me.

"Its nice to meet you to. I am very glad to see you were thorough with your shaving." She smiled while I tied the strings at my side. It covered less than a thong did on either side, or so it seemed.

"U-um yeah. " I giggled nervously. I reached for the top and it was given. Only the peaks of my breasts were hidden, and I wondered why I even wore a swim suit. I'd rather have been naked.

"That suit fits you perfectly," Nina said, looking me up and down. She looked up, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "You were going to ask if this was a size too small, weren't you?" I blushed, and nodded. "Well, here you go, now come on. Time to go to makeup." She handed me a robe and I put it on, my fingers fumbling over the draw string.

Makeup didn't take too long, and soon I was sitting out on the set, waiting for the photographer to get there. I wasn't waiting too long, though, before someone was in my face, and his lips were on mine. His hand lay on my waist, his other stroking my cheek. A tongue licked at my lips and I opened my mouth, not to welcome him, but to say no. Of course, he didn't give me the chance. His tongue danced around inside my mouth, and I couldn't help but moan. Something was very familiar about this taste, and I couldn't help but join in. My eyes had been closed for awhile now, but shot open when the hand that had been on my waist slid down to caress my bottom.

I pushed the man away, and my eyes immediately found green hair and pointed ears.

"Thanks for the kiss, Kitty." Kish stood licking his lips and smiling at me happily.

"Kish!" I yelled in both fury and happiness. I had missed him so much, I couldn't help but go hug him tightly. My robe started to fall as I ran, and lay half off my shoulder, revealing my left breast, or most of it anyway. Kish put his arms around me and held me tightly to him. My breast was being smushed in between us, but I didn't care. Kish was back, and I had missed him so badly...

Kish gently pushed me back, smiling sadly. "Come on Kitty, we can't do this here. Look at all the stares we're getting." I turned and looked around. I blushed at all the smirking faces.

"Come on lovebirds, we have work to do. Go out when we're through, but not before. No one is leaving until the quota has been taken, even if it means going into over time." Our boss clapped his hands and everyone started to get ready.

"What do you say? Go out with me after the shoot?" his face was really happy and I was too. "Or do you have a date with Masaya?"he scowled at the name.

I shook my head, "No, me and Masaya aren't dating anymore. We broke up three years ago. I'll explain later."

He nodded, and I went to where they were calling me. My robe was taken, and I heard a few whistles coming at me from some of the men in the room. I looked back at Kish who was standing behind the camera, and he just smiled, giving a low whistle.

I lay down on my back while leaning against a fake rock ledge. I looked to be supporting myself up on my elbows, and my face was a serious, angled downward, but still looking up into the camera. No one made a noise but the camera as it was snapping away, and when it was done, I was herded into the dressing room for another suit.

Ten swim suits, three sundresses, and three shorts-shirts sets later I was walking down the side walk with Kish. It had taken nearly eight hours to go through all the clothes and new make up and everything, and it was nearing ten p.m. We walked in silence, just glad to be in each others presence.

My house rounded the corner, and we turned, me digging out my keys from a pocket of my jacket. I found them and unlocked the door, letting Kish in before me so I could retrieve the key from the handle. My back was to Kish as I removed my coat. I asked him while I removed it and my shoes: "would you like something to eat?" I turned around to find his lips on mine again, both his arms trapping me to him to where I couldn't move away.

"Yeah, you." He kissed me again and my eyes closed as we deepened the kiss. Our tongues shot in and out of each other's mouths so fast they hardly made contact. His hand traced up and down my rump, slowing down to rest underneath my skirt on my thigh. His other hand went to the same position on my other leg, and my arms wrapped around his neck while he lifted me up.

We broke to breathe, and he asked "where is the bedroom?"

"D-down the hall," I panted. He carried me into my room and laid me down on the bed. He went back to the light switch and flicked it on. He shut and locked my bedroom door, and closed the windows and curtains. I unbuttoned the top couple of buttons on my shirt while his back was turned. I also removed my bra and threw it to the floor. When he came back to crawl on top of me I knew he liked it. My shirt only had three buttons, and my breasts were exposed except for the nipples. He kissed my ear as his hands undid the final button.

