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"So what's her deal anyway?"

"Who?" Wakka looked up as Tidus sat next to him.

"Lulu. She's always so closed up. It's scary."

Wakka chuckled lightly. "That's Lu for you. She's a hard person to get to know but there's no better person to have at your back."

Tidus looked at him slyly. "Sounds like you're sweet on her."

Wakka turned a bright shade of red and waved his arms frantically. "No, no, no, no, no. We're just friends. We grew up together."

"Whatever you say, dude. But what's she like?"

Wakka grew thoughtful. "Lulu… well she's smart and talented. She's one of the best black mages in Spira." He couldn't hide the pride in his voice. "She's got one hell of a temper but she's got a soft spot for those she calls her friends. She's loyal and fiercely protective. She's got a fire in her that makes you think you'd burn yourself if you touched her, but her skin's just soft and cool. And she's got one mean right hook."

He laughed quietly, remembering. "One time, when we were really young, she tried to cast a spell and ended up hitting herself. It was a thunder spell so her hair stood out on end. When I was sure she was okay, I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. She got so mad she hit me. My ears rang for days. I think that's when I…"

"When you what?" Tidus looked at him curiously.

Wakka smiled self-depreciatingly. "Nothing, never mind. It looks like everyone's ready to go." They looked up to see Yuna beckoning them over. "Do me a favor. Just forget about this little talk, okay."

"No problem, buddy. It's not like we talked about anything important anyways." He slapped Wakka on the back and raced off to see Yuna.

Wakka gave a soft snort. "Yeah, nothing important at all."


Wakka rolled onto his back in bed. "That seems like such a long time ago, ya? But it's only been a little over three months since we returned to Besaid. It's funny to be dreaming about that now."

He got up and stood in his doorway. "What am I gonna do? After all this time, I can't stop caring for her. We've been all over Spira, defeated Sin, become famous but there's nothing I would like more them to settle down with her."

"Since we were little, she's been the only girl for me. But Chappu… I couldn't stand in his way. That's not what brothers do. So I stepped aside so he could be with her. I never told him that I loved her too."

He sighed and ran his hand over his face. "And now that he's gone, I don't want to try and take his place. I couldn't dishonor his memory like that. But it hurts to see her every day and not be able to touch her. It's killing me."

He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. "Perhaps I'll leave Besaid. But, this is my home and I'd rather be near her then not, even if I can't be with her."

He ran his hand roughly over his face again. "Argh! Why can't love be simple?" He sighed. "I'll go for a walk, clear my head." He headed out of the village and into the woods.


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