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Summary: Yu-Gi-Oh! Beyblade xover! Kai dumps Hil for a slut. She's heartbroken so turns to her older brother Seto Kaiba for help who askes her to come back. What happens when the Beybladers Meet the Duelsists with Hillary as one of them. Insanity. Will Kai ever take Hil back or will one the other Beybladers or Duelists capture her heart. Temporary title till I can think of Something not corny.

"Hey Kaiba why are you staring at that pic of Ri?" Joey asked pulling a photograph of a bespectacled ruby eyedbrunette.

Snatching the photograph out of Joey's hand Kaiba gave him a death glare. "None of your buisness mutt!"

"It is after all she's our friend!" Yami said coming up behind Kaiba and somewhat startling him while the whole Yugi-taichi who had gathered around him with the addition of the other two Yamis - Bakura or Akelfia and Marik.

I liked it better when they were trapped in the Millenium Items and didn't have their own bodies. Seto thought. After being unable to let his classmates glares and curious looks bother him he finally gave in and said rather snarled, "I've just got a bad feeling about her all right! And I miss my sister. Is that a crime!"

Bakura smirked, "No it isn't. Just surprising that iceman Kaiba cares about people."

Kaiba growled inwardly at his so-called friends. Well two people could play this game. "And I'm worried about that guy she is dating. I'm hoping he's treating her well."

Blank stares and then, "Ri is dating!" Kaiba covered his ears. Okay maybe that wasn't a good move.

Bakura, Malik and Marik however looked like they were about to rip something to shreds or Shadow Realm someone. And by their looks it seemed to maybe be him. Definately not a good idea


"I hate him! After all I did for him he did this to me! He chose a slut over me!" Hilary screamt into her pillow. "I hate you so much Kai!" she whispered softly to herself trying her best not to cry.


Hilary walked on the green grass of the park a smile playing on her face. Kai had come here.After asking the BBA Revolution where Kai was she decided to pay him a visit. She knew he'd like some peace and quiet since Mr. Dickenson had brought all the other Beyblading teams over to Tyson's dojo for a get together.After all today was their two month anniversary. So she decided to gove him a surprise. Well it was her who got the surprise when she saw her boyfriend heavily making out with a- well there wasn't any other fitting word for her - slut dressed in the whole leather seductress ordeal. 'Uugh!' Hilary thought as she looked at them before realising that it was Kai who was making out with the girl. "Kai!" she asked in a hoarse whispered voice. The couple stopped and looked at her.

"Who. Are. You!" the slutty girl asked.

Hilary ignored her and looked at Kai who gave her a cold look back. "Hilary we're breaking up." He said in a monotonous voice and then went back to what he was doing previously.

Hilary turned around and left tears brimming in her eyes.

End Flashback

The sound of the phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. She didn't answer it. Since - she guessed - that Kai told everyone that they had broken up Hillary got many calls from her friends. The phone went on her answering machine and her eyes widened in surprise when she heard the deepvoice,and the message. "Hillary it's me Seto. Are you all right. I've just been getting a bad feeling about you so I called to check on you. Call me back as soon as you get this. Love you little sis."

The message clicked off and more tears streamed down Hillary's face as memories flooded into her head. She turned and looked at the picture by the bedside table. A picture of her family when she wasfour before the accident when she lost them. Her now deceased parents hugging her and her two brothers tightly, her father with his shaggy black hair and blue eyes grinning, her mother with her chocolate brown hair and ruby eyes smiling warmly, her older brother by two years Seto having his chocolate his be toussled by the wind and his blue eyes glinting merrily as he had an arm wrapped around her and her younger brother Mokuba with his black hair all over his face sheilding his blue eyes.

Rememebering the accident and her life after thather eyes let more tears fall slowly. Not being able to find her brothers and presuming that they were dead, being taken in that greedy uncle of hers who wanted the money her parents left behind, being beaten up everyday, hardly given any food and being teased and beaten up by the neighbourhood bullies and forced to run the company by her lazy uncle. And then when she looked at the T.V screen two years back and saw her brother on it she remembered literally dancing and singing with joy. And when her uncle found out about it and the fact that her brothers were both adopted by a wealthy tycoon beating her up even more. Phoning her brother to ask for ransom for her well being. Well that part of his plan had worked out badly because Seto had the police get him and arrest him. And the best outcome of it was that she got to live with her borthers again after both of them were postively sure that they were siblings. After being mistreated for years one learns to be cautious.Only the thing was now her brothers was Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba, not Tatiabana. Well she would guess used to it, she was used to adjusments. After all these were good adjusments.

