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DESCRIPTION – Danny gets expelled from Casper High! He tells his parents why he has been skipping classes, accidentally breaking things and beating up Dash. They want him to get an education but there aren't any school that are close to their house, apart from CH. They sign Danny Phantom up at Casper High! What happens? Romance blossoms between Valerie and Danny!

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Living A Lie

Chapter 1 – I've Been Expelled.

I was sitting in the principal's office, watching Principal Ishyama look at files about me.

"Mr Fenton, since you have been continuously…"

Well, I better go back to how this started.

It was a sunny morning and I woke up early to make sure I was ready for school on time. I rushed out the door and got to the front doors of my high school - Casper High – when a blue mist escaped my mouth.

I looked around for the cause and saw a ghost with blue, fiery hair and an awesome guitar. She was known as pop singer, Ember McLain. A few months ago she joined another ghost, Youngblood. She brainwashed the adults in town with her music for Youngblood's fleet of ships. In the end, the kids came and we kicked butt.

You see, I am no ordinary kid, I was but I am not anymore. My name is Danny Fenton and I am half ghost. I wasn't born like this; one of my parent's inventions sorta… half killed me.

My parents are ghost hunters but they do not know that I am half ghost, I would like for it to stay that way until I have to reveal the secret, I don't know how they will react.

My two best friends, Sam and Tucker, know that I am half ghost because they were with me at the time of the accident. Jazz found out about my powers AGES ago but hasn't admitted that she knew until 2 months ago.

Back to the story, I ran behind the school and was about to transform when I remembered that the school recently installed security cameras. I ran into an alley near the school and looked for any kids who were skipping school or taking a detour.

When I saw nobody, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

"I'M GOING GHOST!" I cried my battle cry.

I think it is quite good, don't you? The first time I met Vlad, he made fun of it. Vlad is my archenemy who is also half ghost. He has been half ghost for at least 20 years while I have only been half ghost for almost a year.

A blue ring appeared just above my waist and split into two. One travelled up and the other travelled down my body. Soon, I was no longer a 14 year old boy with raven black hair, faded blue jeans and icy blue eyes; I was now a ghost with snowy white hair, bright green eyes and a black and white jumpsuit that had a DP on the chest.

I had turned into Danny Phantom, public ghost enemy number 1. Don't get me wrong, I am a good ghost, its just the people who live in Amity Park have been fooled by my many enemies.

I flew out of the alley and towards the spot I had last seen Ember. She was still there, on top of the roof, watching as kids entered the school. I snuck up behind her and held out one of my hands.

It started to glow bright green for a second and then a ghost ray shot out of it. I hit her square in the back. My aim had improved since I got these ghost powers, like my other abilities.

Ember got up and floated just above the ground. She kept bobbing up and down, like all ghosts. Her expression told me she was no longer happy, I had just ticked her off. She turned the dial on her guitar and started to play a tune that I remembered. Then, she started to sing the words to that tune.

"It was, it was September

Wind blows the dead leaves fall

To you I did surrender

Two weeks you didn't call

Your life goes on without me

My life, a losing game

But you should, you should not

Doubt me

You will remember my name

Oh Ember, you will remember

Ember, one thing remains

Ember, so warm and tender

You will remember my name"

Only then did Ember open her eyes and noticed that I had put up a shield against her spells and hadn't been hypnotised. That made her even angrier at me.

I made the shield disappear and got into a fighting position.

"Bring it on, dipstick!" she said.

I flew up to her as she flew up to me. She took a swing at me and missed, and then I took a swing at her and punched her in the gut. Ember turned the dial on her guitar once more and strummed it.

A giant fist hit me and sent me through the roof. As I was falling, I accidentally brought up the blue rings that changed me from human to ghost and I was soon my human self, Danny Fenton.

I landed hard on something, or someone I should say. I looked beneath me and saw the face of one of my human enemies, Dash Baxter.


I really shouldn't have looked down, Dash's breath was AWFUL! I instantly got off his stomach and ran off to my locker, as fast as I could. When I reached my locker, I was panting; I looked around and didn't see him.

I opened my locker and all of my books fell onto my head. I picked up the ones I needed and shoved the rest into my locker. I heard the bell ring and I cursed in my head, I'm not the sort of boy to say anything like that aloud.

I ran towards homeroom and saw my two friends who were also hurrying to get to their class. We got there just in time, which is pretty unusual; normally I get held up by ghost attacks.

I walked into our lunchroom with my two best friends, looking for an empty table to sit at. Soon we spotted one and I got my lunch. The food didn't look edible but, I had to feed myself sometime.

