Here's part 2. Understand people, he's a tormented mind inside.


I'm very sweaty. Seriously, I like just noticed how freakin' sweaty I can be. Like, someone will say something and I start sweatin' like a pig, some even fly upwards, defying the laws of gravity as a cloud of sweat hovers above my head. Nobody bothers to tell me, "Wow Syaoran, you sure are sweaty". I think I have a problem. Then again, Kurogane gets lots of like, protruding veins that always pop out of his skin. They scare me, I think one day they're going to explode. Fai's always sparkly. He can like, sparkle on command. I wish I could sweat on command, it kind of just happens. I have a problem, seriously. Kurogane won't take me to the doctor because he's afraid of the doctor's office and I'm not going anywhere alone with Fai. I hope Sakura realizes I have a problem.

Entry#23: Too young

I was thinking today, and I just remembered something. Back in Outo, I got really, really drunk. I was so drunk I thought Mokona was Kurogane and that Kurogane really secretly was a covergirl (he is) so now I think I have some prime ammunition if I ever want to get those freaks arrested. Seriously, we were all drunk except Kurogane. Me and Sakura are only like, 16, we're underage! Haaah, now I'd never have to deal with Kuro-s and Fai's freakin' totally wrong lovey-dovey-ness no more. Then it would just be me and Sakura, top of the world, baby. Then again, then I'd be the one to do all the fighting and the cooking and cleaning. Maybe I'll keep them around for just a little while longer, you know, so Kurogane can continue to be our brainless lug and Fai can be our domestic housewife. Yeah.

Entry#32: Dress

I had to wear a dress today. It wasn't as fun as it looked. I had to wear these braids too, just because I just had the luck to land in a place where only girls are allowed. They had the bright idea to turn me into a cross-dresser. As I was standing there, in full female apparel, I had to think:

This must be what Fai feels like.

So then I'm wearin' flowers in my hair, and all the girls are like "He's so cute!" Just what I need, more fangirls. Sakura didn't help much, as always, with her it's always just like "Go with the flow, man.". I think I like Kurogane more, he wouldn't let them put me in a dress. I cried tonight. I'm so sick of this, I wanna go home. I miss my daddy. He's dead now, why won't his zombie come and save me! It's the least he could do. I hate my life. I wish I was Sakura, she never has to do anything. It's always me, kicking things around and putting myself in harm's way. Plus, I'm kinda blind in one eye, it's not fun when you see half the world that everyone else does. I think I should just give up soon, and throw the dress away. What makes me the most depressed is that people buy it, like, if that was Kurogane all dressed up like a woman nobody would buy it. With me people don't even question it. We had some guys bust in and I used some super-kicky moves on them, and they totally thought I was a girl. Again, this sucks.

Review.I command you. Or Syaoran's condition gets worse.