After all she was going to be living with her brothers again and begun helping him with work. And she had met a lot of friendly people and most of them were insane but became good friends with her. Although her brother didn't approve of them he didn't mind as long as she was happy. And then becoming an A class Duelist. Finding out about the Yami's and Ancient Egypt, and that her families descended from the priests family that served Atem, and the fact she could summon all the Egyptian gods, earning the God cards which she gave back. Winning the ultimately rare and new card Pegasus had created from an ancient tablet he found, Dreona The Angel Of Darkness which turned out to have the spirit of the real Grim Reaper trapped in it and wouldn't be summoned until someone said the seemingly untranslateable incantation which Hillary had translated. Being given Guardianship of the Millenium Scales by Isis and Shadi. And thanks to the power of Dreona she could send people to Hell. Literally. Oh yeah she had gotten the good life for a while.

Smiling a bit at her last memories she reached for her cell phone. She needed someone to talk to and her elder brother Seto was the best. She dialed her brothers cell phone. One ring, Two Rings, Three rings, Four Rings, Five Rings and then, "Hello Ri! So you got my message. Is everything all right!" And then she broke down and told him everything.

And as she had hoped he made everything all right. "I'll arrange for my private jet to come there and pick you up in three days time as soon as the nutcase comes back from his vacation, all right. Hold on till then."

"I promise I will." she whispered softly back tears now gone.

"Oh and if it'll make you feel better the others found out that you have a boyfriend and all Yami, Bakura, Malik, and Marik have all offered to Shadow Realm him if he ever hurts you after the mutt (Joey), and pointy haired freak (Tristian), Dice-boy (Duke), Almeda and Varonbeat them to a blody pulp. So I could tell them and send them over there if you'd like." Seto offered.

Hillary laughed. "No need Oni-san. Maybe if I feel like it later on."

The doorbell rang and thinking it was Hillary Rei rushed to answer it followed by the rest of the Bladebreakers. She hadn't picked up any of their calls last night and the others were worried.

However when he opened the door he noticed instead of Hillary a girl with long blonde curls and blue eyes wearing a really short denim mini-skirt and a white sleeveless blousewas standing on the threshhold. "So this is why you took so long to answer the door. You were preparing a welcoming party for me. How sweet of you doorknobs. I'mNatalie, Kai's new girl.Well sorry to tell you but the only man for me is Kai. I don't date ugly, useless pathetic fools."

"Well sorry about that Miss Beautiful. Well your prince charming is out back so go do him" Tyson replied sarcastically.

"Guys Hillary hasn't come over yet. I think she's taken the break-up thing badly." Rei said.

"Why wouldn't she? I mean she cared so much for Kai and he went and got a slut over her!" Tyson said as he cast an annoyed glance towards the new couple making out in the corner. Namely Kai and his slutty girlfriend Natalie.

"You'd think with that name she'd be a sweet girl, not a slut." Daichi said disgusted.

The others including the Saint Sheilds, Team Pyskics, F-Dynasty, PPB All Starz, Barthez Battalion, Majestics, White Tigerz, the other remaining teams the authoress has coviniently forgotten to mention as she can't remember thier names, and the Blitzkreig Boys nodded in agreement.

Tala was just plain shocked at the fact that Kai dumped Hillary. All the Blitzkreig Boys had only few definition of women all being bad. Mainly according to them women were slutty creatures who lived to leech of peoples money or happiness and only went for men with money, fame, or looks. Their veiw of women had changed only after meeting female beybladers which Hillary was a somewhat representation of. A normal girl who didn't give a damn about looks, money or fame but just wanted a guy to be themselves.

Tala remembered telling Kai after he met her that Hillary was a rare find an not to let her go. He never thougth Kai would loose so many of his brain cells to dump Hillary for a girl who seemed to only want his looks, fame and money.

The girls started getting bugged and just decided to go over to Hillary's place and tell her to get over it and take her shopping. Only one problem stopped them. They didn't know where Hillary lived. They had planned to go to the amusement park later on.

"Oh well I guess we'll have to go without her!" Mathilda said sadly.

