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Hillary's P.O.V.

In The Ammo Shop.

Okay I'm pretty sure that at this moment Kai Hiwatari and Natalie Brown are the most hated people in the world.

By now Mai and the gals have not only blown up Kai's limo but they have also made Natalie's and Kai's lives miserable. And they did that in the short ten minute walk to the ammo shop. But they made the ten minutes into an hour.

I forgot how sadistic they can get.

I mean I could literally write a book titled A Detailed Description Of The Many Ways In Which You Can Make Your Two-Timing Ex-Boyfriend Kai Hiwatari And His New Slutty Girlfriend Suffer At The Hand Of Your Sadistic Gal Pals In Sixty Minutes.

1. Set the sluts hair on fire and watch her run about trying to put it out followed by your exand offer her kerosene instead of water to put it out.

2. Attach raw meat to her clothes - by Ra knows how! - and set a pack of the local travelling circus lions on her. (I'm still wondering how Rebecca knew that the circus would be running near the mall today?)

3. Throw your ex and the slut in the huge walk in freezer at the Ice Cream Shop.

4. Yell 'Underneath the blanket' after every cute couple stuff they say.

5. Sing "My friends got a girlfriend and we hate that bitch. Oh so much!" every five seconds.

6. Re-enact what happens almost everyday to Marik in Domino, and Kai is the Marik. (I'm still figuring out how they got the cops to chase Kai!)

7. Ask Kai what planet he belongs too. Every two seconds. (Rebecca had him fuming!)

8. Blow up Kai's Beyblade. Into tiny bits and hide Dranzers bit-chip.

9. Ask Kai who his physiciatrist is.

10. Pay a rabid gay guy to chase Kai around because he wants some hardcore guy ass! (I have so much respect for homosexuals!)

11. Pay random guys to come up to Natalie and tell her she was the sexiest whore they have ever seen.

12. Have random men ask Natalie how much for one night.

13. Start screaming "Golddigger" by Kanye West everytime a guy said this.

14. Having a mock fight with each of the other gals every ten seconds and then getting mad and taking out stun guns to electrocute the gal before "accidentaly" electrocuting Kai and Natalie.

15. Having a sugar high Becky follow Natalie around screaming "Mommy!"

16. Making Kai and Natalie listen to one of Anzu's frienship speeches.

17. Turning around every fifteen seconds and asking Kai how was Boris in bed. (Tala, Brooklyn, Garlandand Brian seemed to enjoy this very much!)

18. Asking Kai which nationality he belongs to and every time he answers screaming "Communist!"

19. Yelling "Nazi!" every time Kai grumbles.

20. Asking Kai when his next period is due and when he glares at us saying, "Sorry forgot you aren't a girl.

And that was just the beginning


"Ok. Have we got everything?" Vivian asked.

I broke out of my reverie.

"Let's check. We have guns, knives, daggers, chains, gunpowder, bombs, dynamite, and some more explosives. I think that's about it." I said.

"We need one more thing." Samantha said.

"Huh? What's that Sammy?" I asked.

"The guys!" Sammy replied.

"Oh yeah how could we forget about them?" Mai said.

"Easy. Theres hardly any noise." Ciel said.

"Oh yeah I forgot how loud the guys are!" Mai said.

"Yeah but when you come to think of it. Since we're so used to it, it's kinda creepy not hearing insults flying around the whole day." Anzu said.

"Yeah no-one yelling "Mutt!", "Arrogant Rich Jack-Ass!", "Stupid Tomb Keeper!" "Asshole Pahroh!" "Idiotic Tomb Robber!" "Pointy Haired Freak!" "Pretty Boy!" and "I'm gonna kill you Pharoh!" It really is creepy!" Rebecca said shuddering.

The gals all looked at each other before saying "Lets go get the guys!" at the same time.

And that's how I found myself on Sammy's jet on my way back to Domino city a week earlier joined by my insane Dueling gal pals and - for some weird reson which I have yet to figure out - my blading buddies.

And for some weird reason Kai is wearing a red minidress with matching red lipstick, red ear rings, red stilettos, ared necklece, and a red handbag. And Natalie is stuck in the toilet murmuring that her stomach feels funny.

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for them.

The gals have already made their lives miserable.

I wonder what the guys are gonna do to them?

Hell Sessions have just begun!

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