First story on Be gentle.

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Nighty Night

"… and they lived happily ever after. The end." The storyteller sighed as if an immense weight had been removed from his shoulders. The book was closed with a soft thud and gently placed on the table near the crib. He shook his head as he noticed that its occupant was still very much awake. "Now, don't you think it's time you went to sleep?" A laugh was his answer as two tiny hands reached up to the source of the voice, to father. "N' story!"

"How does she do it. I've been reading you stories for the past two hours or so and you still won't go to sleep. It seems all she has to do is walk in your room and five to ten minutes later you're fast asleep." He sounded as if that was the greatest mystery of the universe. To him, it was. "Maybe I should ask your mom to teach me that trick. What do you say?" "N' story!" He sighed. "Yes, you would say that…" "N' story!" One eyebrow rose as he gave his child a curious look. "Demanding, aren't we?" "N' st…" "New story, yes, I heard you, no need to repeat yourself." He sighed again and picked up the book, flipping through its pages filled with adventures, fairytales and epic battles. Well, as far as they went in children's books anyway. "All right, how about…"


She tiptoed towards the door and quietly opened it. It had been more than three hours since her husband had went to tuck in their child. She had finished her business some time ago and had gone to bed herself, thinking that it wouldn't be long before he joined her. After waiting half an hour though, she had decided to find out what was keeping him. Slowly she peeked inside.

The sight that met her eyes had her smiling gently. There in the most comfortable chair of the room, pulled up next to the crib was the father of her child, fast asleep; a book lying opened on his lap. She grinned. Their little one was quite good in getting what he wanted and had no qualms about using that advantage.

Stepping inside, the woman saw that their child was sleeping as well now, smiling slightly as it dreamed. Gently, she caressed the child's cheek with a butterfly touch and smiled to herself. She couldn't belief how beautiful their baby was. She looked at her husband and still smiling, shook her head. Quietly she left the small room again, only to return a few minutes later, carrying a blanket.

Placing the book once more on the table next to the crib, she draped the large and woolly blanket around her husband, making sure that he wouldn't be cold once he woke up in the morning all stiff and sore. She grinned, that would teach him not to fall asleep in chairs. Even if this one was particularly inviting.