Syaoran closed the notebook, sighing and resting his head on the wall. He closes his eyes to sleep, but is interrupted by Kurogane barreling down the hallway screaming,

" FAI! I'll KILL YOU!"

Syaoran opens one eye slightly, then closes it again shaking his head in disappointment. Fai jumps out from around a corner and flings a spoonful of ice-cream at Kurogane, and the ice-cream splatters him in the face. Kurogane growls like a dog with rabies and grabs Fai, beating him against the wall as Fai laughed and occasionally screamed. Syaoran picked up a book and started to peacefully read through it. Sakura runs out after Fai and Kurogane, calling out,

" Oh god, please stop, both of you!"

" Shut up, bitch!"

Kurogane screams back at her as we hear Fai's skull crack against the wood paneling of the wall. Syaoran turns the page. Sakura starts to cry, and Fai's head snaps back as Kurogane pulls him away from the wall,

" Fine! Me and Fai will continue this somewhere else!"

Kurogane dragged Fai out of the room and Sakura calmed herself down, going to sit by Syaoran against the wall,

" Syaoran, sometimes I think you're the only sane one."

She says, smiling. Syaoran just nods and continues to read until she leaves and he picks up his diary agian.