I got to my table but my lunch tray suddenly flew up into my face. My food was wasted and I probably looked a total mess. I pulled the tray from my face to see Dash's smiling face.

I had had enough of Dash Baxter. He always picked on me and never gave me a break, well, now it was time for me to pay him back. I threw my fist at his face and it connected just below the eye.

He put his hands to his face and started to cover the mark that I had made. Kwan pushed through the crowd of jocks and looked at me, anger in his eyes. I just kicked him in the knee and he fell to the ground.

Dash finally took his hand away from his face and tried to punch me. I ducked and spun around to punch him in the gut, just as I had done to Ember this morning. I felt someone tug on my shirt and I elbowed the person.

Everyone gasped, turns out the person I elbowed was Mr Lancer! A hand pulled me aside and this time I let it, not knowing whose hand it was. Principal Ishyama was directing me to her office; I was in a LOT of trouble.

So, here I am, sitting in front of the principal, awaiting my punishment. I don't know what's going to happen, she has been angry at me for a while, maybe I will get lunchtime detention, I don't know.

She looked up at me with a frown. She grabbed the phone, was about to dial and then spoke to me.

"Mr Fenton, you have been late to class so many times that we cant count, you have broken thousands of dollars worth of school property and you and Mr Baxter have been caught fighting on school grounds. Do you have anything to say?" asked Principal Ishyama.

"I can explain! Actually, no, I can't." I said, remembering that I couldn't explain.

"Well, the only punishment that will stop this from happening is expulsion, please gather your things from your locker, I will be calling your parents to pick you up." Instructed Principal Ishyama.

EXPULSION? I CANT GET EXPELLED! I started to open my mouth but remembered I could get in more trouble for back chatting. But, I couldn't get in any more trouble, I have been expelled!

I walked out of the door and grabbed my bag which I had left outside the door. I walked over to my locker and opened it after five tries. I loaded my books into my small bag. I was surprised that they all fit inside.

I lifted the bag onto my back and fell down, it was very heavy. I dragged it across the floor as I walked to the front of the school where my mother and father were standing, looking very cross. I didn't know how to explain this to them, I just COULDN'T tell them my secret.

"We are very disappointed in you, young man." mum told me.

"Now we have to send you to a 'private' school, Maddie, what's a private school?" asked dad.

Mum rolled her eyes and turned back to me. "We will discuss this at home."

She turned and walked out of the school with dad. I dragged my bag behind and hopped into the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle. It is a large RV with ghost weapons in it. They can be deactivated at any time, by pushing a button.

I put on a seatbelt and held onto the arm rests. Dad was driving and it is NEVER safe when dad drives. He started up the vehicle and reversed. He backed into a small car that said 'Lancer' on the numberplate.

I put a hand to my mouth and chuckled, I hated Mr Lancer, our English teacher. Dad started to drive and I held onto the seats, wanted to keep my little part of my life that I have left.

After a short amount of time, we arrived back at Fenton Works – our home – and went into the lounge room to discuss the trouble that I had gotten into this time. I looked at my feet, not wanting to have to tell them my secret.

Well, this is it, I might have to tell them my secret if they punish me harshly, I thought.

"Well, are you going to explain or am I going to have to punish you?" mum asked me.

I didn't answer and continued to look at my feet. If I tried to say something, it wouldn't come out. I was too scared of how they would react if I told them and what they would do if I DIDN'T tell them.

"Well, I guess I am going to have to punish you… but how?" mum wondered aloud.

"Fenton stockades!" dad suggested.

"WHAT IS WITH YOU AND THE FENTON STOCKADES?" I asked, losing control of my mouth.

"Danny!" mum scolded me.

I looked back at my shoes and heard my mum sighed. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up into my mums purple eyes.

"Danny, please, tell us why you have been doing it, we will try to understand, we love you and you know it, whatever it is, we will still love you, even if you killed a person and are trying to hide the evidence." She informed me.

"MUM!" I yelled. "I would NEVER kill ANYONE!"

She didn't answer and I looked down to my feet. I turned my head up, eyes full of tears. She gasped and threw her hands around me, pulling me into a tight hug.

"I… I wanted to… to t-tell you b-before but I… I j-just couldn't…" I sobbed.

"What is it Danny?" mum asked.

"Well… you know how… how I t-turned on the p-portal?" I asked, trying my hardest not to keep crying.

"Yes, dear, you got a terrible shock." mum reminded me.

"W-well… the shock it… it kinda… h-half killed… killed m-me." I admitted.

"What do you mean Danny?" mum was confused.

"I'm half ghost." I told her.

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