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Chapter 1

There's Something About Her

It was the telegram he had been waiting for. Esteban read it over and over. His grandmamma was wearing her crown once more and the revolution was over in his country. As he prepared for work, he knew that soon his life would begin to change drastically.

"Congratulations, Esteban!" Everyone cheered their friend as he entered the Tipton Lobby.

"I saw it on this morning's world news," Moseby explained. "I never thought I'd see the day when my favorite employee would become a prince."

"I am your favorite employee?" This seemed to excite Esteban more than the victory of his country. "I may be a prince, but for now I am still a bellhop."

"Good, because there are new guests arriving right now," Moseby was once again back to his manager self, but Esteban was grateful for the brief nice moment he had shared with the man he looked up to.

"So, you're finally crown prince," Maddie said to Esteban once they both had some down time in their work.

Esteban smiled. When Maddie talked about his new title, it seemed to sound so perfect to him. For the past year, Maddie had kept him encouraged through all the ups and downs of the revolution. And no matter how many times he doubted his ability to become a good prince, she always seemed to believe in him.

"I have a feeling we won't be able to have these everyday conversations together for much longer," there was a touch of melancholy in Maddie's voice, proving that she had given this matter thought before.

"I'll find a way to always talk to you," Esteban promised. He didn't tell her that it was because he knew he would always desperately need her say on things.

There was silent tension that both of them seemed to sense…as if something were building, but they weren't too sure what it was. It caused them to become lost in silence for the moment. Esteban was about to speak again, but the ring of his cellphone broke the silence first.

"Grandmama? It's my grandmamma!" Maddie smiled, sharing in Esteban's excitement as he scurried off so that he could find a place where reception was better.

The day seemed to drag by for Esteban, who was holding back news that he wanted to tell everyone. Unfortunately, he had promised that he would only tell Mr. Moseby. As he took a short break, he found Maddie before her shift came to an end.

"So, what's this exciting news you've been keeping to yourself all day?" Maddie asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Esteban avoided eye contact.

"Puh-lease. I can always tell when there's some juicy piece of information you're dying to share with everybody. Let me guess…sworn to secrecy?" Maddie always had a way of seeing straight through Esteban.

"Yes," he admitted. "I especially want to tell you. Maybe I can. No one will know."

"As much as I really want to hear what it is, I won't let you tell me. You're crown prince now, remember?" Maddie intervened. "Keeping promises is something you'll have to start learning to do. And you should make sure you know how to control your tongue. We both know that you have a hard time not opening your mouth every chance you get." She hoped that she didn't sound too critical of him.

"Thank you, Maddie. I would have felt guilty later if I had told you. You are a true friend for telling me what I need to hear."

"Hey, what are friends for?" By now it was clear to Maddie that she felt something a little more than friendship for Esteban. However, she had resigned herself to waiting patiently for things to fall into place if meant to. She was still a little less than a year away from being an adult, no matter how mature she acted. Therefore, she figured he probably still viewed her as a child. But strangely, it didn't bother her the way it probably would have a year ago.

"Patience is a virtue," without thinking, she spoke the latter part of her thoughts out liude.

"You're absolutely right! Once again you know just what to say," Esteban said in awe. "You realized that I've been acting fidgety and that it must be due to my impatience."

"Yeah, it's funny how that works," Maddie said, knowing that it was just coincidence that her own deep thoughts turned out to be encouragement for Esteban's own inner situation.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow. This is one girl who's ready to clock out."

"I'll see you tomorrow," Esteban echoed as he watched her leave. "Hopefully, it comes quickly," he said smiling to himself.