I moaned as I pulled him down my body to where his face lay on my breast. I pulled the shirt off completely and led his hand up to my breast, gently cupping it in his hand. He squeezed gently before taking my hardened peak into his mouth. His fangs gently bit at me, while his tongue danced circles on my skin. His hands worked my skirt down my legs, leaving me in only my panties. I gently pushed him off me to pull his shirt over his head, and his lips found mine again.

I have no idea why I let him do all this to me. I wasn't in love with him, was I? I knew he was in love with me, at least he was when I was twelve. But now?

My moan died, and I no longer joined in the kiss. Kish noticed and got up off me a bit. His eyes held questions I wasn't sure I wanted to answer.

"Ichigo?" Is all he asked. I sat up, and stared straight into his eyes.

"Kish, why are you here? I was so happy to see you I was blinded to your sudden reappearance. Why are you back?"

He just looked at me, tilting his head slightly to the side. He burst out laughing and I suddenly felt very self conscious. W-why are you laughing? What's so funny!" Kish had rolled over onto his side, clutching it and still laughing his head off. The mood was definitely ruined. I gathered the blanket from underneath me to cover myself up. Kish held a hand out to catch the blanket, and my hand.

"N-no, sorry, I didn't mean to laugh, but what a time to ask! Right when we were in the middle... you had to ask... he he!" I was blushing furiously. He calmed down enough to tackle me back on to my back. He loomed over me and the blanket was just barely on me breasts.

"Are you going to answer me?" I asked. He smiled and rolled the two of us over so where we lay on our sides facing each other. The blanket only covered up to my waist now.

"Yeah." his face was down trodden as he spoke. "You see, the truth is is that I've been here the entire time. I was forbidden by my people to make contact with you, but I've been watching you the entire time. I watched you go from job to job, and when you became a model a job opened up for a photographer, and I took it. The time span I wasn't allowed to talk with you was only recently lifted, because my planet believes that you don't remember anything about me. I didn't know about you and Masaya breaking up, though."

"But why couldn't you talk to me? I wanted to see you for such a long time now, I thought I would go mad. What could you have possibly done to have your people forbid you to talk to me?"

He gave an angry snort. "The rulers on my planet didn't want me to fall in love with you. They especially didn't want you to love me back. So they exiled me to watch you love another, but after four years if I still loved you, I could try and win you. Judging by how little clothes your wearing, I'd say I succeeded."

"K-Kish!" I squeaked as his hand snuck behind my back.

"Yes?" he asked slowly.

""N-nevermind," I said. A sudden yawn brought me back to reality. "Kish, I need to go to sleep. I'm very tired," I said.

"All, right. We can continue in the morning." He released my back to grab the blanket and pull it up to cover us. He pulled me in next to him and I sighed. It felt so right to be laying there with him, so right to nearly make love to him. If I hadn't been so insecure we could've made love completely...

No, I can't let myself think of that. I have work to do in the morning.

I woke up to a gentle breathing behind me. I turned over to find Kish still sleeping. His face looked so innocent, carefree. I knew I should wake him up, but I couldn't. I just lay there and watched him sleeping soundly.

We must have stayed like that for only a couple minutes before a hand had snuck up my leg to caress my bottom, gently stroking.

My eyes had wandered down to look at Kish's hand on my butt and back up to look into his eyes. A mischievous glint lay in them, gleaming as he stared into mine. His hand came up to lay on my cheek. His other lay on the small of my back and gently closed the space in between us. He kissed my lips gently, tongue slowly exploring. He rubbed my back, and I moaned. The hand caressing my cheek went down to my breast, softly squeezing.

His mouth had only just started to descend lower when the alarm clock went off. A moment later the phone rang. A second later the door bell rang.

Kish scurried off me grabbing our clothes. He took them all into the bathroom and hid in the closet. A robe was tossed out and I hurriedly put it on as I went to grab the phone while on the way to the door. Kish had already hit the button on the alarm clock. I managed to say hello on the phone as I unlocked the front door.

Mint's voice filled the ear piece of the phone. She started telling me all the news at the cafe. Ryou stood on the front door step, looking bored.

"Uh, um, Mint can you let me call you back? I just got some company. It will only be a few minutes, I think." I stepped out of the way and Ryou walked inside. I shut the door just as Mint responded.

"OK, call soon!" before she hung up.

"R-Ryou, what are you doing here? Can I get you a drink?" I started going towards the kitchen when I was stopped by his hand catching my arm.

"No, I'm not going to be here long. We have an emergency."

My throat tightened. What could have happened?

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