Just then to everyone's pleasant surprise Hillary walked in the door. "Hey guys nice mroning isn't it?" she said and earned a greeting from everybody except the new couple in the corner. Casting them merely a minuscule glane she walked straight to the others and sat down letting Daichi as usual sit on her lap.

"So what up?" she asked smiling.

"Nothing all of us girls were planning to go shopping." Mariah said smiling sweetly.

"Oh good I have to get some stuff for the nuts back home." Hillary said.

"Back home?" Julia asked quizically.

"Oh my Oni-san called yesterday and wants me back home for a while. So I have to buy some stuff for my buddies there. I have only two days." Hillary replied smiling while everyone's faces looked sad.

"Oh that's good. I was getting worried that with an ugly hag hanging around here I may get the disease these girls caught from you and loose my looks." Natalie said smirking as she broke apart from Kai.

"Anyway what time are we going?" Hillary asked as if she didn't hear Natalie's comment.

The others looked uneasily between Natalie and Hillary before Daichi said, "After lunch."

"Swell." Hillary said smiling.

"Uugh! Kai sweetie could we go somewhere else. I don't want to go around with these uncool people, and that pathetic useless foolish, ugly bitch of your ex-girl." Natalie said. Kai mutely nodded while Tyson, Rei, Max, and Daichi fumed.

"Alleluia, Thank you. So I don't have to worry about catching the annoying dumb vain blonde disease from a slut. I'm happy. Okay guys I'm treating you. Ask me for whatever you guys want. And yes TysonI'll treat you to an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-BUFFET so you can stop drooling. You too Daichi." Hillary said smiling.

Suddenly Hillary's cellphone rang. "Hhmm? Hello!" and all hell broke loose on the other line.

"Ri it's me Joey. I heard about the asshole who dumped you. Give me his address. I'm gonna pulverise him. Hey stop that Tristian."

"Shut up Joey I wanna talk to Ri. Hey Ri Tristian here. How do you want me to beat this Russian up? Ouch get lost pretty boy, I'm talking here."

"No way, hey Ri, it me Duke, so how do I humiliate this guy? Hey give me the phone back Almeda!"

"In your dreams pretty boy. Ri Varon and me were wonering if you want us to sick Dartz on this stupid Russian?Woah give me the phone back you stupid Egyptains!"

"Hey Ri it's me Marik. Let me at that bastard. Me and my Hikari will shadow Realm his sorry ass. Hey give me the phone back theif."

"Ri, how do you want me to kill this guy before I Shadow Realm his sorry ass. Torture him to death, stab him repeatedly with knives and daggers, poke him to death with a stick or I'm running out of ways."

"We could mumify him while electrocuting him and just for good measures skewer him." another voice offered.

"Woah Pharoh that was good. You're finally stopping being a sissy. Yeah Ri whatever the jack-ass Pharoh said. Oh and we could do the same thing to that girl who he left you for, for good measure that is."

"What the hell are you doing with my phone! Don't tell me that you've called my sister! Give that to me right now!" And then lots of noises you'd hear ina brawl could be heard. Hillary sweat-dropped.

A low British voice came on the phone "Hey Ri it's me Ryou. If you're wondering what happened here everyones got into a brawl and Anzu and Yugi are trying to stop it. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that you have to tell this guy to watch his back because oyur brother has sent out assassins to get him. And we also have four insane Egyptains plotting his death. Not to mention other resident maniacs helping them. Anyway take care. I'd better go tame my Yami before he sends everyone to the Shadow Realm like last time. I can already see the Eye OfHorus glowing on his head.Take care. Bye! Oh yeah by the way Atem and Anzu are dating if you wanted to know. So are Yugi and Rebecca. And Shizuka said yes to Tristian. So you have to add Duke to your fan following. Okay now Marik's giving me that death glare and the Eye Of Horus is glowing on all the Yami's head so I'm guessing that anzu and Yugi need help. See ya in Domino later."

And then she could hear a faint sound of Ryou's voice threathening everyone saying, "Hey Ri say that if you guys don't stop it she'll sick Dreona on you!" She cut the call.

"So errwhat's for lunch?" she asked sheepishly.

"Pasta." Rei said a bit uncomfortably.

"Great lets eat." Hillary said smiling. "Coming?" she asked everyone else who was stunned by what they just heard especially Kai and Natalie.

As they walked into the kitchen Rei was sure he caught a faint evil triumphant smirk on Hillary's face.