Okay, this is around the second season. Dean and Rory are together for now, that will be changed though.

The way she walked was only one thing Jess loved about Rory Gilmore. There was so much life and spirit in this intriguing girl, and Jess wanted it all so bad, but the only time he could get it was in the night. During the night was Jess's favorite time. So much mystery, so many secrets covered up until daylight brings them back again, but his favorite reason were his secret meetings with Rory.

To most Jess is a troubled kid in need of attention, but to Rory he was none of this. Jess was probably one of the greatest people in the world according to her. He was smart, caring, and funny. Rory was confused on why Jess only acted this way around her, but soon caught on. He liked her.

Despite all the effort Jess had put in not liking Rory it was just no use. He loved her, for real. Rory was different from every girl he had met. Rory was special. When Jess first came to town, he remembered seeing those eyes. Those amazingly blue eyes. From that point Jess had one thing on his mind, to get Rory. This would not have been so hard if she had not had a boyfriend, but alas as all love stories go, she did. And of course, this boy was a floppy haired idiot.

Dean Forester had always considered him self a babe magnet. I mean he was hot, great at basketball, and very funny. So of course getting Rory Gilmore was going to be simple. Now while it was not as easy to get Rory as Dean thought it would be, he still got her. And that was all that mattered. For a while there was nothing that could separate these two. They were in love. But then the boy with the olive skin came to town.

Jess was not very happy to wake up one morning to see his all his bags packed, and his mom saying "Have fun in Stars Hollow". But, he dealed. He got on the bus to Stars Hollow, to start a new life. He was determined to annoy everyone in this crazy town, but once he got there he knew this was rather impossible because once he saw Rory, Jess forgot about his plans to annoy and worked on his plans to get Rory.

Rory Gilmore was sitting on a counter a Luke's diner when she first met Jess. And even though she had a boyfriend she still decided to check him out.

He was hot. His olive toned skin matched with his black hair and brown eyes was simply irresistible. Rory was automatically attracted to this guy. But knew it could not be anything because she had a boyfriend, a great one, or so she thought.

As Rory and Jess became closer and closer, Dean grew madder and madder. After awhile Dean got so paranoid that Rory and Jess were seeing each other and making out, he forbid Rory to see Jess. Rory "loved" Dean but this was too much. She agreed to not see him, or so Dean thought.

Jess glanced at his watch 10:55 p.m. it read. He should probably start walking to the bridge; Rory hated it when he was late. There was so much to Rory that Jess had learned, that he knew Dean had yet to figure out. Like she preferred chocolate over vanilla. Or that her favorite color was blue. When he arrived at the bridge, he saw Rory with the blankets, books, flashlights, and food. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, she had probably been here for a while "Hi" she said. "Hi" Jess replied, and sat down next to her.

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