Luke pulls up at Lorelai's house. He sees Christopher pulling back from an embrace with Lorelai.

His stomach tightens as he watches the scene before him. Lorelai was smiling. Over the past few months she had been quiet, undecided and well basically not smiling. She looked happy up there with Christopher, Luke thought.

Little did he know that it was because she had finally ended things with Christopher, finally gotten closure, the realization that it could never work between them, not when she was in love with Luke, not when everything her and Christopher had together revolved around little anecdotes from twenty years ago. She had fun with him, and he was undoubtedly special to her, but it just seemed they could not go a single conversation without bringing up their childhood, which lets face it, was not a great time for her. Christopher got her past, but she was so different now, and so was he. She knew that no matter how hard she tried, she could never grow to love him as much as she should. She could never imagine them old together, or spending their lives together.

Meanwhile Luke realized that if he loved her, he-he should just leave. Everything was not all about him. It did not matter if he was in love with her. Some things were just not meant to be he resigned.

Christopher walked away and Lorelai looked up and saw Luke.

Their eyes locked for a second be fore Luke quickly reversed and pulled out of the driveway.

Damn, Lorelai thought as she imagined how it must have looked to Luke. He had no idea that things had just ended between Christopher and her. She ran toward her car and realized that she had forgotten her purse and therefore keys. She rushed back, grabbed the purse, and sped on after Luke.

It was not long after when she pulled up beside the diner. She looked inside and locked eyes with Luke for the second time that night.

She was shocked when she saw him continue toward the door.

She had thought he would be mad. She walked toward the door. She watched as Luke locked it and flicked off the lights.

Luke could not believe he was switching off the lights; she had come here, as he had wanted her to for weeks now. But he just did not want to hear explanations from her right now, as far as he was concerned she could do whatever she pleased. And if he made her happy, then Luke would have to suck it up and be the better man. Lorelai deserved to be happy.

He thought about the time a few years ago she had come in crying because she had lost it, her chance at the whole package. Well he would be damned if he was going to take that chance away from her now.

A small voice inside him head argued with him, that maybe he deserved the package to, the kids, the house, and Lorelai. But as he glanced over his shoulder to take one final glance at Lorelai, he knew she deserved to be happy, with whoever she wanted, she had earned that right. He quickly went up the stairs without another glance behind him.

Lorelai watched in shock. What the hell was he playing at; he never refused her late night visits. Why had he come to my house if he didn't want m, she thought?

She reached up to search for his spare key. She had to jump and came crashing down nearly falling in her stiletto heals. She heard the tinkling of metal and realized she had knocked the key down. She picked it up and opened the door quickly. She locked it behind her, and made her way up the stairs.

She was going to explain everything to him. Her stomach was in knots at the thought of another rejection by him. But he had come to her house, and she was going to find out why.

Thoughts of possibilities roamed her head as she neared her destination.

She opened the door quickly without knocking.

She saw him sitting in the armchair, his head in his hands. He looked up quickly startled by the noise.

They locked eyes for the third time that night.

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