Wit beyond measure

A Lunaish piece of poetry. Characters belong to Rowling.

Wit beyond measure
Is man's greatest treasure
A treasure so rich and profound
Knowledge is power
For her to acquire
Who knows where that knowledge is found

Books can be burned
But what you have learned
Will never truly depart
Try as they may
No one can steal away
The knowledge you hide in your heart

The world lies at your feet
It's your drink and your meat
It's the future, prosperous and bright
When on life's path you jaunt
You can be all you want
That's my promise and that is your right

Wit beyond measure
Is man's greatest treasure
A treasure so very refined
That there's nothing that you
Won't be able to do
If you find your way in your own mind

Luna, who had been standing up on her chair as she recited the poem, lowered her arms that had been raised in a poetry-telling pose, made a twirling pirouette and bowed beamingly at her audience. The other first year Ravenclaws only stared at her, in various stages of being dumbstruck, flabbergasted or simply giggly. Professor Flitwick, however, warmly applauded from his position on top of the books that he had piled up on the chair behind the teacher's desk.

"Very good, miss Lovegood," he piped in appreciation. "Three points for a very Ravenclawish piece of poetry. Now, however, if you would kindly resume your seat, perhaps we can return to the wand movements that were to be the subject of todays lecture..."