Evey loved to do that, he loved it and hated it at the same time and in equal amounts. She was in charge so it was her turn to make the rules, something they had already agreed on. Sometimes he regretted not questioning her suggestions. This time he could watch but he wasn't allowed to moveā€¦ or make a sound. The slightest transgression implicated that the evening would be over and both would go to bed without supper.

V bites his lip behind the mask to suppress a moan and remind himself of the rules. He looks down at the little demon between his legs, settled on the rug, with a small cushion under her knees, focused on subjecting him to her gentle torture. She takes between her fingers a fresh ice cube from the delicate Japanese wooden bowl she's placed on the couch next to his thigh and with calculated slowness, lets him see it. She likes to let him watch. He knows what's going to happen and must focus on staying perfectly still, just the way he's done for the last half hour. At least she allowed him to get away with panting.

She looks up at the mask and smiles just for him, ready to sense his pleasure and his struggle as she runs the ice cube up and down his hard length, making sure every spot is touched. V wants to hiss but he's not allowed to and all he can do is watch as she torments him with the ice until he's cold and numb. Oh, he loves the turning point right ahead. Evey drops the melting ice cube into the bowl and licks his cold flesh before taking it into her mouth, working it slow and tenderly until it's warm and throbbing again.

V wants her to keep on blowing him, he wants to finish in her mouth but she will not let him until he's reached his limit. "Not until you've surrendered." She'd said. He stares, hating the next turning point that will inevitably come until she sees fit. She delivers one last playful lick and takes a new ice cube from the bowl to repeat the process until he cannot tell which one he loves or hates.